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  1. Can you take a later flight? Definitely slide down a TSA Checkpoint, B I think it is (United & Southwest) is always packed, I usually goto C or D and just walk a little farther to the gate...
  2. Yup, I was thinking if there is a presale, it will be at 10 on Thursday... guess I'll just have to be patient.
  3. Same thing happend with the ALDS, I think they have a certain number of tickets alloted for the STH, and a certain number for the pre-sale. I was able to get game 2 tickets in the lottery presale, after it was sold out to STH. I'm cautiously optimistic it will be the same. I'd like to goto game 2... My only concern is we got the ALDS email on Wednesday, the presale was on Saturday, and the gerneral public sale was on Monday. They've already announced the general public sale at noon on Thursday, I'm starting to think there might not be a lottery presale...
  4. Anyone know when we should expect an email for the pre-sale lottery to non-season ticket holders??
  5. I went in with the intent of going for game 2, got in at like 10:01, searched for 4, SRO. Then switched to 2 tickets and got section 358. Wish they were better, but oh well, at least I'll be at the game!
  6. Question for you guys who bought tickets.... I was selected in the lottery, and will get a chance to buy up to 4 tickets. I want decent seats, so I thought going for 2 would be better, can I buy two sets of 2 to the same game, or will I be forced to get 4 in a row?
  7. Not sure, I hope they blocked out tickets for the lotter winners. Otherwise it could be slim pickins.
  8. Anybody have any idea how it will work? I'm guess game 2 is going to be sold out, we might only get game 5...
  9. Just got my email!!! Wahoo!! :2yay-thumb:
  10. again, the nice thing is he's on my fantasy team... but still not fun as an O's fan..
  11. interesting point that our ERA continues to go down, of course there are 2 outs left to get this inning... now 1 with some good defense by Jones!
  12. come on Bergy, bring back your 09 stuff! on the plus side Verlander is on my fantasy team...
  13. Unfortunately its not the case... Bergy's not getting the calls the allmighty lee is getting..:angryfire:
  14. Does anyone really expect the refs to be fair to the US?
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