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  1. I'm very aware, just like you're very aware that generalizing it as "just the flu" is meant to trivialize the severity of the situation.
  2. So which is it, are you willfully ignorant or you just get off on trying to rile people up?
  3. Not a lot of room for doubt anymore
  4. Good lord guys, it was obviously tongue in cheek, but keep getting angry about mostly nothing.
  5. Appel never missed as many bats as his stuff would suggest it might, which is why I wanted the Cubs to take Bryant or Jon Gray over him in the draft that year. Thankfully the Astros made the decision for them.
  6. If you get #1, and yes I know a ton can change, you have to take Kumar Rocker. He has a combination of size, velocity and multiple filthy offerings. He's the kind of guy who could end up a top 5 pitcher in the game if things break right.
  7. It's a guise to put more money in mlb owner pockets. They've done it over and over. They added the slotting system to lower draft costs pretending it was for competitive reasons. They instituted a soft salary cap that only escalates 2M a year pretending, once again, pretending that it was for competitive reasons. They're pushing for an international draft pretending it's going to keep the kids from getting taken advantage of when all it does is lower their signing bonuses. Now they want to cut MILB teams and just recently Manfred mentioned removing milb entirely and creating their own minor league system. This would allow them to negotiate with milb park owners individually, essentially crushing their union and removing just about all their leverage. Manfred isn't there to make baseball better, he's an owner mouthpiece tasked with putting money in their pockets.
  8. And it's times like these I wish I could edit
  9. Russell likely won't get tendered, but sadly Almora looks like he's coming back.
  10. Yeah, I'd safely say Hoerner,Amaya,Davis and Marquez wouldn't be involved, but I wouldn't be shocked if any of the others were. I wonder if there would be any interest in Russell or Almora as part of a deal on the Orioles end.
  11. Those aren't realistic packages.
  12. So in typical Astro fashion, Aaron Sanchez makes his debut and puts up a 6IP 0H 0ER 2BB 6K line. It's almost unfair at this point.
  13. His days of hitting the upper 90s are gone. Too fragile, too many injuries and he's sit more lower to mid 90s these days. I very much doubt his arm could handle going back to back days.
  14. With Freeman at 1st and two nearly MLB ready OF prospects in baseball's top 30 prospects I can't imagine they'd want a long term option. As soon as 2020 they could be looking at an Acuna/Pache/Waters OF which would be pretty insane.
  15. That would make me vomit. Sogard's numbers hide that he's still a terrible hitter who has been tremendously lucky.
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