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  1. They were only willing to make that deal to help them try and afford Carlos Santana, whom has already signed elsewhere. They have no reason to trade him now.
  2. You are aware that the 3B for Cleveland is like super ridiculously good right? Jose Ramirez has put up 11.3fWAR over the last two seasons and was the 8th most valuable position player in baseball last year. Lindor certainly isn't going anywhere at SS. Jason Kipnis was coming off 4.8 and 4.9fWAR seasons at 2B before last year's injury plagued season. Where is Manny going to play and is he even an upgrade?
  3. Zero chance the Yankees are giving up Gray or Severino in a package for Machado. They're not going to open a gaping hole in their rotation, especially when their this close to the cap and absolutely must get under this year.
  4. Well Schoop has 2 years left under contract and last year he made 3.475M in ARB1. I'd expect him to get roughly 7M in ARB2 and 11M in ARB3 then ideally you'd buy out 2 years of FA and buy a team option for a 3rd. He'd then be a FA at age 31. On the open market you figure he's worth at least 15M and upwards of 20M, if last year was legit. Then he'll also have to be compensated for being willing to give an optoni year. I figure 7M+11M+15M(x2)+17M for a grand total of 5/65 starting this year would be realistic. Somewhere between 5/65 and 5/75 is a nice deal for both sides.
  5. It looks more and more like they never really intended to trade Machado, but wanted people to think they were adamantly trying to get value for him. What a terrible mistake between this and Britton. The farm could be nice and top heavy, with the team only a couple years from being truly competitive again, but instead the team is left in limbo
  6. Several problems here. as far as Cobb goes. Teams have already thrown 15M a year offers at him, but he has turned them down. He's reportedly waiting on Darvish/Arrieta to sign so that he can get closer to the 20M a year that he's seeking. As far as Lynn goes, I haven't a clue as there has been just about zero information involving him out there. Also, as far the Mets go, they're pretty much tapped out on money. So much so that they may have to deal Familia. They've also got a very good prospect manning 1B in Dominic Smith so I'm not sure why the Mets/Orioles deal makes sense.
  7. Please do that White Sox, your farm would be gone and your team would still be awful.
  8. The window is far from closed. I think it's also far too early to assume that Lester is done for when he's a year removed from nearly winning the Cy Young. If the Cubs happen to land Darvish then all they really need out of Lesterday is mid tier arm.
  9. The best way to ensure a WS is get to the playoffs as many times as possible. Giving away all your depth for a chance to throw 300M at a guy does just the opposite of that. The Cubs just won, the desperation is no longer a factor.
  10. Why do this when you could get them for nothing but money in 12 months?
  11. Montgomery would start on the majority of the teams in MLB.
  12. The Cubs would never offer it. Alzolay is going to make some top 100 lists when they get released in January and is the Cubs only shot at a home grown starter with upside who is in the top levels of the system. Also,unrelated tot he quoted, but I very much doubt Maples is just going to be a toss in either. His stuff is just insane,especially his slider. It's Bugs Bunny ridiculous at times.
  13. a 23 year old SS, who put up a 3.9fWAR season at age 22, is the best defensive SS in the NL and is under control for 4 more years by himself is great haul for a 1 season of a guy you have zero chance of extending. If Theo gives up those 3 you're going to find a hell of a lot of pissed off Cub fans when they could have just bought him instead. I still say there's no way in hell that was actually proposed.
  14. 5 years of a guy signed way way under market value and who was put up 4.5fWAR in 3 of his last 4 season vs 1 year of Manny. The difference in value is significant.
  15. Yeah, by quite a lot. Anyways, I really doubt the Sox would trade for Yelich and then Machado. That pretty much decimates the rebuild they've worked so hard to recreate and they're still miles from a good team.
  16. Just to point out a small error. Kris Bryant has 2.171 years of service time which means he has 4 years left. Addison Russell has 2.167 which means he also has 4 years left. Baez 4 years Schwarber 4 years Contreras 5 years Hendricks 3 years Almora 5 years etc etc.
  17. I'm expecting the Yankees to give up something like Andujar and Chance Adams. They can't get Gleyber and they have no real use for Clint Frazier with their stacked OF.
  18. They really don't. If they sign Darvish and go after one of Machado/Harper they're pretty much capped until 2021 unless they want to start giving up all their draft picks.
  19. First, the only prospect who was worth anything given up was Gleyber, no one cares about Billy McKinney his stock was so far down when he got traded. Also, when you haven't won a world series in over 100 years and you're 1 piece away and that one piece is already sitting behind Baez/Russell of course he made the trade. That pressure to win is gone and you wont see anyone make that kind of offer again.
  20. Never ever ever would Theo offer that. That's 14 years for 1 year of Machado coming off a down year. Why would they do this when they just keep all those guys and get Harper?
  21. Yup, his market has exploded. More people inquiring on him than Darvish or Arrieta.
  22. What should happen, Britton is nontendered and Machado is traded for what you can get this offseason. With that said, I have this suspicion that Manny was never going anywhere unless it was for some absurd over payment that no one was ever going to offer.
  23. I never said he wasn't a good prospect, he's a good prospect as a catcher, at non middle infield positions he would not be.
  24. we'll see if it translates. Often guys with limited power don't have their OBP skills transfer to the majors. If the major league pitchers don't have to be afraid of being taken deep then why pitch around him?
  25. As a catcher they like his bat. As a LF/RF his bat would not play, he'd be a 4th OFer. The same is true as a 3B/1B. Guys who slg .400-.425 simply aren't that valued unless it comes along with elite speed,elite defense, elite obp skills etc.
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