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  1. Their agent has been brilliant playing the team that almost has to win to save face(Orioles) against the team with new ownership who needs to make a move to make up for gutting their MLB squad(MIA). I can't believe Mesa is going to end up getting top 5 draft pick money.That's pretty crazy.
  2. I really doubt they change the pitching. I do believe they bring back Hamels for his 2019 option tough. That means they've got Lester,Hendricks,Quintana,Darvish,Hamels,Montgomery,Smyly,Chatwood. That's more than enough to get it done.
  3. Tryptamine

    2018 Chicago Cubs

    I'm just curious to why you don't think it will work out. Obviously this year wasn't great as his shoulder injury held him back a great deal, but he still put up 2.3fWAR after 3 years of 6.1, 7.9 and 6.7.
  4. Tryptamine

    2018 Chicago Cubs

    Why? He's extremely good.
  5. Tryptamine

    2018 Chicago Cubs

    Kris Bryant turned down an offer of apparently 200+M, though the years were not mentioned.
  6. Although landing both would be hilarious, they wont be doing that. My guess is they go hard after Harper, pick up Hamels' $20M option, pick up a reliever or two and then they'll find themselves well above the $206M threshold for 2019. I also expect them to package someone like Almora with Chatwood in order to get someone to take his deal.
  7. There's no need to put even more money in the owner's pockets and that's all a draft does. It's 'a league wide system to control player costs. These international kids already lose 20/30% of their signing bonus to their "handlers",
  8. if it wasn't for the fact that basically all the other talent is gone other than Mesa/Gaston, I don' think missing out on Mesa would be a bad thing at all. The more reports come out the more he sounds like a good, not great prospect. I don't think anyone is going to look back in two years and lament not landing him.
  9. Based on needs, I tink Kim Ng as President and Jason McLeod as GM would do the organization a world of good. They both have their own niches where they've independently very strong and McLeod already has experience in doing exactly what it is Baltimore is wanting to do. Up until this year I would have said he wasn't available, as he has turned down every promotion offered since coming to the Cubs, but I think the mystique is wearing off after this disappointing season.
  10. Probably going to catch a lot of flack for this, but the Orioles really aren't the organization that should be signing a guy like Gaston unless they're doing it strictly with intent to move him to another team.Right now the kid is a one trick pony. He's a fastball that hits triple digits at 16 years old, but outside of that he has basically nothing. No offspeed pitches that approach average, no command that approaches average, subpar mechanics, etc etc. Gaston is going to have to be built from the ground up and quite frankly an organization like the Orioles hasn't really shown that they're sui
  11. This is precisely such a big deal because it was Acuna and no one wants to see a young star injured. With that said, you need to let the comissioner's office handle the punishment. You do not hurl a hard ball at great velocity with intent to hit a man who had nothing to do with the situation. These pitchers are human and they miss their spots, you could end up shattering the batter's wrist and ending his career or hitting him in the head and killing him all because of some macho meatball nonsense that he never had anything to do with.
  12. Advocating to injure a player, perhaps in a career altering fashion, who had nothing to do with the previous beaning is nothing more than assault and should be legally treated as such.
  13. I keep thinking back to what may have been if Kris Bryant doesn't retweak his shoulder and have to go to the DL for an extended time. Davide Bote was being dangled to a numbers of teams, but when Bryant went down the Cubs had to keep him to fill in. Not sure what it would have looked like, but I don't think it's unrealistic that Bote would have been an Oriole as the Cubs were interested in Gausman.
  14. Umpires zones need to go and you can't even even let them have a token job like announcing balls and strikes with a mic in their ear be cause they will mess it up and they'll do it on purpose to make the new system look bad. There have already been umps who have said as much off the record.
  15. I'm going to be surprised if he gets a multi year deal at this point and absolutely blown away if he's playing CF for whatever team he signs with. There's just not a lot left in the Adam Jones well. There's no value in his defense,base running or on base skills. The only place he carries any value is in his pop and now with the MLB becoming a home run hitter's haven even that might be in question.
  16. The depth has improved immensely, but if you want to be considered with the farms like the Padres/Braves you have to have blue chippers and as of now Baltimore has none. That will very likely change with their 1st round pick next year. At this point even with VV I'd guess somewhere in the 10-13 range.
  17. I very much doubt you're getting 3 years of a guys who has been a 3.5win player the last two years for schoop who has fewer years of control and isn't really any better. That's asking the Brewers to throw away value for nothing.
  18. This is what I'm praying for as a Cub fan. Worst defensive infield in the history of the game.
  19. a lot of shine off that arm in the last few months, not sure I'd go that direction if I'm Baltimore.
  20. The opinions on him are very divided. BA called him the best international prospect since Yoan Moncada while another article said he was a better prospect than Luis Roberts who is universally a top 50 prospect. That same article said he'd be in the running for 1.1 in the 2018 rule 4 draft.
  21. They are not, however that 3M number is very far off. In reality it's under a million left.
  22. There's still some good prospects out there to be had. Of the BA top 50 the following are left. 1)Victor Victor Mesa- #1 by a long shot and probably a top 50 prospect in the game immediately 24)Sandy Gaston(RHP)- A 16 year old that has already hit 100mph. The question is, will his command or secondary pitches progress enough to become relevant. 25)Alexander Ramirez(OF)- Not eligible to sign until Aug 29th, above average contact and bat speed with average speed. Likely a corner outfielder 34)Fernando Villalobos(C)-Not able to sign until the MLB commisioner's office OKs Mexic
  23. I'd love to hear the explanation behind this one. The concerns about where he'll play is related to his arm which he has avoided having surgery on, but will eventually need to. Defensively he's just fine at his old position of 3B and now 2B. I can't say I've ever heard anyone ever refer to him as a 1B only player.
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