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  1. Well we can officially stop all the Cub's don't have any top 100 prospects talk, I know this was super important to some. BA updated their top 100 and Miguel Amaya comes in at #100.
  2. So it's now a bad thing that he has a ton of versatility? The Cubs go out of their way to make sure guys know how to play as many positions as possible. Bote is basically a lesser Zobrist.
  3. My guess is it would be something like Happ+Chatwood(Cubs eat some of his salary) for Gausman+Britton. Remember Happ still has 5 years of control after this season vs 0 for Britton and 2 for Gausman. If the Orioles can get Chatwood straightened out he'd bring another haul himself especially figuring in how cheap his contract would be after the Cubs ate some of it. In just over a years worth of PAs Happ put up a .254/.350/.491 line with 36HR 12SB and 3.4fWAR. As he gets older when he starts to get his K rate under control, he could be a monster.
  4. Honestly this is what I'm thinking the Cubs are doing. A Gausman/Bundy +Britton type of thing. There's far too much uncertainty in the rotation to rely on Darvish's injury and Chatwood's inability to get the ball in the vicinity of the batter.
  5. .....this is so incredibly laughable I don't even know where to begin.
  6. You're really going too far with this. No the Cubs do not actively have a lot of top 100s; however, they do have a lot of talent in the A+ and below section which should result in several top 100s at the start or mid point of 2019.
  7. Britton isn't going to close the chasm between the Brewers and Cubs. Even the Brewers right now are realizing this. RIzzo has played terribly, Bryant has been hurt, the entire Cub staff outside of Lester has been in disarray and yet they're still 3 games ahead of the Brewers. If the rest of the guys ever get their asses in gear then it's going to be another blow out in the central.
  8. This is what BA has at midseason 1. Miguel Amaya(C)-19 and killing it in A 2.Adbert Alzolay(SP)- Out for the season with an oblique injury 3. Aramis Ademan(SS)-Struggling in A+where he's extremely young, but it was probably too aggressive a promotion 4. Nico Hoerner(SS)-Cubs 2018 1st round pick, was tearing it up until he hurt his elbow, he's done for the rest of minor league season. 5. David Bote(UTIL)- Plays all infield positions other than SS and really playing well in limited exposure for the Cubs 6. Alex Lange(SP)- Developed a change to go with his Curve and
  9. Very strong arm, started the year very uncharacteristically struggling to throw men out, but the Cubs brought someone in and since then he's killing it. He's supposed to be an excellent pitch framer given his young age, since pitch framing is usually one of the last skills a catcher is polishing before make his graduation to the big leagues.
  10. I think you misunderstood. My point was that the Cubs are as good or better than any team in baseball at creating successful bats. Why not take advantage of the fact that they're extremely good at creating successful position players and trade for them, rather than pitchers where there hasn't been much success.
  11. When you trade with the Cubs, I recommend going position players. Look at their MLB team. Bryant,Baez,Russell,Schwarber, Rizzo, Contreras,Almora,Caratini. Look at other teams that have traded for Cub bats, Gleyber Torres(.905OPS),Jeimer Candelario(on pace for nearly 3.5 wins in his rookie year),Jorge Soler(.820OPS 125wRC+). This list leaves out the #5 prospect in baseball Eloy Jiminez.
  12. Wasn't the guys I expected but it was roughly what I expected. It's funny to look back on now what people were asking for months ago. I believe there was some Russell+Montgomery+Alzolay discussion as well as Happ+Almora discussions.
  13. 4/5 guy imo, has pitched fairly well, but the Cubs have a small army of back end starters in A+ and AA right now.
  14. Chavez can start, that's what the Cubs needed, someone who could do both.
  15. Not Cuba, but Venezuela, the Dominican, etc
  16. This is the kind of deal I could see Ian Happ moved in. Maybe Gausman+a small piece for Happ since Happ has 5 years left and Gausman 2.
  17. I think Bote is perfect for the Orioles, but they don't seem to want MLB ready guys. I'll admit I kind of want to keep Bote around so he can take Zobrist's role after next year. He's played really well this year.
  18. This is what is going to be hard for Baltimore. All the other teams have in roads with the trainers,with the handlers, and have baseball complexes for the kids to work out at. I don't know how much the handlers are going to trust a new team with no relationship just jumping in there. It might take a few years to start landing the big fish.
  19. Based on return the Os got from the Dodgers I don't think they want MLB ready guys and I knowing how ridiculously strenuous the medicals are you can definitely write off number of guys. Anyways, if I'm the Orioles I'm asking for Miguel Amaya 19 year old catcher in A ball who has a cannon for an arm and pitching framing beyond his years. He's also flashing quite a bit of power for a 19 year old already having 12HR. The 2nd prospect I go risky on and pick lefty Brailyn Marquez. I say risky only because he's a pitcher and he's pitching in short season A ball so he's still a ways away. With that
  20. You're missing the best guys. Miguel Amaya, Tyson Miller, Corey Abbott, David Bote, Brailyn Marquez, etc etc. There's more than enough to get a deal done.
  21. Almora had a family emergency and is on leave.
  22. Machado to LAD for May,Lux,DJ Peters Britton to CHC for Miguel Amaya and Corey Abbott Jones+money to CLE for Aaron Civale
  23. Cubs interested again. Hardly surprising as a dominant lefty reliever is probably the most needed piece on he team, if Darvish can ever get healthy.
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