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  1. Feels like a negotiating ploy and nothing more to me; Gausman isn't going to go #1 or #2 next year. The risk of him going back to school for one year simply isn't worth one or two slots unless he's being offered well below slot.
  2. The Cubs want pitching. Their top 10+ prospects are position players. Outside of the Yankees, the O's are probably the interested team that matches up the worst for what the Cubs want. Tillman and Matusz are certainly not headlining any package for a guy under contract through 2014 who also nets his new team 2 draft picks if he doesn't stay with them. Bundy certainly isn't realistic for Garza and that leaves us one realistic headliner for a Garza deal and that is Britton, pending his arm being fine.
  3. Remember that Garza isn't a FA until after 2013 and, even if he walks, he nets the team 2 draft picks. Guys like Hamels/Greinke wont net their new teams any.
  4. I can guarantee you 2 things if this trade were to happen. Number 1, the Cubs are not looking for the Orioles to eat money. They are rebuilding and they want prospects. Theo has already said they are willing to eat money to get better prospects in deals. 2, any deal for either Dempster or Garza is going to require a pitcher to be a headliner. I'm really not sure how the O's can possibly put together a package for Garza.
  5. You guys are completely underestimating Garza and the package it would take. In the offseason Theo asked for 2 of Banuelos/Betances/Montero. There is simply no way that the O's can put together a package that would be reasonable for both clubs. We all know Garza isn't worth giving up Bundy or Machado, but he's a worth a lot more than a package headed by Schoop. On top of that, the Cubs will almost definitely be looking for a power arm to headline any package for Garza since the Cubs have a lot of great position prospects and very little pitching worth getting excited about. Simply put, the O's and Cubs don't match up particularly well when it comes to a Garza trade. If Garza is going anywhere, my guess would be either the Blue Jays, with guys like Syndergaard/Nicolino involved or the Red Sox with guys like Matt Barnes involved. Just for reference, last year Garza had a 5 WAR season, the 13th best WAR of any pitcher in baseball. That's ahead of Cole Hamels, Jams Shields, David Price, Tim Lincecum, Greinke, Lester etc. This year he was just as good until he had back to back bad outings where he gave up 7 to Houston and 5 to Pitt. Outside of those 2 games his starts have included 2 games with 0ER, 1 game with 1ER, 4 games with 2ER, 1 game with 3ER and 1 with 6ER. Outside of those 2 starts, he has a 2.82ERA. The guy has become a really really good pitcher since he completely changed his pitch selection last year.
  6. Even if you disagree with one possible penalty, there is still the reality that they can threaten the players with other penalties to deter them. They're not going to sit around and do nothing. If they don't like Selig's verdict you can expect some kind of action.
  7. You think it would be hard for them to make a plea to the government saying what the Oriole's are doing is a threat to our league and we need you to take this action? They have quite a lot of money on the line with the league and if they use that for leverage it's not at all improbable that it could happen.
  8. Remember that Korea is not America. American rules do not apply to the Korean prospects. Nothing is stopping the KBO from threatening any player with loss of Korean citizenship if they sign with the O's. If something like that happens then good luck getting any talent. The most prudent thing to do is apologize and do it by the book.
  9. The situation is a bit more complex then Logan being a jerk. Sounds to me like this could be a player's union issue in the making. Either way, Loria is a tremendous ass.
  10. Baseball's #2 prospect is going to replace the injured Bourjos. He's a legit 5 tool player with an absolutely enormous ceiling and he's still only 19.
  11. As was said here, the Cubs view him as a guy who could be GG caliber. On top of that he has a cannon for an arm even though he had tjs a few years ago. His positives are his plus plus speed and his ability to get on base. His problem right now is an absolute lack of power, but he's still young and could develop gap power. Although, I never expect him to have anymore 7-10 HR potential. With that said, he's almost definitely the Cub's number 2 position prospect behind Brett Jackson and if he was moved I would think it would have to be as part of a package for a much bigger fish. Then again who knows, since the Cubs are absolutely loaded at SS right now. Between Castro, Junior Lake and Lee the infield future looks bright.
  12. A bit unrealistic in this thread so far. The Cubs are most certainly not giving up a 20 year old SS who is in the race to win the NL batting title for a 32 year who has primarily been a platoon player. Nor will they give up B.Jackson and Vitters who are both ML ready by the end of next year. I could see something along the line of Jay Jackson and maybe Russ Canzler(Has the pop some people wanted). However, the Cubs seem to have rebuilding in mind next year so a trade for Luke Scott is pretty unlikely.
  13. 4th best OPS in baeball is "good, but not that good."? The kid is a complete and total stud who is under control for 4 more years. I can't think of a young hitter under team control for this duration who is any more valuable than Votto to be quite honest.
  14. As a neutral party to both the Red and Orioles, I think some of these trades are greatly underestimating Votto's value. He's probably the best young hitter in baseball right now and he's under team control very cheaply. If I'm the Reds GM I'm starting the bidding for Harang and Votto at 2 of Tillman, Matusz, Erbe and then an additional player like Nolan Reimold. Votto is an established star and after two years is already very close to ,if not already, being an elite hitter. The guy had the 4th highest OPS in all of baseball last year.
  15. I promise you the Cubs are not considering giving up 2 of their top 10 prospects. Especially Jay Jackson who is either their 2 or 3 best prospect. I admit I don't know how long is left on Sherril's contract, but I could see something along the lines of Darwin Barney and Marquez Smith along with a bullpen arm moved for Sherril. Darwin is very good defensively. He's pretty much Ryan Theriot with a stronger arm and better defensive instincts. Marquez Smith's numbers don't look great, but he's been performing much better lately and learning to take walks. This trade gives the O's a possible long term SS and 3B both of which I believe they lack.
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