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  1. If you're scouting by looking solely at the box scores and stats, then you're doing it very wrong.
  2. You need to stop using preaseason numbers to evaluate these guys. Their values can be completely different, for example Yordan Alvarez. Some had him top 100ish some didn't, but not some have him as high as in the top 30. There's a huge difference in value there.
  3. No reason to even discuss Whitley, you're not getting the #1 pitching prospect in baseball. These struggles you speak of cover an entire 21 innings during which he has a 3.24FIP and is striking out nearly 13 people per 9 innings. Anyways, Giles will be back soon, there was never a reason to send him down to begin with. The kid is sporting an incredibly good 2.25FIP to begin with.
  4. If Florial was only striking out something like 20% of the time with his upside, he'd be a top 10 prospect in the game and completely untouchable in a Machdo trade. He'd essentially be Victor Robles 2.0. Your expectations are completely unrealistic.
  5. I'll take it you guys haven't seen the rumors of the Cubs being interested in Adam Jones yet.
  6. If the Brewers are going to give up Hiura+ for Machado then as a Cub fan I want them to make that trade.
  7. Getting the pick is basically a failure in itself in a year where the team was never competitive. Outside of Machado suffering a major injury it was worst case scenario.
  8. But there's proof this ever even happened to begin with.
  9. You're stuck in the past. New skinny Schwarber is a plus defender in left field with an above average to plus arm.
  10. There's is absolutely zero chance the Cubs give 3+ years of Schwarber for 3 months of Machado. No one is doing that for a 1fWAR upgrade.
  11. You think the Cubs are actively trying to dump a 25 year old with an .870OPS, on pace to hit nearly 35bombs, put up a 5fWAR season and oh yeah he's still club controlled for 3 more years after this year?
  12. Hiura isn't going anywhere, he's not long from taking Villar's job at 2B. If Baltimore got him for 3 months of Manny that would be absolute robbery. He's about as safe a bet as there is to rake in the major leagues besides Vlad Jr. I think something like Corbin Burnes, I could see one of Corbin Burnes/Brandon Woodruff, one of Corey Ray/Brett Phillips then someone farther off.
  13. You're wrong, BA has Lux as #83 on their latest top 100 and his plus May's stock has continued to swell. Just for the record, Verdugo is 26 and Ruiz is 27 as well.
  14. Depends on the who makes the list. BA started doing revisions fairly often often, while guys like LAW and Sickels stick to the preseason, midseason, postseason revisions.
  15. Where a prospect started the year doesn't matter. lux is now viewed as a guy that should be in or near the top 50. May is viewed as a top 100 guy and Verdugo was a top 50 guy himself.
  16. You're not getting the equivalent of 3 top 100 guys.
  17. The only name that ever came out was Colin Moran. At this point it's looking like that would have been a really nice get.
  18. I honestly can't see a scenario where Chicago adding Machado makes sense anymore. Everyone is hitting well right now, even Heyward. Almora is breaking, Javy should make the all star team, Russell is on pace for his first 4+fWAR season, Schwarber has become an above average defender and may hit 35-40 bombs etc etc. Don't get me wrong, Machado is a better player than anyone of the aforementioned, but I don't believe the Cubs are willing to pay the steep upgrade fee given how limited the upgrade may be.
  19. Hate the ASG, the fact that Lindor isn't running away with the vote is a joke.
  20. They're getting the big names like Osiel Rodriguez. He's 16 but already sporting a plus fastball that sit 92-94 and can touch 96-98 and he's also showing a slider that flashes plus. He's a guy with true front of the rotation potential and those are exceedingly rare.
  21. You guys can't keep letting the Yankees do what they're doing in the international market. They are absolutely destroying I'm sure owners will push for it, but it's absolutely terrible for foreign born players who will see their signing bonuses lowered. MLB Draft did the same to US born players.
  22. As a Cub fan I can say this, Chris Bosio is one hell of a pitching coach, but him opening his mouth when he should be keeping it closed is nothing new. The straw that broke the camel's back when he was with the Cubs was when he started hurling accusations at Milwaukee 1B Eric Thames. Thames got off to that insanely hot start last year and for whatever reason Bosio started throwing out PED accusations.
  23. He doesn't have to, if he does what he's doing this year going forward he's going to make 100M in FA.
  24. This is one area I believe the Cubs will have interest in. Their bullpen has been amazing so far. With that said, Wilson is not the most dependable in high pressure situations so adding another dominating lefty would be nice.
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