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  1. McKenna is a pop up prospect. He has no history of hype so listing him in the top 131 after a very good month or two probably isn't going to happen. If he continues to perform he'll like be on the end of season list where the publications take a very long time to thoroughly analyze each team's farm.
  2. Sixto feeling some aches in the arm and temporarily shut down. Same situation with Adbert Alzolay.
  3. Remember guys, numbers alone do not get you ranked. If you're a pitcher with fastball that sits 88-90, unless you have an ungodly couple of offspeed pitches the chances of you ever making the top 100 is very small. Also, the FG list really was about guys who were already ranked not about pop up guys. There were far too many pop up guys not on that list for it to have been an up to date prospect lists. Those usually don't happen in season because they take a very long time to compile. For example, Cub prospect Miguel Amaya isn't on the list, but if we're talking up to this very minute he's jump
  4. I can't imagine Sixto is available, he's on the verge of breaking into the top 10 prospects in the game. I can't think of any prospect rated as high as #15 who was dealt in a trade for a short term contract. Enyel, as I said before,would be a great get though.
  5. Tryptamine


    Well the thread was about asked about Bieber and Bieber is in the top 100. I never said anything about whether or not it was a plausible trade, just that I'd much rather have Bieber than a draft pick in the mid 30s.
  6. Ok then, ignore Jon Jay. Look at what JD Martinez brought back last year. You think Jones is going to bring back a bigger haul than Martinez?
  7. Tryptamine


    You'd rather have a draft pack in the mid 30s than an MLB ready top 100 pitcher? Do you realize how small the chances of that draft pick reaching that status?
  8. I suspect they care even less about batting average. A corner outfielder putting up a 108 wRC+ while making 17M in 2018 can be a nice addition, but it's not one you give up real prospects for. Jon Jay on the hand is a positive defender has put up 1.1 compared to .4fWAR and is only making 3M this year. You saw what kind of return he brought back.
  9. Jones surely isn't landing Adell the 24th overall prospect in milb according to BA, nor is he landing Brandon Marsh the 64th overall prospect. Jones may be an icon in Baltimore but when you haven't put up a 2fWAR since 2015 you don't carry any real value.
  10. Because the teams have often times already talked to the guys predraft and made a deal. So they need to lock those people in before they can pick the sliding player. If they pick the sliding player then someone takes the guy they were going to use to save money, then what?
  11. That's not how the MLB draft works. In the MLB draft you must sign all of your picks in the 1st round or earlier or you lose that picks slot money. What typically happens is teams splurge early then picks like 5-10 are given to college seniors and others who will sign super cheaply for like 10k. Then the 11th round is typically a splurge round where teams know approximately how much money they're going to have to work with so they start drafting all the guys who were undrafted due to high dollar demands. This happens until the end of the draft because there is no penalty for not signing people
  12. I hate the system that allows them to get the #1 supplemental pick for Cobb but the Cubs get their picks at 77 and 78 for Arrieta and Wade Davis.
  13. Yeah, rumor was he wants to be paid like a top 15 pick is 3,738,500. That's a lot of money to need to save without multiple 1sts or compensation picks.
  14. Really good pick by the Nationals.
  15. Winn isn't going to be a CY pitcher. He's a higher floor moderate ceiling quick mover.
  16. This is just a nonsensical overreaction.
  17. No, Liberatore was a gift, but if Liberatore is seriously asking for 5M+ and you get Grayson for 3 then I think you made the right choice.
  18. For the guys who are upset, it really wasn't a stretch. This is a comment I made yesterday in the old draft thread.
  19. I know you're all going to freak out, but Grayson has massive upside. I like Liberatore more, but I am a huge Grayson fan.
  20. I can't believe Liberatore is there for you guys at #11, talk about a gift.
  21. Man, I can't believe I'm the only one who would be thrilled with Grayson Rodriguez. In the incredibly unlikely event that someone like Liberatore,Madrigal or India slip out of the top 10, I think Grayson or Rocker would be my guy. There's just so much ceiling there.
  22. Enyel De Los Santos would be a great get for Manny, he's got a lot of helium right now. This is why I said earlier in this thread, do not look at preseason rankings to decide how you should feel about these trade offers. Just a few months of minor league games can change the landscape drastically.
  23. Just some ideas of where I think things will be based on the vibes out there right now. Please don't look at offseason season rankings for a guy's current value. From STL: Austin Gomber, Harrison Bader, Elehuris Montero From LAD: Mitchel White+Caleb Ferguson From ARI: Taylor Widener+ Domingo Leyba+17/18 year old lottery piece From CLE: Willi Castro+George Valera(this is going to seem light unless you really know your prospects, but these two guys have big upside especially Valera who is getting enormous hype as the next Juan Soto)
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