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  1. You could make a roster from ex-Orioles that would be a real threat to win the entire World Series in my opinion. Bullpen would be lights out if everyone is healthy, no really great starters but lots of depth, and a very good offense overall.
  2. Ruiz having himself a great day! Let's hope this is what breaks him out of the slump.
  3. Nunez again thrown out. Did he break out of the box quickly or did he run slowly because he thought he hit a HR?
  4. Good Lord has Pillar been great this series. He has had a good career, but man, he has been killing us.
  5. If we lose, blame RISP. I can't believe that we have squandered so many chances with runners at second with no outs.
  6. That's right Rio! Speaking of one of the younger guys with some upside, Ruiz comes through!
  7. It will be beyond frustrating if we cannot get a run out of all these chances.
  8. If it's the free game of the week on MLB TV, could they at least relax the blackout rules so I could watch live for once? They are losing out on so much money, because I would gladly pay the yearly cost if I could actually, you know, use the product. I love seeing some new guys get shots on the roster. Valaika did show some power in Colorado, so maybe he catches lightning in a bottle again this year. Love seeing Mountcastle and some of the younger guys get a shot.
  9. Pillar used to be great defensively. and I guess he still has it unfortunately. Sucks to rob the one guy I really want to see get a hit.
  10. Sounds like the defense saved us a run that inning which I love to hear. That's something that we have been missing on our team.
  11. Was it even close at home? Listening on the radio and they made it seem like it was a bad decision to send him.
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