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  1. One more loss and the streak can pay taxes and be shipped off to war.
  2. Come on boys let's win this one! Would be awesome if Santander can stay healthy and hit for the rest of the year.
  3. Yeah if we are going to lose, might as well try some promising guys like Wells in high pressure situations.
  4. Wow, that was seriously unexpected! Tied it up! Let's end the streak tonight please!
  5. Man, it's really hard to follow this team. I'm actually looking forward to seeing Atlantic League baseball tomorrow ten minutes from my house. The family enjoys it, it's cheaper, and some of the pitchers they have would blend in well with the Orioles. I may get to see a local guy who played in MLB or Mat Latos pitch, either of which would be pretty cool. I'm beginning the think that we could see Bowie drawing more than the major league team pretty soon.
  6. I think I forget just how good Freddie Freeman was. Guy is gonna be a borderline Hall of Famer I think.
  7. Mountcastle has been one of the few bright spots. Tonight could be the night fellas! Harvey getting out of that jam might be an omen!
  8. That has got to be scored an error, maybe I'm not clear on what the rulebook interprets as an error. It's a play that should be made and that a decent shortstop should make. To be honest, I think there are shortstops that could have made that last play too. Maybe now I'm being too critical.
  9. Richie Martin is making the least of his opportunities. For a guy that was heralded as being good defensively he really has a lot of work to do.
  10. I haven't agreed with a lot of the draft decisions to put it kindly, but even among the best prospects there's a relatively high bust rate. If you have Means, Hall, and GRod all pitching like #2-3 starters and a couple of 4.00-4.50 ERA starters on the back end of the rotation that's at least decent. I figure something like the 2012-2014 rotation would be fine. No aces, but no guys with a an ERA over 5 either.
  11. I meant to say a fifteen and a 20. I thought we hit 15 before this year, no? If we lose 9 in a row we'd be over 20 on this one. I edited my original post.
  12. I think we win two of the next six. We aren't going to have a 20 game losing streak and a 15 game losing streak in a season, the odds of that have got to be a million to one.
  13. Man, the one game where our pitching shows up and we can't hit. Hard to watch, but at least there's a little good news out of the night.
  14. The Braves have been on fire, and they do have some talent, so I would guess they are the favorites in their division. They wouldn't be a top 3 team in the AL East in my opinion, but we aren't a top 29 team, lol.
  15. Good Lord, could we at least show a little bit of plate discipline? Guys are just hacking at everything early in the count. They are just pressing right now, we aren't a good team, but there's a ton wrong that has to happen for a team to have two losing streaks like this over a season. Nice hit Trey, but I don't have much confidence in you getting knocked in.
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