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  1. If we manage to win with this lineup and with Milone pitching, it's a minor miracle.
  2. Our outfield is so bad right now that I think Mountcastle would almost certainly help. DJ Stewart shouldn't get too much more time to make adjustments, and even with Mountcastle it isn't like Santander/Hays/Mountcastle are a sure (or even decent) bet to be anything more than average. He's not some can't miss prospect either, so I don't know why we aren't calling him up to see what he can do.
  3. I understand losing games based on our lack of talent. Armstrong and Alberto cost us the game so far with bonehead decisions.
  4. I just don't see how guys make it to the majors without being able to throw strikes.
  5. Scott is like a bullpen Daniel Cabrerra sometimes.
  6. Did Mullins throw someone out? Wow!
  7. I love seeing guys like Castro and Scott getting shots to succeed. It may not always work out, but there's at least hope there for the future.
  8. O Castro, don't allow any more.
  9. Wonder how long Iglesias is out for. Nice to see the hard contact, but nothing to show for it, and it's unlikely he can hold a candle to Iglesias defensively.
  10. Nice! It's cool to a cushion with this bullpen.
  11. Sounds like Nunez took a gamble that worked. How close was Renfroe to catching it?
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