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  1. Oh man, that's not good at all.
  2. What a game this has been! I've been so pumped and my heart is thumping. This is what baseball is all about.
  3. Thames has plenty of power, so I'm hoping he doesn't make a bad mistake here.
  4. Man, we have a lot of guys in the bullpen that have trouble throwing strikes.
  5. Please don't give the lead up Sulser.
  6. I'm gonna have to watch the condensed game tomorrow. I need to see these HR's instead of just hearing them. Please let us keep this lead.
  7. Oh my God! Santander! Most exciting inning of the season boys!
  8. At some point you figure Hays will straighten it out. He has at bats like this, and the results will come eventually. I don't think he is as good as his stat line last year, but he isn't a sub .200 hitter.
  9. Shocker, Davis with the K.
  10. That couldn't have worked out any better, lol. Pinch hit for Sisco, HR. The new catcher comes in to bat, he hits another HR. Amazing! Sean Doolittle is awful.
  11. LOL! Hyde for coach of the year.
  12. Why are they pinch hitting for Sisco?
  13. I don't think any of us should be too hung up about wins and losses this year, so it's good to see guys like Scott, Alberto, and Sisco having some success. Between Scott, Castro, and Givens we at least have some upside in the bullpen. Hopefully Hays will start hitting consistently, and I'd like to think we see Mountcastle this year. It's an interesting time to be a fan of the team, even though we aren't good.
  14. Man, I wish I didn't miss this one. Sounds like a great time!
  15. Santander isn't good defensively, and he doesn't get on base. We honestly only have a few guys that would crack MLB rosters on an average team. Alberto, Means, Cobb if he is healthy, maybe Givens/Castro, and Iglesias. Nunez is a DH on a bad team. Ruiz is a lottery ticket, and Hays has potential at least. Can't think of much more. We don't have any legit candidates for an All-Star selection other than maybe Alberto if he continues his tear. I just hate losing games like this.
  16. Yeah, our whole outfield is atrocious. At least I have some lingering hope for Hays.
  17. Sounds like that's a play that Hays should have made. For all the talk of him being a good defensive guy, I just don't see it. Doesn't have a good arm and his range isn't great either.
  18. Our defense at catcher and all outfield positions isn't good.
  19. Sierra is the guy who had one of the worst seasons ever a few years ago. Mullins may challenge him.
  20. When you can't hit, pitch, or play defense well it's gonna be hard to win games. From what it sounds like I'm glad I'm listening instead of watching.
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