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  1. Franco is maddening to watch sometimes, I think we are seeing the reason why a guy that was that highly acclaimed could be had for very little. I think he has 4 errors so far, and also that baserunning blunder hurt too. If he stops walking then we have a real problem (as much of a problem as a non-contending team can have at least). 

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  2. Give him some time, he has talent and proved that he can be an effective starter when he is pitching well. If he doesn't pan out it will really hurt, because it will make it even more likely that we didn't receive much of a return from our firesale of talent. 

  3. Awesome start and I am thrilled that we look like we have some legit potential this year to develop talent. I really hope Hays isn't out already though. 

  4. If it's the free game of the week on MLB TV, could they at least relax the blackout rules so I could watch live for once? They are losing out on so much money, because I would gladly pay the yearly cost if I could actually, you know, use the product. 

    I love seeing some new guys get shots on the roster. Valaika did show some power in Colorado, so maybe he catches lightning in a bottle again this year. Love seeing Mountcastle and some of the younger guys get a shot. 

  5. On 8/17/2020 at 12:59 PM, DrungoHazewood said:

    Five walks in three innings.  For Brad Pennington that was called Tuesday.  Every Tuesday.  I think Steve Dalkowski once walked 11 guys during pregame warmups.  I was at a AAA game where Mark Wohlers was trying to get over the yips, or Steve Blass disease, and IIRC he walked every batter he faced and threw both a pitch that went about 40' and one that hit the backstop on the fly.  That had to be circa '98 or '99.  In 98 he walked 33 in 20.1 innings, in '99 he had six walks and recorded two outs.  Was demoted to AAA Richmond (when I saw him) and he walked 36 and threw 17 wild pitches in 12 innings.

    And speaking of Steve Blass, he had that '73 season where he walked 84, hit 12 batters, and threw 9 wild pitches in 18 starts.  In July and August he pitched a little over two innings and walked 13, striking out one.

    From August 22nd through August 28th, 1951 Tommy Byrne of the St. Louis Browns had the following performances:
    22nd: 12.2 innings, 16 walks, got the loss.
    26th: 1.0 inning in relief, two walks.
    28th: 10 innings, 13 walks, also got the loss.

    In six days he pitched 23.2 innings, walking 31.

    Some other notable Oriole performance with a decided lack of command:

    Rk                 Player          Date  Tm Opp    Rslt      AppDec  IP  H R ER BB SO HR
    1               Ray Moore    1957-04-18 BAL WSH   L 4-6      GS-6 L 5.1  3 5  5 10  4  1
    2          Daniel Cabrera    2006-04-12 BAL TBD   L 4-7        GS-5 5.0  3 1  1  9 10  0
    3            Jeff Ballard    1987-06-03 BAL OAK   L 3-7      GS-6 L 5.2  3 3  2  9  3  1
    4            Steve Barber 1967-04-23(1) BAL KCA   W 5-2      GS-6 W 5.2  3 1  1  9  6  0
    5               Ray Moore    1956-04-18 BAL BOS   L 4-8      GS-5 L 4.2  8 8  8  9  1  0
    6           Jose Mercedes    2000-09-09 BAL ANA  W 10-3      GS-6 W 6.0  3 1  1  8  2  0
    7           Mike Flanagan 1976-09-19(2) BAL CLE   L 2-3        GS-6 5.2  4 2  2  8  3  0
    8             Mike Torrez    1975-04-20 BAL BOS  L 2-10      GS-4 L 3.1  5 7  7  8  2  0
    9              Jim Palmer    1970-04-10 BAL DET   W 3-2        GS-6 5.1  4 2  2  8  4  0
    10           Steve Barber    1963-05-22 BAL DET   W 2-1      GS-7 W 6.0  4 1  1  8  3  


    I appreciate the post, but in my lifetime none of those pitchers have been as bad as Carroll so far. His ERA is insane, along with being wild. He's pitched two innings and given up 12 earned runs, much worse than anyone in the list above. He was atrocious in 17 innings last year with a WHIP of 2 and an ERA of 9. He shouldn't be anywhere near our roster. 

  6. We didn't have anyone else who could pinch hit on the bench? If Davis was the only option (which I really don't think he was), then it was the right call I suppose. Mullins is even worse with the bat than Davis. I wish we could get rid of both since neither brings value to the club.

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