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  1. I gave Elias an A and here's why. DD didn't get much when a traded Machado and company last year. I don't know if any of the guys we got will ever be an impact player. Early results don't seem promising to me. He was willing to make deal for Cashner that I thought was simply OK, but that proves that he will listen to reasonable offers. Nunez,Givens, Villar, and Mancini can all be pieces of a contending team if put in the right situations. Dont just get rid of them for marginal prospects, we have enough of those already. Overall I love what Elias is doing so far. We have some decent pieces on offense, so if some of our pitching prospects pan out we should be on track to contend in 3-4 years.
  2. The only thing I saw with Yefry was some deception in his delivery and he isn't 30. He didn't have good stuff in my opinion. Givens and Scott have good stuff but the results haven't quite been there due to command. Those are guys you give lots of chances to.
  3. Rodney thinks that everyone hates him, but that's ridiculous because he hasn't met everyone yet. Rodney gets no respect I tell ya.
  4. Guys, if we go on a heater we may win 60 games. We have time to try a new closer and let Givens try lower leverage situations. Heck, if there was such a thing as a low leverage season we are in one. There is a real possibility than nobody on the current roster is on our next contending team. We have something like six MLB quality guys on our roster, and I'm not sure we have any starters on a decent team. We may have gotten the most raw talent on our entire roster for international money, and it's likely he is another Felix Pie. Givens blowing a game is the least of our issues, lol.
  5. Well I think Givens has pitched himself out of a trade, but the talent is there.
  6. Let's look at the bright side, Davis has a better ERA than Straily and Cobb and we currently have a 7-6 lead.
  7. My 15 month old is teething and has a diaper rash and when he saw that play even he started laughing.
  8. That particular play was more on Nunez but Villar had such a lazy play the inning before on a routine ground ball.
  9. This is the only time this season I've been disgusted by our team. The lack of defense coupled by laziness in the case of Villar is insane.
  10. If we can win this series it may be the high point of the season!
  11. Please win this one! I'm so excited for the 9th.
  12. I agree. I am a big Machado fan, but he is not some generational talent. He will need to stay at 3b long term in my opinion. I would have loved to have a potential HOF talent on the team regardless.
  13. He doesn't look good to me. Felix Pie with not as good of an arm.
  14. I think he is the best player we have right now.
  15. I don't think Mancini is any better defensively at first than Chris Davis.
  16. I'm so ready for a change from the top down. We are the worst team in baseball, and I'm not seeing anyone held accountable.
  17. Poor scouting, player development, and evaluation has cost us more than the Chris Davis contract.
  18. I'd rather the Orioles take risk with Daniel Cabrera types of pitchers than guys with marginal stuff.
  19. That is a crazy story! Changed the course of baseball history.
  20. Mancini reminds me of David Segui. Neither guy could play defense which negates their value at bat. Trey has stayed healthier, but will not hit as well as a prime Segui. I hope Trey has better defense if he plays first, because he is a butcher in the outfield.
  21. Someone explain to me why this isn't another example of terrible resource management. I'm not getting it.
  22. I may be wrong, but it seems as none of these guys have all that much talent. They don't have out pitches, and a lack of control by Ramirez doesn't help either. Guys like Scott and Carroll at least have the possibility to be something because they have plus pitches. We need to gamble, because the safe guys that can pitch to a 5.5 ERA arent worth much.
  23. The Orioles need a newer copy of the book of idioms. The latest edition changed the misprint of "If it's fixed, break it" to the correct phrase.
  24. Hope we can win it too, but seven of our starting nine may not even be on rosters of any other team. Cashner gives us a shot though.
  25. Honestly at this point, does it matter? If it leads to more time for other younger catchers there's not much to lose. We already know what Caleb is, and I wouldn't bat an eye if we lost him. I don't know if there is another team that would want him though.
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