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  1. Just now, scOtt said:

    I saw Skid Row. Opened for Aerosmith? Ted Nugent? Opened for someone...

    Guessing it wasn't Tori Amos who he opened for. 

    Sebastian Bach has an incredible metal voice. Some of their harder stuff was really good. That's a heck of an opener for an even better band in Aerosmith. 


  2. Our outfield is so bad right now that I think Mountcastle would almost certainly help. DJ Stewart shouldn't get too much more time to make adjustments, and even with Mountcastle it isn't like Santander/Hays/Mountcastle are a sure (or even decent) bet to be anything more than average. He's not some can't miss prospect either, so I don't know why we aren't calling him up to see what he can do. 

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