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  1. Estrada has a nasty change, which I think is the most underappreciated pitch in the game. The ball is not carrying at all, thought Smith just got one off the bat.
  2. Just getting the opening day jitters out!
  3. Who would you guys have pitch the 8th?
  4. If we manage to win this or not, I'm donating to charity for that Ubaldo start. Please take him out now Buck, it will be good for his confidence. The Nats missed some hanging off speed pitches that inning.
  5. Great approach that inning guys.
  6. Thanks man, that puts me at ease. If he can just get through 5 with three runs or fewer I will be happy. I think we will score at least one more run, and I think our BP can hold them to two runs over four.
  7. Miley blew a huge lead against the Astros the last game I attended, so I'm not confident that he won't cough this one up. Are we on the hook for his contract next year?
  8. Runner on second with no outs and we can't score. That sucks, and seems typical as of late.
  9. I love when our announcers take shots at Boston. The whole exchange about deflated things was hilarious.
  10. We now need to win. That was incredible by Givens.
  11. Didn't look like Manny ran hard there either. I was expecting a close play.
  12. Gausman will be fine. He's young still and is learning. He does need a strikeout pitch though. As a number 4, he's not bad but I think we may have had unreasonable expectations for him, just like many of us had with Matt Wieters.
  13. So glad to be wrong. Let's hope he goes on a tear!
  14. Please ge some more here. Wieters doesn't inspire confidence though.
  15. Why did Manny run there? Jesus........ 1-1
  16. Seems like Manny's power needs to make a comeback. Nice piece of hitting from School
  17. That was horrible pitch location to Beltran. Let's hopenour guys get some runs tonight, their lineup is so good.
  18. I really can't understand why Davis isn't getting some time off. He looks like he cannot see anything right now. Complete guesses at the plate. The Blue Jay's have twice walked Machado knowing that Davis cannot hurt them. Buck must know something we don't.
  19. Really hard to watch this team right now.
  20. I'm wondering.if a lot of this is mental right now. The pitching may feel like it has to be perfect, and our hitters have been swinging at balls and letting strikes go by .
  21. There's too many guys on this team who look terrible at the plate right now. I'd like to see Alvarez play more, Davis less, and for Reimold to.get in more.
  22. Why wouldn't you walk Machado to get to Davis? Seems like it should happen every time.
  23. We have been in a RISP slump it seems. I could be wrong. Davis needs to take a few games off, 0-24 or somethingm
  24. We will get some back, Bettie isn't good.
  25. I should name my totaled car Ubaldo because it doesn't start anymore. It's amazing how much better Tillman is this year.
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