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  1. 3 minutes ago, lovetoaster said:

    I can’t argue with any of that. I definitely think it’s a savings move to some extent, and it could be a significant savings move, depending on what Martin and Scotty B. wanted. We just have to see what happens with these next few picks. 

    Its a risk for sure, but with the trajectory Kjerstad was on, I feel good about it. 

    Well, you've calmed me down some. I've gone from nuclear level mad to just pretty upset, lol. i just don't understand the risk of the strategy of saving money to potentially get guys that we like later in the draft, especially if we pick guys at 30 and 39 that we could have gotten there anyway without picking Kjerstad. 

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  2. 11 minutes ago, lovetoaster said:

    In a vacuum, of course I take the hit tool. But obviously, they are both more than just that single discipline. And of course, there’s some strategy behind it that hopefully works out in our favor. 

    I understand people are surprised/disappointed by the pick. But I don’t mind it at all. 

    Heston was spectacular this year pre-COVID, and he was outstanding for Team USA. Not that Martin isn’t an excellent player as well, but I just wasn’t as high on him as other people.

    This year was a very small sample size, and I believe this pick was a case of recency bias. 

  3. The pick also makes a disillusioned fanbase even more upset. I wouldn't have this kind of reaction if we picked Lacy, Martin, or even Gonzalez. You could justify those picks if Martin had demanded too much money. We have the most money in the draft pool! I want the best players available, not a chance at "stealing" the 18th best prospect at 30. There is so much more value with the second rated pick. 

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  4. I'm disgusted by this pick. You have the most money to spend, have a chance to get a guy like Martin, or even a top pitcher, and you get a guy that has questionable plate discipline, and doesn't fill a position of need. Elias tried to out think everyone and if signability was an issue there were still better picks. Why try to get the best available at 30 by missing out on any number of consensus picks that were rated higher? 

    Nobody should like this pick. 

  5. It's your duty as a parent to try and make things seem OK when they aren't, but it would be mighty hard to be at this game with a kid.

    "If the Oriole Bird catches a ball its worth fifteen runs for us, you didn't know that"? Reminds me of when my friends father took him to a Reds minor league game in the late 80's and told him that Johnny Bench was catching for them now.

  6. You sure he was wearing a Yankees hat? ☺️

    Seriously though, it's stories like these that prevent me from truly hating fans of any sports team. That's just a cool human gesture.

    Also, if the jersey doesn't fit I don't think shipping to Southern Maryland costs that much!

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  7. To be fair, Matos did have one really good year. If Santander can ever have that level of success over the course of a full season you would have to be encouraged.



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    I gave Elias an A and here's why. DD didn't get much when a traded Machado and company last year. I don't know if any of the guys we got will ever be an impact player. Early results don't seem promising to me. 

    He was willing to make deal for Cashner that I thought was simply OK, but that proves that he will listen to reasonable offers. Nunez,Givens, Villar, and Mancini can all be pieces of a contending team if put in the right situations. Dont just get rid of them for marginal prospects, we have enough of those already.

    Overall I love what Elias is doing so far. We have some decent pieces on offense, so if some of our pitching prospects pan out we should be on track to contend in 3-4 years.

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  9. The only thing I saw with Yefry was some deception in his delivery and he isn't 30. He didn't have good stuff in my opinion. Givens and Scott have good stuff but the results haven't quite been there due to command. Those are guys you give lots of chances to.

  10. Guys, if we go on a heater we may win 60 games. We have time to try a new closer and let Givens try lower leverage situations. Heck, if there was such a thing as a low leverage season we are in one. 

    There is a real possibility than nobody on the current roster is on our next contending team. We have something like six MLB quality guys on our roster, and I'm not sure we have any starters on a decent team. We may have gotten the most raw talent on our entire roster for international money, and it's likely he is another Felix Pie. 

    Givens blowing a game is the least of our issues, lol.

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