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  1. I'm having Kim Glee with my dinner tonight! Nice job coming back.
  2. Great inning by Tillman! I'd rather have Blackman than Bruce, but I wonder what the cost would be.
  3. I make that deal. I'm unsure why the Orioles didn't do it, those are not legit prospects to give up.
  4. Just play Alvarez more at this point. I dont have confidence in Davis at all. Another wasted chance.
  5. Manny didn't hustle again and almost got thrown out. He really needs someone to talk to him, if you're in a slump you need every base you can get. Come on Davis, just drive one in here.
  6. Wilson is cast away, and the AL is still leading
  7. That just calmed me down. If we lost another prospect...... Thanks man.
  8. Sucks to say this, but I think Manny gets pulled for the fifth and misses his chance to bat again. I hope I'm wrong though.
  9. Wasnt Pomeranz with the Orioles farm system at some point?
  10. Get Sanchez out of there. I dont want the Blue Jay's to mess up another All-Star game. Cito still sucks.
  11. Good work from the cameraman. That woman is stunning!
  12. Manny would have had that one on the fly. The Royals are carrying the AL right now.
  13. Pretty subdued reaction for Ortiz.
  14. Machado should have showed a little patience. Two pitches, two outs.
  15. Smart move by the Orioles. Good Lord Button took his time and almost blew it, ha-ha. 4-5 road trip isn't good, but its not easy to go out West for nine games.
  16. Dodged one bullet, need to dodge another to win.
  17. I think he beat it clearly sadly enough.
  18. That was lazy on the Gonzales double by the outfield. Zach looks like he is struggling all of a sudden.
  19. It's amazing how good of a player Justin Turner became. He had a great year last year, and doesn't look like he's doing bad this year either.
  20. That's what I'm talking about! O's fans traveled well for this game too, cool to see.
  21. Come on O's! Got two guys on the bases now, let's get a run in.
  22. You think they will leave Givens out there?
  23. That was a terrible call, he was out by fifteen feet. Give Kim a shot, I think we still win it though.
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