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  1. 9 minutes ago, tntoriole said:

    Getting rid of Trumbo will make it simpler.  Mancini can play 1b and make Davis the  DH although they can switch out at times.   Unless ownership agrees to eat Davis contract..unlikely for 2019 at least, imho.  

    I don't think Mancini is any better defensively at first than Chris Davis. 

  2. Mancini reminds me of David Segui. Neither guy could play defense which negates their value at bat. Trey has stayed healthier, but will not hit as well as a prime Segui. I hope Trey has better defense if he plays first, because he is a butcher in the outfield.

  3. I may be wrong, but it seems as none of these guys have all that much talent. They don't have out pitches, and a lack of control by Ramirez doesn't help either. Guys like Scott and Carroll at least have the possibility to be something because they have plus pitches. We need to gamble, because the safe guys that can pitch to a 5.5 ERA arent worth much.

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  4. 1 hour ago, wildcard said:

    You have a point about Joseph.   I just  don't know enough about Cervenka to know if he can play in the majors now.

    Honestly at this point, does it matter? If it leads to more time for other younger catchers there's not much to lose. We already know what Caleb is, and I wouldn't bat an eye if we lost him. I don't know if there is another team that would want him though.

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  5. Play guys that you think have a reasonable chance of helping the club in the future. High upside guys need as much playing time as possible. 

    Our 40 man has to be the worst in baseball by a big margin. We are really devoid of any "can't miss" prospects. Give the young starters time, shut down Bundy. We have the next couple years to figure out who is a contributor.

    We should claim a lot of guys, we might have 15 guys out of 40 that I wouldn't miss at all.

  6. 2 hours ago, wildcard said:

    Its hard to see how the O's will contend by 2020 or 2021.   Their best pitching prospects are  listed on the O's website as arriving in the major in 2021 and 2022.   Its probably takes them a year or two tobe TOR starters.  The means 2023 is a better date for contention.

    I agree that it will be a while before we contend again. Making the playoffs was fun while it lasted, but even then I didn't know many people that thought we were legit contenders to win the World Series. I think we should have tried trading a lot of our assets a couple years ago.

    I like some of our pitching prospects a lot, so it's fine that they are a few years away. I am worried that we lose a lot of fans in the next few years by having no "star" power for the casual fan, but I think slashing payroll as much as we can is benefical in the long run. Watching a few of the younger guys turn out to be solid MLB contributers would make it worth it though!

  7. Saying we should have gotten more for Gausman is like the guy on Ebay who prices everything too high and never sells anything. Someone is worth what you can get for them. Gausman, like Bundy and many others before him, saw his velocity drop and K rate decrease along with an increase in FIP. That shows a mediocre pitcher in the long term. 

    I thought we could have gotten more as well, but the market said otherwise I suppose. We love selling too late which hurts the most. Gausman, Britton, Bundy, Machado, and Schoop were not traded at close to peak value.

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  8. Yeah, I think it is a lack of talent. 4-5 of the lineup aren't major league talents, our starter was a long man at best, and our bullpen is awful. Doesn't help that some of the younger guys play bad defense and issue lots of walks either. 

    Seeing Mullins and Scott are the two bright spots. Both have the chance to be good contributors on a playoff team. I think Givens bounces back, and Hayes starts to show his talent. Other than that, there's a lot of fodder right now.

  9. If he is not hurt than his career will be over in the next few years. I hate how many of our top pitching prospects fail. Bundy and Gausman were supposed to be TOR guys......just like Loewen, Matusz, Riley, etc.

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