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  1. Ehh, it was borderline and you can't take that one if you're Luke.

    I hate to say it, but I have a really bad feeling about this game. One run against the Phillies with all of the blown chances we've had will usually lead to bad things.

    We need BB to keep up the O's magic!!

  2. Scott is playing today, but that was a tough play so i dont know if he had a play on it

    Haha! I've had a few beers, but still no excuse for me to forget that. You're right, it was a tough call for Scott/invisible Reimold either way.

    Let's go Nicky, break out of that slump my man!!

  3. Serious question, does anyone know if this "not getting hits with 2 outs and RISP" thing with Roberts is an on-going thing, or a fluke this year? They just mentioned that he's hitting .080 with RISP and two outs, which is the lowest mark in MLB. It's really bothering me, and likely other fans this year.

  4. Maybe it's just me, but is this ump squeezing Bergesen? I swear I've seen three questionable calls already, mostly on pitches that "seem" to be on the outside corner of the plate but are being called balls.

    Hasn't mattered so far, so keep it up BB!!

  5. Nobody would have made it home with that throw. Werth with a bullet home.

    Even if Bergensen's bunt would have been fine, it wouldn't have mattered. Still would have been 1st/2nd.

    If we keep letting these chances go.......we're going to lose. I've seen it too much. Our pitcher loses confidence, theirs gains confidence....bad situation. That's two major chances and we blew it.

    I love Roberts, but there's nobody I have less confidence in with a high pressure situation right now.

  6. Oh I agree, Guthrie didn't look good. But I don't know anyone that would blame him more than B-Rob for this loss.

    Come to think of it, Reimold made an error, Andino should have been called with one, Roberts made two in my mind, a lack of situational hitting.....

    Yeah, the team lost this one.

    Bright side, Wiggington, Markakis, and Reimold looked good at the plate.

  7. Dempsey alleviating Guthrie of all blame in this game.

    That's crap, IMO.

    Guthrie didn't lose us this game man. He just didn't. I don't agree with Dempsey either, it wasn't like he pitched a gem and he had lousy control. But our defense and lack of clutch hitting lost us this game, Guthrie had very little to do with it.

    Palmer is ripping into him a bit now to even it out.

  8. Jones K's with runners on 2nd and 3rd. He looked awful there.

    The unearned runs are the turning point, and this one hurts more than your usual loss. I feel that awful sinking feeling in the pit of my stomach.

  9. Regardless on all the bad defense on the O's end, our offense let us down again tonight. 2 runs isn't going to cut it. Feliciano did look filthy tonight, but Pelfrey looked similar to Guthrie. The Mets put up better defense behind him and he got some timely outs with runners on, but we need more than 2 runs guys.

    Huff and Jones continue to slump. I'm honestly wondering if DT is afraid to bench guys.

  10. There is zero chance Roberts gets benched for this performance, and he shouldn't be unless he's hurt.

    Crap like this happens and we are a lesser team with him out of the lineup.

    How long did Markakis struggle and not get benched?

    I like DT, but I thought he should have benched Markakis too. I guess we're just going to have to disagree on this one. When one guy shows a serious slump, give someone else some more playing time to see if they're a better option for the time being. It might light a fire under the guys butt, and it lets everyone know that they are accountable for their actions. Play well, you get more PT. Go into a slump, there's going to be a bit less PT. I think Jones ought to be shown the bench for one game too. In retrospect, Markakis is 2-3with a HR, but if he continued to slump, do you ever bench him Hank? He's been in a deep funk.

    What Markakis is going through is a slump. What Roberts did tonight was lose focus on two occasions, go 0-4 and set a bad tone twice in the game. If you can't bench a guy for that, when can you bench him? It gives DT an excuse to rest him if anything, because Roberts plays an awful lot anyway.

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