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  1. hahaha I caught that too. Wow. See this is why you watch every game you can.
  2. If my old lady walked in the house wearing that Pink Watermelon Smoothie O's Hat I'd throw her out of my 3rd story window. Then I'd be like Henry Hill from Goodfellas when the cops came, nonchalant look on my face, and say "take me to jail".
  3. And Hector Gonzales has won the award for "Most Stereotypical Hispanic Name" of the night. Let's go Andino!!
  4. Gotta watch Wieters, Andino, and Roberts before I go to sleep. I owe it to Andino to watch him hit after those DP's, and maybe Roberts is heating up? We'll see, Albers looking pretty good so far too.
  5. Wow, Markakis and Jones both pulled. I know we're losing, but it seems odd to me. I noticed Jones didn't run on the ball he hit foul down the line (pretty close actually) that was caught by the A's right fielder. I guess he's pulling them for rest....maybe?
  6. Davis with a very nice play, robbing Mora of a double, but Luke Scott hits one out!! Someone move him into the 4 hole for the rest of the time he stays hot. They just said the last 6 HR's hit by the O's are from Luke Scott. Wow, 8 in his last 9 games.
  7. I've grown to enjoy the finer things in life. Sipping good liquor on the couch in your boxers while your old lady is at work and watching the team you grew up loving get their brains beat in beats 99% of the stuff I'll go through. Andino with two great double plays is good enough reason to watch. This last one is a Web Gem type nominee.
  8. Reason #122 why if I was a chick I'd want to have Luke Scott's babies. In a 9-0 ballgame, Kurt Suzuki hits a foul ball to left field. Luke Scott races over in a full sprint and reaches out like he has a chance to catch the ball, even though it's well out of play. He still cares, now there's a guy that's not going to walk out on you when you gain some weight and have a mood swing ladies. Nice double play right there O's!
  9. Switching to Johnny Walker Green Label now. Wow, there goes my hope of him getting out of the jam. Albers will shut them down, and our offense is gonna get going, come on O's!! The only thing that's going to make me mad is if we give up.
  10. We'll see what happens here. Hopefully he'll get out of this jam. Runners going 3 times in a row, odd.
  11. 1-2-3, Mos Def and Talib Kweli!! Can't believe y'all know that type of "good" hip-hop! Hendrickson looking good, but let's not plug him into the rotation yet, ok? Fickle people here, I swear. Guthrie has a bad start, he sucks. Hendrickson has a good mop-up showing, and he should be back in the rotation.
  12. No reason besides Dallas Braden. Sometimes you gotta tip your cap to a guy and say "you were just better than us today". To stop the hate fest, let me tell you what he just did. First pitch to Luke Scott: Curve on the inside, called strike at 77 mph. (tell me how many guys guess that pitch 1st?) Second pitch: Low fastball inside, fouled off 92 mph. Third pitch: Elevated fastball on the outside corner, strikeout. No joke, he's just been that good so far.
  13. Hendrickson has retired seven in a row. Excellent work so far. Now let's get these bats going!!
  14. Braden is filthy tonight. Just like how Guthrie didn't have it tonight, he's been hitting his locations all night. If you can hit your spots (46 pitches, 33 strikes) and go from a 72 mph change up to a 93 mph fastball with location, no lineup in baseball is going to do very well against you. He just struckout Markakis on a nasty pitch too. 6K's through 3, he's simply too good so far. No shame in that.
  15. It's 6-0 in the second Hank. No reason to give up now, there's a chance we can come back. We were just down 5 runs a few games ago and came back to win. Stranger things have happened. I've been up since 4:30 this morning, worked 10 hours, and I'm still gonna watch until it's over. Watching Wieters hopefully progress is worth the heartache that's most likely going to follow tonight. Plus, think about the positives instead of the negatives and laugh stuff off, we're more interesting this year than we have been in a long time. Wieters did look fooled badly last at bat, but on the bright side, Hendrickson just went 1-2-3......for real, haha.
  16. <p><p><p>Nice area man, one of these days I gotta get out of these apartments, haha. Have a good one.</p></p></p>

  17. You've got to be f'ing kidding me!! Adam Dunn breaks out of his slump thanks to Orioles pitching. No doubt about that one. We could have had him for a good deal too. Darnit. Hopefully we don't pack it in for the night now, because that seems to happen an awful lot.
  18. Oh christ, Ray leaves the bases loaded for Jamie Walker. Has there ever been a point where the phrase "Jamie Walker comes in with the bases loaded and one out" has inspired confidence, especially with a guy like Dunn coming up? I'm praying for a fly ball, followed by an out so we can get out of this inning tied.
  19. Bob Feller was talking about how he was a .150 career hitter, but that he knew how to bunt! Self-effacing guy with a Hall of Fame career? That made my day to see that he was just joking around with the guys in the booth. You didn't hear him talking about his blazing fastball, how many games he won, etc.
  20. Ok honestly, has anyone talked to Wiggy about that? He needs to be riding the pine if he's going to have that approach every single time he comes to the plate. It's really getting ridiculous. I'm truly wondering if it's been missed by Crowley, or if he's just afraid of ticking Wigginton off when he's in a slump?
  21. One day some of the kids from the neighborhood carried Adam Jones' groceries all the way home. You know why? It was out of respect.
  22. Roberts heating up, and then Jones with a rocket that carries out !! That's why he's my favorite Oriole!! 5-4 O's back on top!
  23. Bergeson done, 5 2/3 4ER and responsible for the runner on 1st. Not a horrible start, but not good either. I hope he can string together some more positive starts in the future, but he doesn't look lost out there so I'm pretty confident. Ray coming in now.
  24. 4-3 Nats now. Zimmerman singles, Dunn crushes one out to center for the HR. Bergesen does this a lot, 5-6 innings, 3-4 runs. I think he'll average out eventually to an average of 6 ip, 3ER over the course of the season. At least I hope so.
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