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  1. People need to stop pretending the Nats are brand new. They’ve been around since ‘05.
  2. O’s are not catching the Tigers. They are worse than we are.
  3. Davis is a complete and utter failure.
  4. Remember when some goofs on here thought we’d win less games than last year? Hilarious.
  5. Every change they make is for the worse, except for increasing netting. You want to increase the pace of play? Get rid of all the damn commercials. But of course the greedy bastards would never do that. So they do all this stupid s*** to cut 2 minutes off the game time and are actually stupid enough to think that will make a difference. Manfred is a buck-toothed idiot.
  6. I was just about to post this.
  7. Why is March 26 Opening Day? Too early!
  8. Man some people are just determined to defend Davis.
  9. Nothing worse than looking forward to a nice cupcake homestand and then laying a nice fat egg instead.
  10. Do we have one of these up yet? Don’t think we do. He deserves one though.
  11. Our team is a lot different from last year...
  12. Yikes. Not exactly a ringing endorsement of Buck Showalter is it?
  13. Bad trade. I see people going the "well Cashner wasn't that good anyway" route on here but they're trying to convince themselves more than anything. Cashner was a decent pitcher who had a bad year last year but appears to have righted things this year. The trade would have been fine as a salary dump, but if the O's really are paying most of his salary, then the trade makes no sense at all.
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