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  1. High School pitchers aren't pulled that quick.
  2. And now the chickens are coming home to roost for the quick pull
  3. Pulling Kremer was still stupid.
  4. our ‘pen will be worn out in short order.
  5. Bats**t. He threw less than 75 pitches last time. 113 pitches is not THAT many. A regular occurrence for people like Scherzer. I’m with CoC. Show us some damn science behind this.
  6. They all got J&J, which branded itself as 100% effective at preventing hospitalization and death, but doesn’t prevent “infection”. So to that end the vaccine is performing as advertised. Still, about 25 players/coaches did not get it, it appears.
  7. He's done it once. Much tougher task this time.
  8. Yeah Valdez was not responsible for this one. Defense failed big time.
  9. I was actually fine with it. Normally I hate bunting but it's not like Rio was going to get a hit.
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