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  1. Glad they're removing it. Maryland has one of the lowest rates of COVID in the country, I think it's third best.
  2. Got picked off but Astros screwed it up and he got back to first.
  3. Trading was not Dan's strong suit. That said I was happy with the Miller trade. Miller was a shut down reliever, and we were in "win now" mode.
  4. With a forward written by every other starter not named Means
  5. Catching at the Big League Level: The Importance of Blocking Balls by Pedro Severino
  6. People here are being rash. I get people are frustrated with the team being a complete joke, but rushing prospects to get a watchable product will probably just make us unwatchable for the next decade.
  7. Jays are trash. Dude tries to tag up to second on a fly ball up 9-0.
  8. Got toasted so bad tonight we should call him Krispy Kremer
  9. Not impressed with Jannis, his knuckleball had too much spin, but maybe that could partly be blamed on nerves. Have a hard time believing he managed an ERA under 3.00 at Norfolk throwing like that all the time.
  10. Some of Jannis' knuckleballs have too much spin, they don't have as much movement and are getting hit hard.
  11. 1899 Spiders will always be the worst. I’d also love to see a comparison between the DBacks and the ‘03 Tigers, sans recency bias.
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