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  1. Give us nonmembers a damn edit button for crying out loud
  2. Those changes, apart from occurring so long ago that very few people even knows they were once actual rules, addressed actual problems. What problem is being addressed here? Pace of play? Pace of play is a made up problem. You want to fix pace of play, cut out some between-inning advertisements. But of course they’d never do that. They want their money. Is it to prevent overuse of bullpens? How about something sensible like not yanking your starter after 2 pitches or adding another roster spot or two. Something that doesn’t completely change the game. Why is this rubber on second? Why is he on base at all? He didn’t even bat and he’s not a pinch runner. Why should the pitcher be penalized like that? This was a rule to pander to people who don’t like baseball.
  3. Yes sadly I think it’s here to stay as well. What other cheap gimmicks are you guys willing to sell out for? Let’s replace the pitchers with a machine. The “pitcher” can stand on the mound and program what pitch he wants into it. Now he can’t blow out his arm! What’s not to love?
  4. I still hate it. Makes it feel like a kick ball game in a high school gym class.
  5. 81 pitches isn't a high pitch count. I really don't think there was a legitimate reason for the yank.
  6. Nothing against Hyde as a manager but I do hate his quick hook. Yes I know Cobb had a bad inning but it would be good to give pitchers a chance at a bounce back inning and have them leave on a high note.
  7. Can we launch Pillar into the sun?
  8. Third base coach should be fired.
  9. Davis is done and should have been out of the organization a long time ago.
  10. One of them was smoked.
  11. 🤬🤬 🤬🤬 🤬🤬 🤬🤬 🤬🤬
  12. Wait was that appearance by Davis in the 9th a pinch hit? Even worse.
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