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  1. A lot of casual fans there. They cannot handle the truth from you, Corn.
  2. You mean reddit is not welcoming or OH? Regardless, I will miss your cranky ass.
  3. I went to Reddit r/orioles. It's free. Obviously it's not as good as the hangout message boards but maybe if enough people migrate there, it could be decent.
  4. Screaming into the void......................................
  5. Now that this thread has been resurrected, we can add the ageless wonder Nelson Cruz to the list? His 4-year Seattle deal wasn't that long. But 4 years at age 34 is considered long.
  6. Hey, if you hurry up maybe you can get it twice before next season!
  7. https://www.reddit.com/r/IAmA/comments/fn9t4k/i_am_a_gold_glove_silver_slugging_allstar/ Good Q and A
  8. Elrod Hendricks, who has to be one of the all-time fan friendliest Orioles, would always BS with the fans in the centerfield seats at Camden Yards when he was the bullpen coach. We talked with him quite a few times when we sat out there. One time, Ellie was by the fence, and I saw Jeff Tackett (the backup catcher in those days) warming somebody up in the pen. Tackett had recently made an appearance in the movie "Dave," where Kevin Kline played a presidential look alike who has to pretend to be the president in some kind of emergency. Kline throws out the first pitch to Tackett in one scene
  9. Maybe I'm in the minority, but Scott Garceau, while being plenty of affable, seems a little short on the insight and long on the cliche. Have at me.
  10. I get the impression that Rob Manfred doesn't even like baseball. He should go become the commissioner of an e-sports league.
  11. I actually kind of liked watching the Nats this year and hope they beat whomever they play in the World Series. Scherzer and Rendon are likable guys and any baseball fan has got to enjoy watching those two go about their business.
  12. Frank Thomas was his toughest match up. Boy, he wasn't kidding about that.
  13. Anybody notice that Luke's top choice for the last Rule 5 draft, Josh Van Meter, is on fire? In his last 3 games he's gone 8-for-11 with a HR in each game to raise his season slash line to .313/.403/.552/.955. This after slashing .328/.449/.629/1.097 in Louisville before his May call-up. Good call, Luke. 29 MLB teams passed on this guy.
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