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  1. Not for long if he pitches well for us. Started as a 21 year old in 2019. Also pitched briefly for 3 innings in the Australian league in 2020. I'm sure there's a story there.
  2. Hard to believe that Galvis was with the Phillies as recently as 2017, but has played for four different teams since then.
  3. Legit sign stealing has been fine in the game for ages, one of those interesting minor strategies that isn't front and center, but is intriguing. This removes that. Still better than having the Astros and Red Sox fiascos repeating in the future though.
  4. Interloper downvoted you. Looks like you have your answer!
  5. It is a resolution, for both teams, and both teams get something out of the deal, so really, fans shouldn't (IMO) see it that way. For a long time in the NHL, both teams would earn a point when they tied. Not as ideal as a win, but it beat getting nothing for a loss. Same thing would likely apply to baseball... losing percentage would become the primary tie breaker at the end of the year, so if two teams in a division finished with the same number of wins, the first tie breaker becomes the team with the lowest losing percentage (ie, who earned the most ties).
  6. I didn't like this rule when it started, and it hasn't grown on me yet. For me there was always more of a feeling of teams on the short end having something random happen where they didn't deserve to lose, rather than a feeling that winning teams did something noteworthy to win. Also, it bugged me as heavily opposed to tradition... more whiffle ball than baseball. Glad to see the commish and league are thinking of scrapping it. If shortened extra inning games becomes a sticking point for the players union on the next CBA, hopefully we can do something different, like ties after the 11t
  7. This isn't the time to be disappointed. Like others here have pointed out, we are not hitting these results after flipping the switch to Go Mode. Yes, it's disappointing to not see some of the secondary pieces not step up and show that they are going to be on the next good team. Disappointment would be if we shift gears to compete, but then fail. We're not there.
  8. The problem with the ignore button is that half the time it doesn't matter, because other people quote them to reply to them. You see them all the time anyway.
  9. I subscribed to watch the minor league teams this year. Been enjoying it immensely and consider it money well spent. Also helps keep me from the ledge seeing constant reinforcement that we have young talent on its way.
  10. With a knuckleballer on the team, you have to expect this. If everything is good and the pitch is working, they can be dominating. If things aren't good and the pitch isn't doing what it should, they get blasted. Such is the nature of the knuckleball.
  11. They could take five games off of each division opponent a year, and it would free up a full 20 games to spread around other teams. Could even see a couple of additional NL opponents with that arrangement.
  12. Wait, the guy we got back is a 19 yo from the DR. I thought we only traded for 16 and 17 yo players from the DR? Am I missing something here?
  13. I know, right? I seriously wonder how infielders are dealing with this. Goop still has to be on the ball when they get it. Must be a nightmare to transfer from the glove, or quickly access where you have to grip it to throw it correctly.
  14. Calling him up now simultaneously starts his service clock and potentially worsens our draft position by an extra game or two. I get that we all want to see what he can do, but it doesn't seem like the smartest long term move. Pass.
  15. Let's bring up Jannis. AAA hitters haven't been able to touch him this year, and it's always entertaining watching a knuckleball pitcher.
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