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  1. I'm quite encouraged simply by the fact that this didn't become another one of so many "Who cares if 3/4 of the league is doing that, we're not doing it" things that have happened in the past. The more often we join these kinds of trends, the less often we get left far behind when one of these innovations clicks and changes an entire paradigm.
  2. 14.99 seasons. Never forget the game that they were the Natinals.
  3. 70 points per play in any clubhouse Scrabble game.
  4. That's not what Gary said. He said, "Maybe it's the last one at home, maybe it isn't." He was referring to Orioles home runs this season, not Chris Davis.
  5. I read the title too quickly and thought at first this was something about baseball altering the OPS stat, and I was very confused.
  6. Ty Blach DFA'd. The end of an era. A legend rides off into the sunset.
  7. Gotcha. Yeah, he would have been out, at least by a couple of feet.
  8. So, I got my first look at an actual MLB ball from this year. My brother and law and mother in law were visiting from out of town a couple of weeks ago, and we took them to their first O's game. In his very first MLB game ever, my brother in law caught a late game Rio Ruiz foul ball. I got a good look at it later, and holy crow are the the stitches low and tight on this ball. I often joke about one of us training up a knuckleball and joining the O's rotation, but now that I've seen the balls, I think it'd be literally impossible, because these things don't have enough seam to actually throw a knuckleball. Believe what you've read about this contributing to the power surge in baseball... there's no way these balls have as much drag as they used to.
  9. It was a terrible throw. The fault on that play was 98% Sisco (from the bad decision to pick up an obviously-rolling-foul sac bunt in the first place, to not going to first to get the easier out, to that throw). The pick on Villar's end was not easy, even for a skilled major league infielder... I don't really blame him at all on that play.
  10. No need.. pretty sure he's been director of Antarctic scouting for a while now, so...
  11. If we offered the Ducks a Chris Davis for Lew Ford and a small bag of baseballs trade, and offered to pay 99.999999% of the remaining contract to Davis, I'm still not sure if they would take us up on it.
  12. Maybe a minor league coach a few years down the road if he decides to walk that path. As a player? Agreed, not in a million years.
  13. Oh no! Not Straily, the soul of and the future of our franchise! I'm sorry guys. I'm trying, but I think I've run out of sarcasm.
  14. I still expect to keep Mancini. We are not forced to move him, so I think another team is going to have to overpay significantly to get him, and I don't see anyone out there likely to do so before the deadline rolls by.
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