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  1. I don't like the move of delaying further... we have important guys that we're going to be burning clock on. I'd rather us take our first improvement steps this upcoming year. But if the powers that be decide that we go into more delay, I agree that we should turn trade Mullins this offseason... his trade value isn't going to ever be higher than now.
  2. If one of the three of NYY, Boston, or Toronto couldn't make it, I'd rather it had been NYY or Boston missing out.
  3. Now if the Natinals could stop rolling over for Boston and knock them out of the playoffs, that would be great. EDIT: Way to be worthless, Walgreens.
  4. I couldn't tell you because I have no idea what to expect. With our non-existent payroll obligations, burning clock on Rodriguez and Rutschman, and the available free agent pool in the next couple of years... I have no idea if we do one more dedicated stink year with no movement til next offseason, or if we gear up a bit to try to get closer to .500 and make flipping the switch easier in 2023, or if we just decide it's go time and load up now. I honestly would lean toward the middle option due to having to add 40ish wins eventually to be competitive (and that's stupidly difficult to do
  5. Or on the flip side of the pitcher/batter equation, Brian Matutz owning David Ortiz.
  6. I'd have rather have had 1-1, but if we were going to come up short to the truly godawful D-Backs anyway, I'm happy that we at least get to step on the dreams of some truly deserving teams on the way out of the season.
  7. Well, yeah, that's the point of replacement level roster fillers during a rebuild. They are cheap options to play for the team, so that you don't spend a bunch of money for marginally better results when you're not trying to win. When it's time to start shifting into win mode, you send them packing in order to employ better players.
  8. I have to respectfully disagree with rooting for wins right now. I get what you are saying... but there are rarely wins that ever occur that mean less than any that will happen in our closing stretch upcoming. When winning actually hurts you big picture in times like these, you didn't actually win... you lost.
  9. I agree with you fully. I think one of the most painful things, even immediately at the time, was that the moment the team committed to paying Chris Davis over $20M a season, their percentage chance of extending Machado when the time came dropped to about .01%. And to me, Manny was the safer bet, even with his mid-decade knee issues.
  10. I honestly don't think it matters. It's $20M in one go. You have to be Jeff Bezos before you think that's pocket change.
  11. Ask yourself, realistically and objectively: if A) I had a situation where over $20M was at stake, B) I had two courses of action readily available to me, C) one option leads to obtaining over $20M, the other nets $0, and D) no one gets maimed, killed, hurt regardless of my decicion... would you be able to walk away from that kind of money? I can tell you here and now, 99.99% of people would not.
  12. Morgan423

    Paul Fry

    We can buy a lot of pieces when the time comes. Exempting Davis, our payroll is microscopic. But it would be really nice to not have to buy an entire bullpen. We've got to have a few salvageable parts in this wreck.
  13. Not for long if he pitches well for us. Started as a 21 year old in 2019. Also pitched briefly for 3 innings in the Australian league in 2020. I'm sure there's a story there.
  14. Hard to believe that Galvis was with the Phillies as recently as 2017, but has played for four different teams since then.
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