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  1. His stat sheet says he has a 5 WHIP and a 19.2 FIP. Sounds like he'll fit right in.
  2. The way that he broke is really difficult to come back from and regain the arm strength and velocity. He'll probably have to convert to one of those soft-tossing Moyer-esque ultra-control guys to have success now. But who knows? Maybe he can do it.
  3. As a player, it has got to be fantastic to have the KBO (aka AA 1/2) and the NPB (which is more like AAAA, I suppose?) as options for when you can't quite hack it in the MLB any longer, but aren't yet ready to retire.
  4. There's guy on this list whose last name is actually Stankiewicz. How could we not sign him?
  5. There's that, but in an ideal world, there'd have been no need for framing in the first place.
  6. No, I don't. I enjoy watching baseball live, and sure, I enjoy watching the Orioles winning. But whether I go to two games in a year, or twenty... if my team is losing in a far-below-500 season, I don't care about them winning one or two extra games that I attend, if that will do anything to delay their return to winning baseball. It doesn't matter if I'm in the stands or following at home... the goal is the same.
  7. No... but I lived in Tennessee for a long time. Just moved back to Maryland a couple of years ago.
  8. See, I'm just the opposite. I couldn't care less about whether we win 62 games instead of 57, and we're 10% more bearable to watch. Just get us back to competitive baseball as quickly as possible. These are losing, throw away seasons, and are not important in the least outside of how quickly we can rebuild and get back into winning again.
  9. Thanks for your post. As a fan in my early 40s, I had no idea that the Eastern Shore league even existed, and had a blast looking up everything I could about the history. I grew up there and had no clue that it had even been a thing. It's not very often I learn something new and so close to home about baseball. It's appreciated.
  10. It's a real advantage for him, though. Compared to the average player, he has a strike zone the size of a postage stamp.
  11. It wouldn't. These scenarios are in play during 99.9% of position player pitching appearances. Not sure why they feel like they need to codify it.
  12. I'm quite encouraged simply by the fact that this didn't become another one of so many "Who cares if 3/4 of the league is doing that, we're not doing it" things that have happened in the past. The more often we join these kinds of trends, the less often we get left far behind when one of these innovations clicks and changes an entire paradigm.
  13. 14.99 seasons. Never forget the game that they were the Natinals.
  14. 70 points per play in any clubhouse Scrabble game.
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