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  1. <p><p><p>Hey thanks for the rep over the misunderstanding. It wasn't necessary but is appreciated.</p></p></p>

  2. I'm actually not a lawyer, but I work in a profession where libel can cost people their professional reputations and a lot of money. As you do. But if it doesn't bother you, it doesn't bother me any more.
  3. You are half correct. We are free to think what we want, but laws against slander and libel apply to what we express. You can't call someone a bank robber until a court has found him guilty.
  4. Even if so, they're presumed innocent. Do we know--for sure--that the article is accurate? Do we know the circumstances of the confession, or even what he really said? Do we know that all the formalities were involved in informing him of his rights? Do we know that he won't change his mind and retract his statement tomorrow? Until a judge or a jury says that he's guilty, he isn't.
  5. Not to mention that the thread title convicts him.
  6. Avery with a SB as a pinch runner today, then doubled off second on a line drive.
  7. Sounds like he took it on the bone. That isn't good.
  8. They were mostly in the 6-12 range. That partly reflected disappointing 2009 seasons by Hosmer and Moustakas. The Royals' ranking this year is due greatly to the turnarounds from those two, and the emergence of Wil Myers--though the pitching is a big part of it.
  9. I assume the reference is more toward ceiling and possibilities than the now package.
  10. Yes. And he might've held Hendrickson to one inning so that he can bring him back in a couple of days to put him on a rotation schedule.
  11. Sure, but whoever it is would probably have to throw some simulated innings in the bullpen. That's 16 days away, time for at least two appearances or simulated appearances, bumping it up by a couple of innings or 20 pitches each time. It'll probably be Berken or Rupe. If it were Hendrickson, Buck probably would have gotten him two innings tonight.
  12. Wilbon couldn't wait to turn that into an NBA rant. Clearly, that's his comfort zone. He doesn't know or care about MLB, and especially the O's.
  13. Don't let AJ catch you doing that. My 17-year-old son (who is not usually interested in the O's) got a big grin when he saw that vid. He said, "Adam Jones is a badass!"
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