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  1. Austin Martin and Jordan Lawler could have been Orioles prospects. I just do not understand.
  2. Top SS's Lawler and Watson were available along with Brady House. We took another guy 3-7 picks early to save some bonus pool money. This works some years, not my favorite move with premium talent up the middle. O's could have had Austin Martin and Jordan Lawler/Khalil Watson over the last 2 years. How do you feel about the selection?
  3. That would make me believe that the PTBNL will be a recent signee. What other reasons are there for not announcing it?
  4. The Government just sent people checks because they wanted businesses to close down due to COVID-19 to keep people making $10 an hour safe. Because these guys make more than normal they get nothing because they didn't "perform"? People who get unemployment are not performing their duties either and they didn't agree to a contract guaranteeing them a given salary.
  5. Honestly, I wish they was no baseball or sports for 2020. I don't feel that my wanting to watch sports, the owners wanting to make money, and the players wanting to get paid should outweigh the risk to players and their families. The MLBPA has had strikes before and not worried about baseball being played. I don't see the importance of having baseball this year. For that reason, 60 or 70 game in a season seems to be of little importance to me. The players are thinking about their bottom line and the owners of theirs. I don't see what either has to do with the actual fans in this instance.
  6. If the Orioles selected Kjerstad at lets say 7 when he was the 15th highest rated prospect, nobody would have cared much. The issue is that Elias passed up what was considered 1B in the draft at #2. The decision to not draft Martin to save money for other draft picks makes more sense to me in deeper drafts as that savings could be spread out to sign more than two over slot players. I would rather have them draft Martin, not meet his demands (if he holds firm) and then pick 1:3 next year. I think teams had huge negotiating power this year with guys who were coming from college. I was 99.999% su
  7. Flacco was in that situation because they ran a dumb play to get the other team to burn a timeout before punting it away. The Flacco play there at the end required him to throw a ball where they player could get 30-35 yards and get out of bounds. Flacco got hit with less than 17 seconds on the clock needing 75 yards. I like that Joe said something about a stupid play call. The Broncos offensive weapons just aren't very good. Flacco does look done, but his comments weren't wrong.
  8. No pass rush is one reason why the secondary is getting torched.
  9. I don't understand this at all. The Orioles have the FAR superior history. You are just looking at recent history, but that doesn't tell the entire story. MLB likely prefers the Orioles to move because it solves the MASN dispute.
  10. The issue is likely tied to two points. 1. A TON of people were traded to include a lot of arms. That likely minimized the returns for Givens, but makes Elias look pretty good in terms of dealing Cashner early. 2. Elias obviously didn't get a return he likes. In baseball like Poker, sometimes you need to have all the cards in order to bluff. Standing pat now may make bluffing later much easier.
  11. I am not a big fan of passing on up the middle guys for a one dimensional first baseman. Nothing against Vaughn
  12. Sure... I think they have like 10% of the first 75 picks. They also have $3M or so more than the O's to work with. They could move bonuses around to next some high upside talent.
  13. The Orioles could never lose right. Last year they lost right and they should this year too. #1 overall pick and more draft resources is the way to go.
  14. With the Ravens it seems to be about draft capital. Or it was with Ozzie. With Decosta it might be about best player at a position of need. If the Ravdns are looking to fill a hole a DE they might be better off trading that first rounder. What good does a top wideout do for some like Jackson? I think the Ravens go OLine.
  15. I think White goes early, early. Maybe first 10 picks. I think Bush goes to 16 when a team interested in Bush loses out.
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