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  1. I would be THRILLED if we got Reynolds. I think it would be a bit of a steal, to be honest.
  2. The contract crowdsourcing on Fangraphs predicted a 4 year/$48 million contract for VMart, who got 4/50. The contract crowdsourcing predicted 5/6 years at about $21 million a year. What if it took a 6 year/$120 million contract to get him. Would you want to do that?
  3. I would rather have Yu Darvish than any player available in free agency here in the states.
  4. Adam Dunn would be my #1, Prince Fielder is my #2. This team needs hitters. I would love to get both, actually. I think VMart is overrated so I don't think we'll get him, but I wouldn't be mad if he was signed to a big contract. I wouldn't touch Beltre with a ten foot pole - I think 2010 is as fluke a year as 2004 was. Both were contract years, too.
  5. Not a sarcastic question: Is Manny Machado instantly the best Orioles prospect? If you still consider guys like Matusz a 'prospect' (the way Fangraphs did), then is Machado the best Orioles prospect not to have played yet in the majors?
  6. Inform the troops! Lord Vader has arrived!
  7. The Japanese leagues are major leagues.
  8. I would blow up the team as soon as possible. The roster consists of rookies and second-year guys who still need to develop and washed-up veterans. It's a completely toxic combination. Markakis is the only guy on the roster who's just a normal, competent major league player. If you think you can get a good return on practically any older player, I think you should go for it.
  9. Perfect games have zero - read: zero - correlation to pitching dominance. They're utter anomolies, like winning the lottery. It is sheer chance that has led to such a proliferation this season.
  10. I love how the Rays have a staff composed entirely of home-grown 26-year-olds (and who were all 24 when they won the pennant in 2008) and people are saying that growing the arms will never work.
  11. Palmer also played in a different era. Strikeout rates have been at historic highs over the last ten+ years. Also, do you have any proof for your asserstion that "you can't evaluate pitchers just on k rate because many of them have inflated k-rates because that is all they are concentrating on."? Because that sounds fabriacted, frankly.
  12. The fact that Tillman is 22 while Arrieta is 24 is why Tillman is, and ought to be, the callup. The odds of Tillman's long-term success are much, much greater than Arrieta's, in terms of percentages.
  13. I think the simple fact that you have to ask "when will it be our turn?" shows how much of a failure the team's farm system has been (outside of the recent #1 draft picks). I mean, as of right now where would you rank the Orioles' farm system? Because it has to be in the bottom third.
  14. Sherrill has never been anything but totally respectful to the Orioles for the opportunity they afforded him and never anything but appreciative of Baltimore fans. He's a class act and it's nice to see that at least one player is willing to go to war for us.
  15. When the team puts out a winning product I'll go to more games. I'm not spending $25 to sit in LF seats to watch a 100-loss team a bunch of times in one season.
  16. It would be the straight nuts if Snyder moved to 3B and Bell moved to first. That said, I think most people (myself included) are simply too ignorant about the minor leagues on a day in, day out basis to make smart comments on the nature of Snyder at third.
  17. He's a lefty with a one-handed follow through. How much credit does the OP want?
  18. The comparison isn't a great one, Junior Griffey never had such a high leg kick.
  19. How good are Alexander Torres and Matthew Sweeney supposed to be?
  20. Apparently Kazmir has already been traded to the Angels. Alexander Torres and Matthew Sweeney are what have been swapped. (again, apparently, I don't have a reliable source)
  21. The Rays have to be extremely money-conscious, hence why they move guys much, much faster than other franchises (in regards to your Hamels/Kazmir comparison).
  22. The suggestion that anyone other than Markakis is the best defensive outfielder on the team, at any position, is preposterous. Anyone who has watched the games and follows the numbers would pretty much be forced to agree. Markakis runs well, gets good reads on balls, can make athletic, acrobatic catches, and has arguably the best RF arm in baseball. Jones and Pie both make a lot of mental errors, Pie's arm isn't that great, and neither Scott nor Reimold run that well. Markakis is one of the best defensive OFs, at any of the three positions, in baseball; Pie, Reimold, and even Jones are still struggling for consistency and poise on a game-in, game-out basis. Suggesting that Markakis should move to 1B is...it's ridiculous.
  23. I think the comments are aimed at the young guys. Trembley and Samuel aren't targeting guys like Mora or Wigginton - I think they're trying to create an atmosphere where the young guys hold themselves accountable. You want to make sure guys like Reimold and Wieters are always playing with their head in the game, and when they make mistakes to man up and learn from them instead of shifting blame.
  24. No. Let him ride out the season. But he - and DT, for that matter - should be gone before next year.
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