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  1. I have a feeling Rutschman will be on the OD roster. No catchers on the roster plus he'll be in his age 25? year so either FA at 31/32 or if CBA changes to FA at 29 what's the point of delaying either way? He's done enough proving.
  2. Wow. Dude. Listen to yourself. He fucked her up. That's the end of it. Anyone who gets their jollies off of beating the #@$% out of a woman has something wrong with them. End of story.
  3. Its a bit ominous to say it's a bit ominous, huh? 😉 (green font). I mean he did say there's a very good chance. That sounds very good to me. Not ominous.
  4. I swore I read that. Or maybe I just read a bunch of inferences. Hard not to put 2 and 2 together, I guess. Given a "inflammation of the heart" is a symptom of Covid, when it's the year Covid. We saw it with Eduardo, that college bball kid from FSU (?). Anyways, no sources, probably inferred. My apologies. The rest of my point still stands.
  5. Sounds like there needs to be a reminder that no one could see this coming. No amount of "research" changes that. Can't predict how a young, healthy, 21(2?) year old responds to Covid. Whether he went 2nd, 5th or 10th. Rare, unpredictable and unfortunate circumstance. Sucks it happened to us and our guy. Can't fault anyone for that. Hope he gets better soon.
  6. You can probably chalk a lot of this outing up to trying too hard. He clearly had his adrenaline thumping throwing 103 (!). First home start at his new digs. Center of attention. Marketing him like crazy. Newly minted top pitching prospect in baseball. He was definitely amped up. He'll settle in. He's too good not to.
  7. Not excusing them, but it's not just the Angelos'. Seems to be a trend to treat the minors like 💩 Trending on the Tweet app currently: https://mobile.twitter.com/MiLBAdvocates/status/1399872788115111941
  8. I imagine he probably lost a lot of muscle mass from not being able to exercise / workout and will have to build his strength back up.
  9. Tin foil hat: He juiced last off season cause he hated how terrible he was (see: all the interviews). He stopped when Covid hit. Thought maybe about having the same off-season regiment this year. Saw Cano get busted. Would be his second offence too. Result is dgaf anymore.
  10. 2 days to get test results. How many days before those that have already contracted it have positive outcomes? You have to think at the moment they need to operate as if the entire team has it. I think it's a few more days before we find out how bad it actually spread thru that clubhouse. Miami isn't playing for a few days, at least.
  11. They scouted a lot of these obscure North Eastern spots last year if I recall correctly. Isn't that how they found Welk and others? Also, I remember last year they went college bat heavy in the draft also. Then turned around and got a lot of pitchers in the International (J8 campaign, or whatever they marketed it as). Have to wonder if it'll be the same strategy this year.
  12. They're trying to encourage more cash being injected into the local economies also. That's more takeout meals from restaurants, more diy project supplies from local stores, more gardening supplies from the local gardening shops, etc.
  13. 3, 2, 1. By Tuesday I bet that all changes. It would happen by morning if they didn't have to give people some notice to make it hurt a little less
  14. 8 weeks is huge. 2 weeks at banning 250+ sent people into chaos. CDC went bolder than they have this whole time and just limited crowds to less than 50 for 8 (8!) weeks. Some of us knew it was going to get to this but the vast majority didn't. It's officially out there now.
  15. He's mid-30s and in good health. They have an 8 month old tho. He says the fatigue is real. He gets exhausted and wants to sleep after eating, washing a dish, taking out the trash. Been useless the last couple days. Fever, chills, headache, and only mild sensations in the lungs so far which is good. Her symptoms have just started and they're hoping his wanes by the time hers kicks in so he can be helpful. Nephew is fine. So far. Please everyone take care of yourselves. Be safe and smart.
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