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  1. Y'know, MLB / American Sports TV outlets or even better... Amazon, Netflix, Hulu, or Disney+ should seek out a TV contract with the NPB. It could be an avenue into the younger generation getting excited about baseball. Japanese culture is huge in the states and might garner some younger viewership. Korea too, sign them up also! With how immensely popular baseball is in those countries I'm sure they'd get a lot of views and interest. Get some K-pop bands on the promo tour, bring the Japanese mascots along. 🔥 🔥 The Premier League is huge here. Why not Japanese baseball? Not to mention I'd love to check it out and would LOVE watching AJ be a superstar. Jonesy is loving every second of it.
  2. Not the same type of cheating but, what were the penalties the Braves took a couple years ago? Executives suspended and international slots removed?
  3. I would doubt it as that would never be their philosophy, so I'm sure they wouldn't even think to mention it unless someone outright asked directly. "Lean on your best pitch" is their mindset.
  4. Oh. Like their current free game of the week thing they do? That's cool. I was wishful thinking some mega deal where all games would be available. Maybe one day!
  5. Has there been talk about that being a thing? I would love that.
  6. And just to elaborate a little further, I grew up in Arlington VA, lived in Charlottesville for 12 years (Go Hoos! Off topic? Who cares!) and now live in North Carolina. I travel to Maryland a couple times a year for work. It doesn't matter where I go; Baltimore (Lexington, Fells, Little Italy), Cockeysville, Havre de Grace, Annapolis, Frederick, Cantlers (Every. Time.) I manage to find myself in conversation about the Os. Orioles fans are skeptical of me too especially when I tell them where I grew up and live. I get quizzed all the time on; last world series win? How many world series? Can you name the years? Name our Hall of famers? Cal's streak number? Hell, last year I had someone quiz me on 0-21. I'd bet, if I mentioned OPS to 80% of the people I had Os conversations with, they likely blink at me blank-faced. One thing all of that makes me realize though, the blood of the locals bleeds black and orange very very strongly. Again, glad they are engaging the fan base in new ways
  7. Lots of people play fantasy, sure. But a whole lot more don't. That's a 190 day commitment. Every day. For 190 days. That's a lot for most people. Just like why this message board, while incredibly popular, only just scratches the surface of Orioles fandom. The vast majority of fans are very casual. It is what it is. And, I love the idea of "analytics with Sig." I lurk this board a lot. Once upon a time in my life I would have nerded out on stats and their meaning. I see WAR, FIP, Woba (what else? There's lots more) quoted a lot here. While I don't know, and frankly don't care to read up on the stats / math / scientific reasoning behind it, I get the jist enough by just reading this board and looking at the context. If I didn't read this board, I would have not one iota of an idea of what you were talking about if you threw stat ticks at me. Communication is good for the fans. And this is engaging that casual fan and helping them understand the new age of baseball. I'd venture it'd be hard as a casual fan, in Metro Baltimore, in passing, to not have someone exciteably talking about the "analytical nature" of this regime. They might not know what it means. But they heard that "analytics" word. And they heard it was good.
  8. If Eshelman is pitching in Baltimore today, any idea who's throwing for the Tides? I was thinking about going to the game in Durham this eve and Eshelman was slated to go. Would love to see Akin!
  9. You didn't get the memo that DL Halls BB numbers are up because the new regimes program is having him throw his secondary and tertiary pitches in what was typically known as a guaranteed fastball count. Many uncomfortable pitches in uncomfortable counts. Get used to it kids. That's the new mlb.
  10. "In major league history, there have been only two bases-loaded intentional walks, one to Barry Bonds in 1998, the other to Josh Hamilton in 2008, and both came with two outs in the ninth inning. " Jim Palmer would say otherwise.
  11. Or he knew of them, and had established relationships with them already. Did the Astros have money left?
  12. Any thread referencing the kangaroo court deserves a link to this gem: P.s. that was a great read. Thanks for sharing.
  13. 😂🤣😂🤣😂
  14. Or he just hated the entire charade of free agency and never wants to do it again. No temptations. I'm done with this. I'm sure it was a very very long, uncomfortable free agency period. For both he and Manny.
  15. Yeah, I saw and read about all of that. It's certainly a possibility too. But, again, we'll never truly know.
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