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  1. Being a lifelong die-hard UVA basketball that was easily this is easily the worst feeling since Dan Dickau's buzzer beater against us in the tourney. I attribute most of it to Sammy Zengliski, I don't know how one of the better shooters and smarter players in the league misses 4 ft's, fight for a rebound with his own teammate and dribble it off his teammates foot out of bounds with 13 seconds left, and miss that pass, albeit it was a bad pass, but still very catchable. They performed better than expected this year when we lost to Mike Scott, but that is just a terrible note to go out on.
  2. It's about time, but definitely excited. I am hoping we don't trade Scott though, I would like to see both of them in the lineup.
  3. Underrated: Scott, Guthrie, Bergy, Roberts Overrated: Arrieta, Pie
  4. I like this move. I am excited for change and excited that is someone who the players loved to play for and respected.
  5. Baseball & Pro Football Tennis Golf College Basketball College Football Hockey
  6. Easily the most sad, depressed, and angry I been after a loss, ever. It will take awhile for me to get over this one.
  7. berto

    The 2011 Draft.

    I do agree with some posters that we desperately need help on the oline, but I think with our first round pick we need to get younger on defense. I'd like to see us take a D-end or more than anything, since the first round is projected to have 6 or 7 of them taken. I wouldn't mind us taking an Lb either. We just need to get younger on defense. In later rounds I'd like to see us add depth at saftey, o-line, wr, and lb.
  8. Appropriate way to lose to end the season, only playing one half of football. No one stepped up when they had opportunities. A lot needs to be changed this offseason.
  9. HUGE stand from the defense. We need something from this drivez and also need the defense some rest.
  10. Definitely starting to sweat. We must get something out of this drive.
  11. Very nice first half. Hopefully we can keep it up and come into the second half with the same intensity.
  12. HEEEEEEEEEEEEAP!!!!!!!! Getting 7 from that turniver is huge.
  13. Great job by Redding for staying aware. That was big for us.
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