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  1. No kidding lol. At least Cobb is hangin tough.
  2. Guys I decided to try gambling on the O’s tonight so let’s pull this one out. Only $25 nothing serious but I was still screaming at the tv when Flores didn’t send the runner in the 2nd lol.
  3. Probably right to hold him but I think we would have had a very interesting play at the plate if Williams went home there.
  4. Would be nice if MASN could give us a better replay showing the whole field.
  5. He’s got no idea where the ball is going
  6. Would be nice to have Bleier in this spot
  8. Was gonna complain about the over aggressiveness after Neris couldn’t find the zone against the worst hitter on the planet but hey...it has worked lol. Tie ballgame.
  9. Let’s go Hanser! Unhitch that wagon CD.
  10. Garceau just referred to Andrew as Lawrence McCutcheon lmao
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