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  1. From June 12 to July 20 Cespedes walked zero times, so maybe it'll be a pre celebratory home run trot
  2. Interesting to hear Palmer talking about how he was surprised not to see Ramon Martinez around for the start. It'll be interesting to keep an eye out to see if he's around for his next bullpen session or start. Especially if UJ feels like he could use some pointers or tweaks to make sure he stays in good form.
  3. This question is probably best answered by Stotle, but how is the draft shaping up next year? Obviously a class like this year's would create a bit more of an incentive to sell, but how deep does next year's pool look? And how much back fill could expect from comp picks from a Chen/Wieters/Davis if we ended up moving from our core group right now? Also, in all the trade talks and the assessments of our system, no one seems to be recognizing any value in this year's current crop. I know you can't trade them now (well you kind of can), but even still, what are the chances that we get two R
  4. Ugh is this going to get rained out? I wanted to hear what they had to say, and get the gnome. But now they are basically saying t-storms from 11am to 11pm. Any ideas how the O's will try and handle this? Seems to be no way they'd do a day/night and have Buck/DD talk between games, and they can't switch the Sunday games.
  5. Didn't he say Snyder http://www.baseball-reference.com/minors/player.cgi?id=snyder002bra
  6. Ugh this is the worst. I wish they'd delay the start until after the weather. It'd much rather patron an indoor bar for 3 hours while I'm waiting than be stuck in the stadium for 3+ hours without being able to leave and then get back in...but I don't want to wait out the start of the game and then miss a big chunk of the game if they play for an hour plus. Grrrrr...annoying.
  7. Does that mean they would PPD Saturday's game and then move that game so OD ticket holders would keep their tickets? Eesh, what a mess. Now I get why they have that off-day afterwards. Though I guess in Tampa that's not really needed.
  8. Our wins, plus the lowest team's losses in the division, subtracted from 163. For the Magic Number it's a strict our wins and their losses math. So always take the team with fewer losses for the number.
  9. That's far out man. Good point.
  10. Isn't magic number math really easy? Current wins plus current losses of team you need to stay ahead of subtracted from 163? In order to stay ahead of Seattle, our number would be: 39 It's only complicated if said team starts to loose so much that they are no longer the team you use the loss number of but you just switch teams and either way the number would just hold steady even if say Seattle lost the next 5 and the Jays didn't lose in that stretch but the number can never go up from the 39 it is right now.
  11. 7 games in this bunch against an anemic Seattle offense right? If the most games of the stretch were against Oakland I'd be more worried.
  12. The MLB appeals system is silly in it's own right, I just think those that are critical for him just not taking the suspension have to remember that it's a pretty legal process. And an appeal doesn't a lack of remorse. You're probably right about 4, but a game is a game. And I want our best player in for as many as he can be. And I want him to appeal and be remorseful. I don't think they need to be mutually exclusive.
  13. What do you mean another group? It'd be the exact same group? smh... (not at you RZNJ...at crazy fans)
  14. Tenn. for sure. I think they move on from Roos. I'm not sure he'd be able to or want to play RT but someone on the line there is the odd man out.
  15. The needs of next year in the current year's draft always seem to be more in focus for the Ravens than anything else. Look at last year: Elam, Brown, Williams, Juice, Wagner, Kapron Lewis, Jensen all could see significant playing time this year. Also, the Ravens get high grades every year, because, well...the 'experts' know who the real 'experts' are. And that's ozzie and company.
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