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  1. Interesting. The only teams that translated that into success were the Yankees and maybe the Rays (BJ Upton and the return they got for D. Young helped get them the Pennant 4 years later).
  2. When was the last time a team had two of the top 5 prospects?
  3. Has anyone asked where Machado would have ranked if he was eligible? Edit: Nevermind, I see someone asked that exact question in the comments. I don't see an answer though.
  4. From reporter Mary Beth Mardsen: Birds fly home. Expected at The yards after midnight. #OriolesMagic
  5. Orioles will be at Camden Yards around 12:30 per twitter Orioles official says he expects the team to be back in Baltimore around midnight; will head to Camden Yards around 12:30 #omazing
  6. "The Pythagorean expectation relies on a Weibull distribution for its mathematical derivation." What does this mean?
  7. I came across this article about Sig Mejdal and Jeff Luhnow, formally of the St.L. Cardinals and now of the Astros. Interesting insights into analytics in a MLB front office. Being a "stats guy" is more than just looking over numbers on baseball-reference? Someone should tell SG. What's a regression? Sorry, its a pdf. The article starts on page 28: http://www.jmp.com/landing/foreword_pdf/jmpforeword10.pdf (Its a trade mag, so there's plenty of hype for the software. Ignore that bit).
  8. Fried chicken in Baltimore? Now you're hitting me where I live. 1. Sunny's Subs: In the Northwood Shopping Center in NorthEast. I lived up that way for 4 years and I found this place on the first few weekends. So glad I did. The shopping center is a dump (now infamous for where city councilman Harris was murdered). Risk it. The chicken is worth it. They butterfly the breast on the bone, light batter and the Sunny Sauce. Everyone on the east side knows the Sunny Sauce. Get there. 2. Chuckies: In the Hollins Market SoWeBo. Maybe the juiciest fried chicken anywhere. A little old bay in the batter and fried in a pressure frier. Once featured in the high end foodie mag Savuer. 3. Park's: In the Lexington Market. So good, they have TWO stalls in the Lexington Market. Your best bet for fried chicken before the game. "whatcha whanonit?" "Salt and pepper, hot sauce". "Next".
  9. You got yourself an old school percolator there. Here's a decent description. The key, just like the moka pot, is to not over do it with the heat source. Keep it on low, you don't want a full boil.
  10. Here's an article from the Balt Sun on Baltimore's burgeoning coffee scene. Link.
  11. Out of curiosity, did you ever get the grinder? How's the DeLonghi treating you?
  12. No, I have no experience with manual grinders. They look cool though. The key feature in a burr grinder is the amount of control you have over the final grind size. Look for one that not only allows you to grind different sizes, but also has fine control in narrow ranges. You are going to need the fine control in narrow ranges once you get into espresso. But you are also going to want to grind a variety of sizes if you have a moka pot, drip, french press, etc. This thread inspired me to break out the moka pot again. Thanks!
  13. Best of luck. Here are a few tips if you are just starting out: The biggest factor is the right balance between three variables: size of the grind, amount of coffee used (dose) and how firm you pack it (tamp). A proper shot should take ~25 seconds. If its quicker than that, you will get light or no crema and it will taste weak. This is a result of too big of grind, not enough coffee or too loose of tamp. On the other extreme, if you clog the machine (no espresso comes out or it just drips) the grind is too fine, you over dosed or the tamp was too firm. I suggest working on finding the proper grind size first. Fill the portafilter even and apply a light but firm tamp. Then adjust the grind size on your burr grinder until you get a ~25 second shot. In the end, its the taste you are chasing. Once you get roughly ~25 second, play around with those three variables until you get it where you want it. As I said earlier, that process of "playing around with it" took me about a year on my Racilio / La Pavoni set up.
  14. I've never used a DeLonghi but in general they don't have the best reputation. Here is the product page on the reputable Coffee Geek for the model you got. If it was a gift, I might be inclinded to keep it, put my money into a nice grinder and play with it for a year or so until you can upgrade. (Note: I tend to ignore any consumer review on the internet that ends with LOL. I'd head the other two.) Agreed. The moka produces coffee closer to a very strong drip coffee than espresso. As I mentioned earlier, I like it for iced drinks (helps dilute it). I also like to sweeten it when I use my moka. A cheap amaretto usually does the trick.
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