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  1. Brooks is at the game today. Nice to see they acknowledged him on the tv broadcast.
  2. 9/13/98 9/26/99 9/24/00 10/1/00 9/14/03 9/26/04 10/2/05 9/17/06 9/16/07 9/13/10 9/15/13 9/28/14 10/01/15 9/11/16 9/18/16 9/25/16 9/17/17 9/23/18 9/15/2019
  3. I'm not sure I agree with this. Ovechkin's rookie year, and every year prior to that the Caps played in the MCI/Verizon Center the upper level was completely empty. The Caps popularity and attendance spike had everything to do with playing well in the regular season, and being competitive. I remember attending a game his rookie year, and I literally payed $50 for two tickets in the front row, on the glass, and there wasn't a single fan in the upper deck. Once they started winning, the place was packed.
  4. I'm happy to admit that I was wrong. It was great to spend the day with my Dad, and my brother. Thanks to the Orioles for getting us a win today.
  5. They handed out the smallest XL shirt I've ever seen, easily a medium or small after one run through the wash.
  6. I'm surprised and encouraged they drew that many last night. Looks like 100s of tickets are still available for today's game in most sections. Its going to be very close.
  7. I'm not sure if one player makes that much of a difference in overall attendance. If he has an amazing year in the minors next year, and comes up in 2021, his debut game may have a bump in attendance. He would really have to have an amazing year next year to build hype for that to happen. If he hits .250 in the minors with limited power (then comes up in 2021) I don't think too many people are coming out for the debut.
  8. I voted no, but a part of me thinks could be released, and the team could be sold this off-season.
  9. I would be shocked if he on the big team next year, he will likely spend all of next season in the minors. If he excels there, he will likely be up sometime in 2021.
  10. Agreed. I grew up watching Cal, so my perspective is admittedly dated. In no way was I disrespecting AH, or his catch. Great catch, and I'm happy he made it back to the bigs. He earned it.
  11. Should every great catch saving a run be celebrated? Beat your chest celebrated? These games could go on for days. Again, I'm not anti celebration, but spare me from the chest thumping this season. No hitters aside.
  12. Yes, celebrate every play with that mentality. It will surely speed up the game.
  13. Just for the record, I'm a huge Hays fan. I saw him in Frederick many times, I'm rooting for him. I just don't get the beating on the chest after making a catch in a meaningless game, in a meaningless season. Again, just my opinion. That doesn't mean it's right, just my opinion.
  14. My takeaway is celebrate every play, every catch, every homerun, every win, every loss, every stolen base, every walk. Every intentional walk. Let's start celebrating every strike, why not?
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