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  1. My guess is you will be able to walk up the day of the game and get tickets from the box office. Last time I did that for opening day was 2002. Also against the Yankees.
  2. I was thinking the same thing.
  3. The castle is too small. Move the walls back, please.
  4. I'm in favor of changes to the structure of MLB, including expanding the playoffs. The current structure favors only the large market teams, and it encourages fans to stay home in April and September. If MLB wants to be viable twenty years from now, they need to make some drastic changes.
  5. I'm very much looking forward to my annual Orioles spring training trip. I'll be there with my family the last week of February for hopefully two games.
  6. Is anyone going to the events in Frederick today? I thought about maybe going to Flying Dog. Wish it were earlier in the day though.
  7. Very nice bobblehead line-up for 2020. I'd like to see them pay tribute to longtime Orioles employees/supporters at some point. My list includes Clancy Haskett, Tom Davis, Richie Bancells, and Joe Angel. It would be cool if they did a BBQ Boog too.
  8. $49 for a hockey game and an Opening Day ticket in Detroit. Now that's a good deal.
  9. Certainly seems possible that Opening Day will not sell out this year, or come close to selling out.
  10. That's nice and all, but one world series appearance in 22 seasons of existence. The stars aligned in 2008 for them. That's how I see Baltimore baseball, unless the divisions are re-aligned.
  11. Nearly impossible for the O's to sustain a multi-year championship run in the AL East. Until MLB re-aligns the divisions (which they never will), I'm afraid the best we can hope for is the stars aligning one of these years for a World Series appearance. Even that is a tall task.
  12. Not this year, or maybe the next 5 or 6. KC has too much going for them on offense. This will be lop-sided. 34-17. KC Wins.
  13. Interesting to see the Washington FBC is 7th, considering they have been mostly irrelevant for a better part of 30 years. No one goes to the games, or watches them on TV anymore. You can't give their merchandise away either, just goto any TJ Maxx in the area and its full of gear.
  14. This entire season was a surprise. I was surprised when they went 14-2, then equally surprised when they didn't show up at all against TN. Too poor playoff performances in back-to-back years. I'm glad I didn't pay to watch that one in person like I did last year.
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