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  1. Did they add any ticket fees on walk-up purchases? I don't mind using the phone and the ballpark-app for tickets, but if I can avoid the added fees I'll gladly stand in line for 5 minutes.
  2. I falsely assumed they wouldn't have any issues attracting 11K for opening day.
  3. https://www.espn.com/mlb/attendance
  4. 10,150 in attendance. Just WOW.
  5. 53 wins. That should be enough for the plan.
  6. As of a few months ago, 105.7 in Baltimore, 106.7 in DC, and 980 AM are all owned by the same company.
  7. Agreed. The Orioles have become a complete afterthought in the DC area inside the beltway. Rarely mentioned. Even WTOP doesn't routinely update O's game scores during their sports updates anymore.
  8. You can get 105.7 in DC. Its not crystal clear, but you can get it. Thanks for the tip regarding the switch to 630, I was not aware.
  9. MLB At-Bat App on Apple and Andriod. $20 for the season gets you every home and away radio broadcast. Been that way for a decade.
  10. https://www.baltimoresun.com/sports/orioles/bs-md-pol-orioles-camden-yards-coronavirus-20210312-6acjflc2abgvnfez5o4q3obtxq-story.html
  11. When will they offer in-market streaming without a cable subscription?
  12. I used to love when they would allow callers to chime in and ask questions to Tom and Dave. Even though the same 5 guys called in every week, I still enjoyed it. (Dave from Salisbury, Giuseppe from Roland Park, Jimmy from Silver Spring, and a few others I can't remember.) They stopped doing that a few years ago and went to reading emails or tweets, not nearly as entertaining, but I'm glad to hear that Tom is back doing the show.
  13. Remove the entire left field upper deck beyond the fair pole and make that area above the club level seating a giant social/standing room zone with a brand new wide screen scoreboard as the backdrop, ie the Scoreboard Pavilion. Convert the remaining club level seats out there to a bistro table zone. Move the fences back, all of them Create a grassy berm (like many of the spring training parks) in left field beyond the fence and make that area alcohol free and for families and kids only Open the Concourses in the remainder of the upper deck and lower deck seating bowls and create more standing room areas
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