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  1. Fair point. Fans come with expectations and really aren't needed to maximize profits. It probably pays more to be terrible than it does to carry a high payroll, and even if times were normal it's unlikely there would be many fans in the stands.
  2. This is terrible news if you are a long-time fan. Further adds to the theory that a for-sale sign may be going up in the near future. I'll miss Tom, Dave, Mike, and Rick.
  3. What about the 2019 Winter Warm-Up? That was about as exiting as I can recall in recent memory. https://www.mlb.com/orioles/team/photos/winter-warm-up/12-14-19
  4. I'd rather overpay for ballpark food than hotel food, but its a close call.
  5. I agree with those that have said a lease needs to be in place to rule out a sale/move. Ballpark renovations are needed, and those won't happen without a new lease. Camden Yards is wonderful for baseball fans, but it needs to be modernized. The scoreboard is dated and illegible, the LF upper deck beyond the fair pole needs to be completely removed or repurposed, and the Club Level feels dated and cramped. Outside of the ballpark, the surrounding area isn't as attractive as it used to be. The inner harbor is a mess, and really all you have is Pickles/Sliders as far as pre-game food that's walkable to the stadium. The average family isn't going to be spending time near the Casino area and Federal Hill isn't walkable for most fans either. Doesn't feel top-tier to me anymore, so hopefully a new lease comes soon with renovations and improvements.
  6. I used to really look forward to the bobblehead games, but I stopped getting excited about the promo schedule when the cost of the promotional item was added to the ticket price.
  7. Sad to hear this news. I spent numerous afternoons and evenings watching the Keys at Harry Grove from early-2000s to mid 2010s . Billy Rowell, Jumbo Diaz, Manny, Big Bat Matt, B-Rob, and Markakis. Memorable moments for me include a towering, opposite field, Jason Hayward homerun off Brian Matuz (that cleared I-70 😅) a random Mike (Joes Brother) Flacco homerun, and attending Mannys first game there in 2011 with my dad. If I remember it correctly he hit his first home run as a Key that day. Good times.
  8. This was the first season since my childhood that I did not watch a single game on TV (for various reasons), but I did follow along through Orioles Hangout and the MLB APP and attended two Spring Training games in FL. Looking forward to attending games again.
  9. Tigers are about to lose, Orioles are up against Buffalo, and Arizona is up big. 5th pick?
  10. Detroit up 1-0, nice start.
  11. This is a good site for tracking the race to the bottom: http://www.tankathon.com/mlb
  12. What is often forgotten about 30-3 is the fact that it was game 1 of a double-header. Game 2 saw Orioles pitchers give up another 9 earned runs. All 39 runs were earned on 8/22/07. Oddly enough Sammy Sosa and Nelson Cruz both got hits for the Rangers in game 2. I only remember these facts because I was at both games with my Dad.
  13. The worst outcome would be playing well this season? Are you suggesting a World Series championship this season would be a bad thing?
  14. Finally a reason to watch again.
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