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  1. This was the first season since my childhood that I did not watch a single game on TV (for various reasons), but I did follow along through Orioles Hangout and the MLB APP and attended two Spring Training games in FL. Looking forward to attending games again.
  2. Tigers are about to lose, Orioles are up against Buffalo, and Arizona is up big. 5th pick?
  3. Detroit up 1-0, nice start.
  4. This is a good site for tracking the race to the bottom: http://www.tankathon.com/mlb
  5. What is often forgotten about 30-3 is the fact that it was game 1 of a double-header. Game 2 saw Orioles pitchers give up another 9 earned runs. All 39 runs were earned on 8/22/07. Oddly enough Sammy Sosa and Nelson Cruz both got hits for the Rangers in game 2. I only remember these facts because I was at both games with my Dad.
  6. The worst outcome would be playing well this season? Are you suggesting a World Series championship this season would be a bad thing?
  7. Finally a reason to watch again.
  8. Just in time for the Red Sox series! How convenient.
  9. 1999 was the last year I did not attend a MLB game. 1987 if you count MilB as well.
  10. I wonder how the draft order will be determined next year if they cancel the season.
  11. 44 games against the Blue Jays and Rays since 1992, and 34 against Boston and NY. That's enough for me. Please realign the divisions.
  12. Yes, I've been to 12 Opening Days at Camden Yards. I don't attend AL East games anymore. I grew tired of the current divisions and unbalanced schedule many years ago.
  13. Boston/NY again?! No opening day for me next season in that case. Three out of the first four home weekend series are also against them. No thank you.
  14. This was my initial thought as well. Could have had Lacy too.
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