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  1. I like the idea of not rewarding bad behavior. I have no problems with the MLB punishment and with the reaction of Houston ownership.
  2. Congratulations! Good luck and I hope it turns into more for you if that is what you want.
  3. I agree he would have not made it through the season on most teams, however he did get a year in the ML's and that is an accomplishment. I'm ok with him as the starting SS this season.
  4. He's already done well in a sense. He beat the odds and had a season in the ML's. He most certainly should be proud of that accomplishment.
  5. There's really not much left to develop. The odds are better that he'll be out of ML baseball in a couple of years rather than he becoming much better of an offensive player.
  6. I really miss watching those guys. Manny, Schoop, and Jones.
  7. Trading Hader would not be wasting the window of Yelich. In my opinion it is an opportunity to extend the window.
  8. I'm not trying to minimize what Hader is...just saying that the Brewers window is pretty close to shutting and trading him could be an excellent way of getting some ML ready talent in. Also, I would think trying to make a run at extending Yelich would be somewhat more realistic if they were not spending the money Hader will earn in arbitration.
  9. I haven't thrown a pitch in 30 years, but I'll certainly step in if you insist.
  10. Exactly. Hader will start costing serious money with 4 arb years coming. Move him now and get some pieces for the future. I've never been a fan of seeing mid-market teams spend big money on BO pitchers.
  11. Right. I didn't want to get close to political views and what not.
  12. I agree with you. I don't believe tax payers should be subsidizing a multi billion dollar entity... but that's as you said, "irrelevant".
  13. Karns and Smyly didn't have the hardware that Kluber has. They gave up nothing in an off season when high end pitchers are getting $30+ million for a multiple Cy Young award winner. All of the other pitchers are pretty much in line with what a league average starter with the potential for an excellent season is making. They have a track record as pitchers, so a reasonable degree of expectation is there. Now, the gamble will be whether or not they have enough talent to get a shot at the WC... that's debatable. Eventually teams get tired of losing. Also, they are opening a new ballpark.
  14. I don't know. Scrapple egg and cheese with ketchup and the egg runny is a delicacy in my little hometown.
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