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  1. Start at 60 in the first season and increase 10 per until it hits whatever floor gets approved...if any.
  2. With all of the deferments I'd say payroll could be around 60 million. The best use of that money would require Mancini to be traded. There's no reason to pay a DH 8-10/year on a limited payroll team.
  3. I picked the 41-50 option, but I meant that as actual payroll for the on field team. I'm not sure what that means as far as obligations for arb and minimum salaries.
  4. This is really the first season where I never watched an inning of Orioles baseball. I've been a fan for about 35 years. I read the Hangout multiple times a day, but I just can't get behind where the team is at currently. Maybe once football is over I'll miss it, hopefully by then though the off season will have a clearer picture.
  5. I agree with you. I think that was a lazy assessment. 26 and somewhat healthy this season and he put up a 3.2bWAR. I don't know how much higher he can go, but that's a pretty decent full season.
  6. The Orioles certainly test that old statement of bad baseball is better than no baseball.
  7. I'd say his first year OPS will be .775-.800. His defense along with his bat should put him in the area of 3.5-4 on WAR.
  8. That brings back so many memories. Also kinda heartbreaking looking at how much talent going into the next season that team had compared to this one. Thanks for sharing that.
  9. The thread title could have just said, This is on of the worst teams I've seen...the rest is pretty much fill in the blank.
  10. Hopefully a BP piece and maybe a back end starter in there. Zimmerman as the back end guy, Lowther as a BP guy. Akin...maybe in somewhere. A Wells doesn't really look useful anywhere.
  11. I don't disagree, but eventually any interest will fall off. I guess there will be profits still, but they may be interested in a chunk and move on with their lives.
  12. I've been thinking they would sell a soon as something happens to their father. There's really no other reason to run a team in the ground like they have, and for so long.
  13. So, they will be the first team ever with all home grown players? Nobody fails? That is a totally unrealistic plan. If ownership and the GM are unwilling to manuever the team through the AL east, then it may very well be time to sell and move the team.
  14. I imagine that the Giants probably wish they had waited until the top teams came back to them...
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