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  1. Better yet, Cole doesn't have to face the O's this series!🤣
  2. You are probably right. I still lime him and think he could potentially be a utility guy long term. In 2021 he brings a small hope though...not because of him as much as the player he's possibly replacing.
  3. Considering the other IF options I'm kinda hoping he gets the SS duties and Urias to 2B. I think it's slim, but Martin offers a smidgen more upside than Pat the bat.
  4. The QO was 18.9 this season. It is based off of the top 125 mlb contract averages per season.
  5. I agree. You either resign him as a FA or let him go. A QO for him would be a terrible waste of resources.
  6. Why? That would probably be 17-18 million. He can be brought back as a free agent if the team is impressed with him down the stretch.
  7. It's weird seeing a guy struggle this much, and then be off the charts in a week.
  8. I know. They have way more talent than what their on the field product is showing.
  9. The team that is most concerning in the division for me is Toronto. They have quite a bit more talent than Baltimore, and as of the other day they were only 2 games over .500. This team is miles away from what they are putting on the field, and they're just average with the record.
  10. Or Birdland....I think that was his username. He was on top of the Twitter thing though.
  11. I've been saying this. You can't, or shouldn't expect to bring a bunch of rookies up at one time and shave everyone hit the ground running. There will be growing pains, and flame outs.
  12. No, you didn't. A non prospect with a couple of good starts didn't have trade value to begin with.
  13. One thing about it, I think he all ultimately be a 4th OF but he will have a plenty of opportunities to show otherwise with this team. There's really no one in the corners that is a guarantee.
  14. I think he is a 4th OF at the end of the day, but some consistent at bats could prove me wrong.
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