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  1. I was disappointed with the first day, but by all accounts Elias picked up and drafted well. I just want to see as much talent as possible because the odds are always against these guys making it to the ML level. Anyhow, I hope we have some baseball this season, and next year is normal. I'm kinda mad that I won't get to use my season tickets for the Shorebirds especially if they are a casualty of dropping some MiL teams.
  2. The video did nothing to ease my mind that this was a good pick. I hope I'm wrong.
  3. That's the only thing I can figure. A lot of guys may be interested in college for another season and a real draft next year. Otherwise, this draft so far is underwhelming.
  4. I still don't believe there will be baseball this season. Money will prevent it at this point.
  5. I'm inclined to agree with you. The only way would be if a vaccine came online and by all reports that's still a good bit away.
  6. Twister can get kind of frisky if it's done properly.
  7. There's actually a couple of quotes from Trey Mancini in the tweet/statement. I'm going to guess that he's on board with his situation becoming known.
  8. I wish him a speedy recovery. I enjoy watching him play, which is not important at the moment, but I just hope everything is ok.
  9. I think Pittsburgh has the potential for the number 1 pick. There was a lot of discourse in that organization last year. They obviously don't have the talent like Houston to overcome some of it in my opinion.
  10. Even if they do not bring Betts back, this is a smart move. Trading Price helps out almost as much as the talent they brought back. Do you remember how they benefitted from the last time LA bailed them out?
  11. And they can sign him as a FA still. It's comical to see anyone criticize the way the Red Sox have been ran over the last 20 years.
  12. You are correct about Alberto. I would like to see him continue what he was able to accomplish last season. I don't remember his defense, but what he brought last year, he could definitely be a starting 2B on most teams.
  13. Never claimed to be an expert. Admittedly most of my knowledge of the prospects come from this site, but if you have any knowledge on any of the trade pieces I'd love to hear it. I also hope I'm wrong and someone will be a helping piece to the team. Good shot though.
  14. I voted "yes" because I guess there's different levels of cheating. Sign stealing has been a part of baseball since the beginning. Pitchers cheat every day with various ways to get an edge. I still don't care if players used steroids. If you are willing to potentially shorten your life then that's on the players. I think some people give athletes far more credit than they deserve.
  15. I gave him a "C", as that is as close to an incomplete as possible. He really hasn't brought in any talent that is poised to be an under the radar trade or signing. Obviously our #1 pick was a no brainier...too early to tell on any other selections. None of the trades have brought in any answers... maybe time will prove me wrong on that one. He certainly is saying all of the right things, but if I were a fan of another team and someone laid out the moves that have been made so far I would say he's been brought in to prep the team for selling. There's not any moves so far this off season that indicates that they will be moving forward with trying to get better and win at the ML level.
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