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  1. Hey now! He was my daughter's favorite here in Salisbury. He is a really nice young man though.
  2. It always comes back to ownership with this team.
  3. He was one of the absolute best players I ever had a chance to see play. He's a love him or hate him guy, but dang he was good.
  4. Really...they had a guy starting last night that didn't give them any chance of winning going into the game. Once the game started he still didn't give them a chance to win, but they managed to carry it to the wire. I have no expectations of playoffs but to say they've shot their "bolt" is ridiculous.
  5. I was definitely wrong, and glad to be so. I'll never root against winning. I just didn't think they would bring up some of the younger players.
  6. Having had family members suffer from a similar situation, yes all I'm hoping for is for him to live a long healthy life.
  7. I agree. This team is still quite a bit away from being truly competitive. Doesn't mean we can't enjoy some of the good times and call ups.
  8. It sounds to me like his decision has always been the same. A little difference in W/L's didn't really sway the opinion of the guy paid to run the team. I'm not a big fan of Elias but at least he's come in and been consistent on what he's doing, how he's going to do it, and communicating it along the way.
  9. I was in the camp of 12-15 wins. I'm glad they have had a decent start of the season, I just wish it was due in part to young pieces of the next contending team doing it.
  10. I'll be elated for Trey if he's just a healthy human in 2022. I don't care about the baseball aspect, let alone worrying about trade value.
  11. Bring em up now. If they're good enough they stick...if not then move on and realize they are further away from contention than they thought.
  12. I agree with everything here except insinuating that he stole any money. It's not worth rehashing his signing but it takes two to tango.
  13. That makes absolutely zero sense. Either Akin is a ML pitcher or he's not. The other two are not really good. I'd rather give the young guy a shot.
  14. Exactly. There would be more benefits to having Akin get their starts in my opinion.
  15. That's what makes it worse for me. The Marlins replaced something like 17 players and had a week or so of not playing.
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