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  1. I'm excited for O's baseball. Regardless of who is on the team come opening day it's always exciting come this time of the year. Kinda makes me feel young again.
  2. At some point they need to know who is who moving forward. They can't just have 20 rookies and sell that as the switch flipping year or whatever people are calling it. Odds are a good percentage of the young players we are counting on will never have lengthy careers. It's time to cull the masses.
  3. And to make matters more pressing, he's a catcher. They should absolutely have him up in order to get as many games as possible out of him and his position.
  4. Maybe Elias sees something that they can develop.
  5. You are probably correct. I was just musing about position and size. I tried to find out the original power grade for Weeks but was unsuccessful. Weeks did project as a line drive hitter where Jones has more raw power potential. Unfortunately I can't go back and edit.
  6. I tried to find some of his pre draft grades but was unsuccessful. I did however stroll down memory lane on the draft and really realized how much of a crap shoot baseball drafting is. Anyhow, I hope Jones turns out to be a fixture in Baltimore for a long productive career. I also didn't realize just how poorly Weeks did...such a crap shoot.
  7. Does anyone else think he's similar to Jemile Weeks? Just me maybe. I still like the trade because hopefully it opens up another opportunity for some of the young pitchers.
  8. With that information and the added fact that his health will always be a question after his unfortunate diagnosis, plus the redundancy of able body less expensive players I don't see an extension happening.
  9. Judging by some of the actions this off-season I doubt there's any danger of extensions in Birdland.
  10. Yes. I had asked the question wondering if a full contract of a released player still had to be honored at 162 rather than however many games were played.
  11. No, I agree that he will be in uniform until the contract expires. An argument can be made that releasing him and paying RM the minimum would be an overall gain in WAR to dollars. Plus it would hopefully lock him in to a position.
  12. Ok... wasn't sure if there were any examples from last season.
  13. This is a serious question and none of us may really know, but wouldn't a player's contract even if they are released still be based on the season? Once a player is released if another team signs them the agreed amount of the new team comes of off the amount owed by the former team.
  14. That's the dangerous part of some saying the flip switching is coming. It seems as though the potential competitive date is getting pushed further, and meanwhile the team is seemingly unwilling to start supplementing the roster with capable ML pieces that can be here and in place. Not every player needs to be the same age and contract situation to have a period of contention. There will always be some shuffling of the roster and hopefully a core. I know this is not news to you.
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