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  1. Wow! They should not enjoy being one of the best 8 teams!
  2. If the choice is between KG or Chandler Sheppard, I'll take KG. Otherwise, it is sometimes best to leave the past in the rearview.
  3. I don't know why they insist on using him in the OF when they have legitimate OF options. If they want him around as a utility IF, why not use him there?
  4. Certainly going to give up 300 HR's at this rate. It's meaningless but I had hoped they could have avoided it.
  5. I didn't see it earlier in the season. I really didn't think they would match last years total, much less beat it.
  6. I don't want to go overboard on Tate, but he's been a disappointment for me. I really thought he would lock down a bp slot... there's still time though for a young arm.
  7. There is different rules going into next season with the additional player. I think you're only allowed 13 pitchers. I also believe they have a minimum batters faced rule next season.
  8. I watch as many games as possible. I usually get up at 0200, so I'm not able to watch the full game. I do check MLB once I'm up to see how they faired... usually one of the first things I do.
  9. Exactly. This is what I wanted. I can stand watching and following of they are developing players that could possibly be around as the rebuild continues.
  10. The point I was trying to make was about the game being littered with players making excessive salaries for playing terrible baseball. Most of them would not even be in the game if the contracts were not guaranteed. This does pertain to the O's, but attendance is down all across the board. There's more to the story but this is at least part of the story.
  11. You missed my point.
  12. There's also some envy, or whatever you want to call it. Why, or how can a working class family justify spending good money on watching a sport where players don't really have to perform up to a standard but still get paid?
  13. I hope they bring up some of the younger players that Roch mentions.
  14. He'll be the bench coach/pinch hitter/defensive replacement.
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