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  1. He can still top it! League of his own.
  2. The 3 pitchers you suggested all have draft pick compensation tied to them. Giving up picks is a surefire way to ensure 14 years of losing.
  3. I was kinda joking. Cal was one of the only hitters that I can remember that changed up a stance as often as he did. I was just implying that if Cal could be so fluid with his stance, then I don't think it's unreasonable to ask Davis to rework his in the off season in hopes that it would change up the miserable outcome of each of his AB's.
  4. Cal Ripken would tinker with his swing in the middle of an AB if necessary. I really wish they would drop Davis and move on to whatever is next.
  5. Honestly, I hope he wins. It's ridiculous how it is structured right now. I'd rather see the best players playing in the Major's instead of ear tickling about why they need to be in the Minor's for a few weeks.
  6. If I recall correctly he had an ankle injury around the time of the draft. He's been relatively durable as a ML player. I agree though about the injury risk at the time of the draft.
  7. I was thinking about this the other day. There were quite a few people here that felt like he was the better pick at the time. I really didn't post much then, or now either, but I really liked him as a player. Bundy was a good selection at the time. He's had a decent career in the grand scheme of things, just not on the level of Rendon.
  8. Wow! They should not enjoy being one of the best 8 teams!
  9. If the choice is between KG or Chandler Sheppard, I'll take KG. Otherwise, it is sometimes best to leave the past in the rearview.
  10. I don't know why they insist on using him in the OF when they have legitimate OF options. If they want him around as a utility IF, why not use him there?
  11. Certainly going to give up 300 HR's at this rate. It's meaningless but I had hoped they could have avoided it.
  12. I didn't see it earlier in the season. I really didn't think they would match last years total, much less beat it.
  13. I don't want to go overboard on Tate, but he's been a disappointment for me. I really thought he would lock down a bp slot... there's still time though for a young arm.
  14. There is different rules going into next season with the additional player. I think you're only allowed 13 pitchers. I also believe they have a minimum batters faced rule next season.
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