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  1. Yep that is saying it is bad to charge it. I was hoping that is untrue.
  2. Is it OK to charge my tablet while it's in use? It has a lithium ion battery. I have read charging while the tablet is running is terrible for it. What's the verdict? It's a cheap tablet and the battery only runs for a few hours.
  3. Let's talk when the Yankees are over .500. I bet they have another losing streak now. It's like when the O's used to finally get to .500 and lose 10 in a row.
  4. I bought this and it's amazing. I used to play single player franchise mode but no more! The real fun is Diamond Dynasty playing against people online trying to work up the ranks to number 1 in the world.
  5. The beta was lousy however I bought the game and the single player is fantastic. I just don't like the multiplayer.
  6. Anybody who still smokes please switch to VAPING ejuice. Still get your nicotine and it's delicious. Haven't touched tobacco since. It would have saved my mothers life.
  7. Thank you. These days all I have is a tablet. WARNING: I DON'T CONDONE THE FOLLOWING LINE. There is a mlb stream thread on reddit that streams games for free. I found it googling FREE MLB STREAM REDDIT I will be notifying the authorities and call the police.
  8. Ommaculate

    Mlb.TV is a con

    Last year I could see away games then all of a sudden even those were blacked out. I cancelled it completely after they updated it to where they even blocked my VPN. Is there any service that let's you see the games? This blackout rule is atrociously wrong. Why block away games? They won't get my money.
  9. Wieters is hot._.Earn that 16mil baby!! Exactly what the team needed right now.
  10. Last year when they had Cruz, he was hot all year and was essential in the playoff victories as well.
  11. Without Davis this team would have been way under .500. With Cruz and Jake Arietta 2.0 this team wins the division. Depressing! How did they let Cruz go when he carried the team on his back all year. Heads should roll.
  12. Sorry for the typos on a mobile device.
  13. You can find him over on the Nats board with new name Natmaculate. I got tired of the winning.Was so used to losingit became enjoyable I can't watch this team. I love that tPapelbon guy. I am kidding ofcourse.
  14. I believe in Nolan and think he has a chance to come back and rake. Give the man a chance, if he fails then this will be his last hurrah before he rides into the sunset.
  15. I'm in last place right now after 20 games and the Yankees are in 4th place barely above me by 1 game. Tampa is winning 10 games in a row, solidly in first place. Going to try some new sliders, and change hitting to timing, and try to get back in the race. I'm only 6 games out or so but on a 7 game losing streak. I think I am using a slider set from MLB 2013. What is the best slider set to use? Chen and Ubaldo get rocked on a regular basis. They stink. I also have Reimold manning Left Field, but if I get promoted in RTTS I will take his spot. How do you get promoted in RTTS? You just keep pla
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