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  1. Per MLB Castro to the Mets....Did not say what was coming back.
  2. For Tommy Malone, I think the following two could be a good fit: per MLB Pipeline: #20 Daysbel Hernandez/RP..7 S..70 s/o..1.71 era at A+ #23 Justin Dean/OF..45 SB..9 HR...284 BA at A. Both do NOT need to be protected until 2021.
  3. Sports Guy...can you give the first three team and or yours....Blast from the past
  4. Bleier has two more years of controll...that is has some value.
  5. If you go back to 2017 MLB shows Lakins as nbr 12.
  6. Good to have someone being the eyes of the young O's. Very good write up. Also like to give a shoutout to the O's team that drafted this core.
  7. Yes, however Chris has played 3rd base in the majors.
  8. A new ideal: If the O's are going to keep Chris Davis and are looking like a last place finish that is trying to get first place draft pick, than put C D at 3rd base. Is he that much of a downgrade from Ruiz?
  9. I think Luke liked Nate Orf 1 yr or 2 ago as a rule 5 pick.
  10. Why not just buy him out... Per Cots he is owed 17 mil for the next 3 yrs for 51 mil and then 42 mil over the next 15 yrs for a total of 18 yrs/93 mil. Make him a F/A (giving him 3 yrs of freedom in his early 30's). Divide 93 mil by 18ys and you get 5.1667 per year. Chris gets all his money plus 3 yrs of time off in the buyout. The O's get him off the 40/25 man rosters and save 11.84 mil a yr for 3 yrs.
  11. The Dodgers have used it at least three times on large contracts for luxury tax reasons. 1-Red Sox (goes back a couple years), 2-aquire Matt Kemp from Atl (I think Atl released 1 or 2 players) and with Reds for Homer Bailey who they released the next day.
  12. Question: per Cot's the 23 mil should be for luxury tax. Chris will be paid 17 mil per year for the next 3 yrs, then 42 mil spread over 15 yrs.
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