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  1. I don't think I have seen this posted, at least in this way. Per Cot's Davis is owed 101 mil over the next 18.5 years. 59.5 mil over the next 3.5 yrs (paid 17 mil per yr) 35.0 mil over 10 yrs (3.5 mil as deferred money) 7.0 mil over 5 yrs (1.4 mil as deferred money) My suggestion..Give him F/A NOW and pay him: 17 mil this yr ONLY and 5.166 mil a yr for 18 yrs. He gets all his money and becomes a F/A now. The O's get him off the 25/40 man roster and save 11.8 mil per year for the next 3 yrs.
  2. I think this is the largest list of players that is being talked about that need to be added/protected. A possible sign that we are slowly getting better and deeper in the minors.
  3. I like options 1..5..and 6.
  4. I would like to go with a lesser amount. However, IF three teams are interested, I think the O's have to over pay some.
  5. OK-Going against the tide on this. Signe him for 1/5 mil. This is a risk/reward situation for the O's. Dan will not move the needle. Is Dan a great pitcher: NO. Is he a good pitcher. What is good? RISKS: Pay/lose 5 mil for a year. Pitches worst in the A/L East. AWARDS: Has one more year of control for 2020. Could be traded at the deadline and then only cost 2.5 mil (approx.). Could/would allow the O's to trade Cobb and or Cashner easier. For 2020 both Trumbo and Cashner's contracts are done. Cashner needs 207 inns for his option to vest. We have only two players contracts for 2020, with (at now) 35 mil payroll for the team in 2020. We have 11 players that are arbitration eligible for 2020. Villar , Bundy and Givens are the highest. Lastly I think it shows the team and the fans that we are trying to improve (small steps)
  6. I think one of the big reason for the avg salary drop, is players like Adam Jones going from 17 mil a year to 3 mil a year.
  7. Dan has one more year of control (2020) before he becomes a F/A. He could become a factor for the pitching staff for 2020.
  8. I see intl slot money going south.
  9. I know he does. I expressed it poorly. IF we had spend less on Chris when we signed him (in years and money), we would have more money to spend now on players.
  10. Where were Tony Clarks eyes when we signed Chris Davis. He should have stepped in and said this will be a bad contract and we could use that money better in 2018-2019 to have a better team.
  11. Question: The O's have first chance in the AL and the Marlins have it in the NL. Could The O's ask the Marlins to claim a player and then trade intl slot money to the Marlins for that player? To me it would be the same thing that we did with Phl in the rule 5 draft and we got Jackson.
  12. MLBTR has a list of out of options players. This is a good start. However about half of the players are very safe to make their teams. I.E.: Bundy.
  13. I think I saw that they were in St Louis for two years together.
  14. Does anyone know if either MLB and or the Players Assoc keeps a list of available ex-players and or coachers looking for jobs ? It is a little late in the season to hire coaches and if you take one from another team then they are looking for a replacement. For the O's I would like to see Bobby Dickerson as bench coach (knows the team and the league). I think Jim Hickey is available (worked one year with Hyde with the Cubs and former Rays P/C).
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