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  1. Agreed. There's nothing to discuss. A simple "he should never play unless we run out of players" is all that is needed.
  2. I wonder what the other reexplanation" was... Cryptic. Glad it was false.
  3. I'll give them points for creativity. If Felix and Harvey aren't awful in ST, I am fine starting the season with Means, Kremer, Aiken, Hernandez, and Harvey.
  4. Just checked, indeed he is. For some reason I thought he as not. Good catch.
  5. Surprised Jahmai Jones isn't on there (unless there is some roster thing I am missing).
  6. Ugh, that's silly. I am all about nine inning games, especially since ST is about evaluating players. You need innings to evaluate your players.
  7. I agree with everything in your post.
  8. I don't really want to change anything in the game. Call me a traditionalist. The game is great as it is. A salary cap wouldn't hurt though.
  9. I would do none of these things. Sorry.
  10. Just LOLed. That'll teach me to go on the Hangout during judicial hearings.
  11. In news that doesn't mean much, the Orioles won the Santander arbitration. Heyman tweeted that this might make him more attractive to the Marlins. Hopefully, this further cements the Orioles desire to not trade Santander as a "salary dump."
  12. Will he make the Orioles significantly better? Almost assuredly not. Is this a fun signing? Yes. And I hope to enjoy watching him pitch this year.
  13. Per Heyman, minor league deal, $1M if he makes the team. https://twitter.com/JonHeyman/status/1357118910269689858?s=20
  14. I feel like as was the case last year, third base is Ruiz's job to lose. I expect a Millone/LeBlanc signing or two and they'll go to ST with that. I'd be pleasantly surprised if they sign Franco and take a flyer on an Archer-type.
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