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  1. I probably wouldn't give him a mutli-year deal, but it's not ridiculous to expect a decent return for him (one player from a team's top ten prospects and one from their top 20). If you don't get the return, you tender him and hope you can deal him at the deadline.
  2. That is a very good comparison. I loved Miggy, he was the ultimate "cold-killer." Pitched great at Yankee Stadium too, playoffs included.
  3. By value, I mostly meant his value to the Orioles. I'd love it if Nunez could be our starting third baseman when we are good again.
  4. He looks terrible, but was actually around average last year. Hasn't been good this year, but has had very limited opportunities. That's why I think we may as well expand the sample size and see what he is capable of over a full month.
  5. Perhaps, but what's the harm in playing him there throughout September? His value increases immensely if he can be average at third.
  6. Luke - does the fact that Bannon is facing AAA pitching (ostensibly better than AA) affect your analysis?
  7. Got you. Thanks Luke.
  8. Good stuff! Luke-OH, have you watched any of Rylan's at bats in Norfolk? Do you see anything different, or is it just a SSS and good luck streak?
  9. SSS, but real nice start for Bannon in AAA. 15-45 at the plate, two doubles today, homered last night, OPS in the mid .800s. Need him to start walking down there, but he could play himself into the conversation for 2020 with a good finish in Norfolk. Still young, too.
  10. This. 20 home runs, OPS over .800, and lots of steals. But he's gonna be on the downside of his career most likely when we are competing again. He should have some value in the off-season for a team looking for an average to slightly above average second baseman, which hopefully can lead the Orioles to two of a team's top 30 prospects or so.
  11. 5-5. Dang.... Hopefully we can get back to the consistency we saw throughout July and early August.
  12. It would be monumentally stupid to let him go for nothing.
  13. Inning should be over, but Orioles....
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