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  1. Agreed. It's too bad, because they most likely cannot build a team made entirely of homegrown players. If good players are available, you need to add them while working to stock the home grown talent. Payroll is low enough with the prospects coming up that you can afford, hopefully, some more expensive good players.
  2. Would be great to make a serious run at Stroman and one of the SS. Players who are still young and would be a big part of a contending team. Not expecting it though.
  3. I expect the same cheap patheticness that we get most years. Dumpster diving and the like.
  4. Good. This is exactly what they should be doing.
  5. Good post. Summarizes my thoughts as well.
  6. Without looking too close at stats - Cody Carroll, part 2? Hard thrower with good minor league numbers from NYY?
  7. When I started following baseball, there were 8 teams, 4 from each league. I was resistant to the second wild card addition in 2012, but it does make things more interesting and allow more teams to "go for it" at the deadline. I did not care for what they did last year with 8 playoff teams, but thankfully, that was only due to COVID.
  8. McDonald isn't as critical as Palmer, but both are fantastic.
  9. The Jays really irritate me. I actually like Vlad and Bichette a lot, but it sucks that they are wearing Jays uniforms.
  10. Right. I mean, I wouldn't be "proud" of those comments either. It isn't a great look for Hyde. But at the same time, I totally understand fans being fired up about it. I have yelled at opposing counsel during hearings before and felt silly later, but my client was on board.
  11. Good for Hyde. Who gives a cr*p if Ray's feelings are hurt by Hyde chirping at him? In a world where you don't get to see this type of thing too often, this is refreshing.
  12. Eh. 80% Lew Ford's fault, 20% Andy McPhail's.
  13. LOL. The last one is soooo bad.
  14. Yup, agreed. But I was just so frustrated... and it had been a terrible zone all night really.
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