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  1. Stallings is their 21st ranked prospect https://www.mlb.com/prospects/angels/garrett-stallings-668831 Pinto seems like a lottery ticket. Cool.
  2. I hope so. I would hope for at least a top 20 prospect from the Angels. We'll see.
  3. Would be frustrating... really frustrating... if they didn't at least get something of value for Iglesias.
  4. Yardball85

    Nunez DFA

    Agreed. From the standpoint of "we are trying to field the best baseball team we can" (which seems to be what the Orioles are at least pretending to do) cutting Nunez before Davis is maddening and stupid.
  5. I hope Pop is protected. He gets me as exactly the type of player who would be selected in Rule 5, TJ and all.
  6. Agreed. Mullins is a fine fourth outfielder who can fill in when injuries hit, etc, but Hays is a better player and should be the CF of the future, provided he can stay healthy.
  7. This. Sucks that it happened, especially with Akin on the mound, but it happens. Next year, I could see an alignment of Santander, Hays/Mullins, Mountcastle, with Stewart splitting time between DH and LF, Mancini between 1B and DH, and Mountcastle between LF and 1B. So I think there are DH at bats available for DJ next year.
  8. If you think Fulmer has more value to this team than Stewart, then I don't know what to tell you.
  9. Poor girl Also, Phillips last night. Yikes.
  10. Haha. My parents don't like "Andy" either. Or "Drew." They would get upset when friends and teachers would call me either.
  11. This. The infield is just terrible, aside from Iglesias (who won't be here when we have our next competitive team). And no depth whatsoever in the high minors, aside from Bannon, who might not be better than what they have.
  12. I hope the Orioles do see a need to keep Phillips. Also, does the dislike have anything to do with the fact that you guys share a name? My name is Andrew, but I love Mark Andrews.
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