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  1. Man I would have LOVED Madgrigal. I would've given them Scott, Fry, Sulser - really anyone in the pen.
  2. Berrios is the more established pitcher, sure, but he is a FA after next season. Means has three more years of control after this year. It isn't as far apart as you think.
  3. I wonder if the haul the Twins got for Berrios would sway Elias to trade Means for a similar package... SD and even TB could provide that.
  4. I would assume that Elias doesn't like Austin Martin and wouldn't have taken Martin, Woods Richardson for Means. But that is quite the haul. I'd be much more open to trading Means now...
  5. Wow. Twins got Austin Martin plus from Toronto for Berrios.
  6. Not surprisingly, Pat Valaika's spot remains safe and sound. Thank goodness we have his defense at second over Jones, though.
  7. Tanner Scott is one of the last things I am concerned about with the 2021 Orioles.
  8. This is where I'm at. Yes, his defense is bad, but it's not it matters if the Orioles win games or not, so bad defense from him won't be that damaging. May as well get his feet wet, let him face MLB pitching, and let him work with the MLB coaches to improve his defense.
  9. Well yea... the team is horrible.
  10. Oh you know... because JaHmAi JoNeS iSn'T rEaDy YeT.
  11. What? It's well known that this is a painful injury. https://www.webmd.com/fitness-exercise/turf-toe-symptoms-causes-and-treatments#1
  12. Yardball85

    Jahmai Jones

    But but but... we have sooooo much to gain from keeping Valaika at second instead and letting Jones continue to rake in Norfolk and not get experience up here!
  13. That is indeed what it looks like. At least last year, they went overslot and got some good players at the end.
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