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  1. Steve Pearce is a gamer. - Jim Hunter.
  2. As others in this thread have stated, it would make sense to add at least the following players to the 60 man roster, even if some won't play this year: Diaz Kremer Mullins McKenna Akin Mountcastle Urena Rutschmann Rodriguez Hall (with the latter 3 being unlikely to actually play for the Orioles). If Diaz, Kremer, and Mountcastle are on the roster, it will make the 60 games a LOT more interesting and important.
  3. Shooting from the hip without looking at stats, but: Kjerstad Baumler Gunnar Westburg Haskin Bannon
  4. Lol. He carried them to that nice 11 number!
  5. I sure hope so. Gonzales had a monster year in a park that I believe the team averaged (AVERAGED!) 11 runs per game.
  6. Thanks weams. 50 games would be weird. More off days? Playoffs starting in September? An All-Star Break? I imagine it will be something like 5 games a week, on average, for ten weeks, from July 4 through mid to late September. Still better than nothing.
  7. Starting C when Rutschmann departs as a FA? 😎
  8. Agreed. If there's a season, hopefully he can get regular at bats with the team. I am excited to see how Diaz, Stewart, and obviously Hays, fare in a whole ("whole") season facing MLB pitching.
  9. I was and still am a fan of the return DD got for Machado. Had to deal him obviously, and got the best return he could. I still think Diaz could be a solid corner outfielder with an OPS in the .775-.85- region and Kremer a solid number three starter. If Pop and Bannon turn into anything, then it's a real win.
  10. Fascinating stuff. Thanks for sharing.
  11. Very nice, I like all of that. Hoping for some real baseball soon!
  12. A lot of things I like about the lineup. DJ playing just about everyday against a right and leading off As much as I love Santander, great to see Diaz in there producing Cool acquisition of Aquino - and probably expendable since the Reds have a glut of outfielders... I wouldn't object to a real life Sisco plus for Aquino/De Leon plus trade. Until Rutschmann is ready, no reason not to go with Severino/Holaday. Good read, as always.
  13. I like how Andrew Velazquez plays every day. Any chance he could stick as a poor man's regular?
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