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  1. Yes. Benching Davis allows you to have this type of alignment: 1B: Mancini CF Hays DH/LF/RF Santander, Stewart, Mountcastle, Diaz (when he's ready) In other words, one of Santander, Stewart, Mountcastle, Diaz doesn't play if Davis is a regular.
  2. Sure, why not? In Spring Training, Mancini should be playing first full time at ST, and the outfield competition should be between Hays, Santander, Stewart (injured), Mountcastle, Diaz, Mullins, McKenna and Smith. Benching Davis clears a spot in our most talent-rich part of the upper minors - the outfield.
  3. For me personally, it's 7-10 years (hopefully more) of competitive baseball, in the running for the postseason every year. Something like the Cardinals have going over the last several years - either making the playoffs, or just missing but being in contention. Elias' talent pipeline, if executed correctly, should accomplish that. WS would be great, but it's a crapshoot, as the Nats showed this year.
  4. As long as Davis sits on the roster and does not play, then fine. Let Mancini play first to open up the outfield and DH spots to the younger players.
  5. A) Surprising on Santana for a rebuilding team. B) Could the Orioles have interest? (Answering my own question, probably only if they get rid of Davis).
  6. Same. And not at MM's natural position. I get that MM is more of a "thumper" than Vilar, but a four year commitment to a guy whoo has primarily played 3B his entire career is very questionable, especially when you could get Villar at 1 year 10 for *likely* a small price (prospect between 20 and 30?)
  7. Spot on. Agreed 100%. Would require thinking outside the box, which the Orioles have actually shown the ability to do before (free kids tickets).
  8. That's my thinking too. That being said, I am surprised no one (seemingly) wants to take a one year shot on Villar for $10M.
  9. Profar traded to the Padres. Like Villar, he's in his last year of control. Numbers weren't as good last year, though he'll be significantly cheaper.
  10. Right, I understand that. The payroll, outside of Davis, should be so incredibly low that paying $10M to a 4 WAR player should not be so terrible.
  11. I disagree. What is the harm in paying him $10M (or less) and letting him stay for one more year? We have no middle infield prospects whatsoever, so he would not be blocking anyone. Worst case scenario, he isn't as good as last year and you have him on your team for a meaningless season. Best case scenario he plays great and an injury to a contender makes a contender trade for him.
  12. Roch gonna Roch. I like him, but the Orioles must tell him next to nothing about player management type stuff.
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