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  1. Tony, question: Do you set the lineups and make the roster moves, or does the simulation do that on its own? Sorry if you've already addressed this in another thread, but I'm just curious. Thanks.
  2. Right, I think they'd still have to add him to the 40, but he's still in the running.
  3. What about Valaika as backup infielder? Can he play short? I know he can play 3B and 2B.
  4. Last night MASN re-aired the Wilkerson save game in Anaheim. Maybe it's the lack of sports, but I watched a few innings and genuinely enjoyed it. Santander looked good, Wilkerson had a nice RBI triple, Mancini crushed an oppo field homer some 420 feet. Was a fun activity on a depressing no sports night.
  5. The Orioles made a few small transactions today, optioning Ryan Mountcastle, Cedric Mullins, David Hess, and Ramon Urias. No huge surprises, though I guess this means Velazquez, Williams, or someone else will be carried to back up CF.
  6. Get well soon Trey. Take all the time you need to get back, no rush at all.
  7. Thome is a great call. Pretty cool that we got to see him as an Oriole, one of the all time greats.
  8. Great idea for a thread. Scott Erickson's last year here in 2002 after he missed all of '01. Nick Johnson in 2012. Bill Hall in 2012. Sweaty Freddy Garcia. Jay Payton.
  9. I mean, I sincerely hope it was wide open before Eshelman's start. Not that it matters that much, but Eshelman as the five starter is cringe worthy.
  10. Good post. Wishing Trey a speedy and full recovery, from whatever this is.
  11. C Severino 1B Davis 2B Albert SS Iglesias 3B Ruiz OF Santander, Hays, Mancini DH Nunez Bench: Holaday, Herrera, Valaika, Williams Rotation: Means, Cobb, Wojo, LeBlanc, Milone Pen: Givens, Castro, Harvey, Fry, Bleier, Carroll, Eshelman, Scott
  12. Looks like a good guess to me.
  13. His facial expressions when Kelly said stuff about babies and being together for ever... priceless
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