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  1. Means has been awesome, and hindsight is 20/20, but I still take Bedard in 2007 and his future (which we know wasn't great) over Means and his future.
  2. It's nights like tonight where I really miss "good bye, home run!"
  3. Would love to see what Diaz can do with regular at bats at this time. Let Stewart and RMC platoon at DH until one of them starts hitting.
  4. Agreed. Not expecting an OPS over 900 or even 850, but if he is consistently in the 7.50-.825 range with above average defense i center, that is a definite asset.
  5. Agreed. By next year, hopefully G-Rod and Hall will be up, Means will still be as solid as ever, the outfield picture will be set with Heston set to join at some point in 2022, and an idea of which infielders we can potentially keep for the long haul (i.e. Bannon, Jones, etc.).
  6. One would think this would be the time for Diaz. Especially over McKenna.
  7. Agreed. The offense looks absolutely pathetic today.
  8. I agree. After the four pitch walk to Rojas, I would've brought in the righty to face Aguilar.
  9. I'm not watching. I see Franco fielded the bunt. Who is primarily at fault? Galvis? Severino? Zimm?
  10. Fun Valdez with a fun outing.
  11. Valdez, in a small sample size, is becoming Koji-level fun to watch these days.
  12. Valdez pitches strike one. And its called a ball. Is this umpire serious? Just horrendous.
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