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  1. As far as Villar goes, people do realize that he would only be here one year and then he was a free agent, unlikely to be signed by the O's to a long term deal? Right? And that's even if had the same year as last year which I think unlikely, as does most of the rest of the league I would guess. He was benched by Milwaukee in 2017 for his lackluster defense and sloppy base running, but has rebounded nicely here. I think Elias thinks we can make up for his lost offense with an outfield of Hays, Mountcastle, Santander et al, and as far as his defense goes, I don't think its going to be that hard to find an upgrade to him and Martin, probably one of the worst tandems in the American League. I suspect they'll win more games in 2020 than they did in 2019..... Now, if they give up Bundy (league average innings eater) for nothing, I think I'd be really ticked off.
  2. The O's are definitely going to miss Villar's bat and his speed, but watching him and Martin out there together was kind of painful, there seemed to be many double plays that shoulda been made, but weren't. 10 million for a guy to play below average second base would only be "almost worth it", to me, if he duplicates his offensive play of last year. But the two years before 2019 were below average and I think the rest of the league was skeptical his next year would be as good as last year. .. Should they have signed him for a +1.8 WAR year? I would have, but it's not my money.
  3. Davis pinch hit for , down 7-2. That dude is on a short string, for sure.
  4. Looks like they're going to cut Wynn? I don't see them carrying more than 2 catchers.
  5. 35th home run given up by Bundy, this year. He pitches too high in the zone, IMO, especially with his fastball. He either adjusts, or he's not going to have all that long a career.
  6. I agree on Davis, and on Mullins; he certainly is a pleasant surprise so far, across the board
  7. That's not the first time I've seen Jones not hustle too hard to catch a foul ball, since he was moved to right. I guess he's not planning on coming back next year.
  8. Yeah, one inning at a time, right? Can you name another team in the majors that would keep a clunker like him in the starting lineup for 7 starts at 10.+ ERA? I'd bring up any of the starting 5 on AAA before I let him keep his locker. Morale in the clubhouse must be as foul as all get up. This team reminds me of 1988 ; Jay Tibbs anybody? How about Ken Gerhart ? Winning 54 games might end up being the goal, I'd hate like heck to see them win less than 40.
  9. Can he hit 90 mph? His control has been so spotty, it's hard to imagine him as anything but a lefty specialist.. I guess stranger things have happened, but I'm glad to see him off the roster. Not exactly the hardest worker on the team , either.
  10. Yes, it's a nice "small" move towards pitching depth, maybe a nice middle relief guy.. So here we are: no top of the line starters, no legitimate DH or front line 2nd baseman.. I'm disappointed, although I suppose DD could have made a really bad trade, and he didn't do that..so there's that.
  11. Won't be pitching in the majors any time soon, IMO.. Well, not too bad for 22nd pick, I guess.
  12. And you can add a .209 batting average to the mix.. Yet.. Flaherty sits on the bench. . Maybe a year at AAA will help.. Who knows?
  13. I think initially they liked his versatility and they saw potential growth in his hitting skill set. I think they also figured eventually he could find a position where he could play every day, a la Melvin Mora..Unfortunately, having seen him play at third and OF as well, I think his future is as a 25th man utility guy, at best. I suspect Showalter may agree; he hardly plays these days.
  14. You could lump that particular fiasco , turning an inning ending double play into a 2 run comeback , on poor "instincts". Later he scored a fielders choice when he could have gotten a double play, IMO.He's not reliable enough out there, in a critical defensive position, and with his limited range, IMO he would have to hit like Joe Morgan to justify him playing every day.. just think.. he had a great day at the plate yesterday but his play overall was a wash, game wise. Andino strikes out a lot and hits only on occasion but he wont hurt you on the field, most days.
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