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  1. And are now 7-1 after beating Mets last night. Baseball, she is a funny game!
  2. Maybe if he had pitched well for us for awhile...for however long this season is,... he could have been sent for more to a contender. But Elias must feel there is not much time to wait before this season is over. It is not like he was blocking anybody.
  3. I have been more free of my obsession this year, actually....and it has been a bit of a relief, frankly. And as I said, I have already cut out most of my previous dollars I sent to Angelos and MASN and MLB.TV......And more and more soon to be former fans are going to find better ways to spend their time because of the pandemic and its effects ...and will vote with their pocketbooks. MLB can not “owe me anything” and millions like me anything and we shall see how their business does going forward.
  4. It is fine.I don’t owe them my entertainment dollars any longer as well or to waste my limited time with their lousy product much longer.
  5. Poor babies. Their "morale". They are in the entertainment industry although with the byzantine processes dictated by the union and the powers that be....those of us paying for the product are increasingly dissatisfied. Maybe being considered in a trade for an actual major leaguer rather than just being a wannabe would be helpful to their "morale".
  6. Everybody is missing my point by just focusing on the concrete of the deal....I have no problem with the details of whatever the deal is.....to use a word that is Elias's favorite, I am talking about the PROCESS. On this board, we spend hours and there is no actual baseball being played right here on the board...part of the enjoyment is fan speculation, discussion, knowing what is going on, etc.....that is where MLB in general and the Orioles in particular fail miserably and have for as long as I have followed them.
  7. Yes, which is why their industry is thriving.
  8. Maybe just a brief announcement..."Here is what we did today, here are the players we are considering in return, and, even though this is a small piece, it is important to me to keep Orioles fans (the few that remain, lol) actually informed of what our thoughts are, because that is all fans have anymore in this terrible season."
  9. Unfortunately this is likely also with the NFL. It looks more and more that there will be no even marginally complete season in any professional sport this year.
  10. There's the problem right there. You are exactly right...he and most GMs and most of the MLB industry believes exactly that... He doesn't owe the fans anything. And I don't choose to give them my attention or my dollars much longer.
  11. I am glad you all are enjoying the season...really, I am. But I just can't get into it at all...not one bit.
  12. And so for us, the few of us aging baseball addicts who are still following the Orioles in any fashion.....we get no info or nugget or anything from Elias....again, this is the way to provide a quality product to the few people who actually still care anything about your product. I cancelled MASN here in Virginia because I finally got fed up with having to pay for years for the Angelos blackout area nonsense even though I am a 6 hour drive away from Camden Yards. And I cancelled MLB.TV because I could only for years use that product if I was away from home which I am not due to the pandemic any longer.
  13. Chris Davis is bit of an odd duck...always has been. Multiple times over the years where something like this, out of the routine has come up with him. Who knows what it is?
  14. Yes, except he didn’t put in anywhere near 173 mil
  15. Angelos, Dewitt and 15 minority investors bought the team for 173 mil in 1993...so lets say Angelos himself say put up 40 percent of that...70 mil tops.. Over the years, he has bought back much of the team stock....but he never even financed that himself probably. And niw the estimated value of franchise is 1.2 billion. Pretty good investment. .
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