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  1. I wish they would DFA him....tomorrow.
  2. Have a bench coach call the pitches....
  3. In real games, they could yell out using a foreign language that would change each inning ....
  4. Hardy much, much better at the plate than Iglesias will ever be. Iglesias is a better defender in range, arm and creativity although JJ was the master at never missing the routine play.
  5. Everybody gets their own...lol. It also could help the coaches set the shifts and placement of outfieelders more accurately.
  6. It could actually make defenses better because all the defenders could hear what the pitch is going to be in advance rather than the halfway through the shortstop job of doing it now.
  7. Have any teams thought of maybe using a prudent strategy of changing from their 19th century communication technique of fingers in between thighs and hand signals and....oh I don’t know, maybe using a technology to communicate more securely?
  8. Hanhold doesn’t need his Handheld.
  9. Sigh...could we have just a little bit of spring fantasy before the reality of the season kicks in already? A grand slam, bases clearing triple? Oh no, a groundout DP just like we are already in midseason form.
  10. Funny how Braves fan forum, Talking Chop, gets itself all giddy about Felix Hernandez pitching 2 clean innings against us. They may want to hold up until he pitches against an actual team. https://www.talkingchop.com/atlanta-braves-spring-training/2020/2/22/21148740/orioles-vs-braves-fina-score-spring-training-felix-hernandez
  11. Infield: Davis, Alberto, Iglesias, Ruiz, Nunez, Velasquez (6) Catchers: Severino, Sisco (2) Outfielders: Mancini, Hays, Santander, Dwight Smith, Jr., Wilkerson (5) Starters: Means, Cobb, Wojo, Hess, Bailey (5) Bullpen: Givens, Harvey, Castro, Scott, Rucker, Fry, Bleier, Armstrong (8)
  12. This may have already been noted somewhere, but I just saw this....former Os manager and former Astros 3rd base coach Dave Trembley weighs in .... “We have lost a lot of values in the game, given the OK to cheat if it helps us win,” Trembley said from his home in Daytona Beach Shores, Fla. “I love the game but this situation makes me sick. “These guys better be ready to take their medicine because fans are very passionate about this game, and the Astros are going to get it this season. And guys like (Alex) Bregman and (Carlos) Correa, they’re going to get hit (by pitches).” Trembley, manager of the South Atlantic League’s Charleston Rainbows in 1991-92 and of the Baltimore Orioles (2007-10), was known throughout his 35-year career in professional baseball as a stickler for fundamentals. He did things “the right way.” He saw the Astros’ “culture” start tipping across the line when he was Houston’s third-base coach in 2013 and bench coach in 2014. Trembley suspected something was up after a conversation with new Astros front office executive Tom Koch-Weser before the 2014 season. Koch-Weser, still employed by the Astros despite his ties to the club’s “Codebreaker” sign-stealing system, was hired away from the Seattle Mariners, where he was an advance scouting assistant. “Tom told me to be careful giving signs from the bench,” Trembley said. “He said ‘last year in Seattle we played you guys 18 times and we had a camera on your bench coach and third-base coach and we had all your signs.’ A red light went on for me. It was like, ‘Why is this guy here?’” But Trembley, 68, didn’t anticipate one of the largest scandals in sports history. “In my wildest dreams,” he said, “I could never imagine that this is where it would end up. But the culture there was just different.” Luhnow sought to throw other employees “under the bus” before he was fired by owner Jim Crane, said Trembley, who says Crane surely knew about “Codebreaker” from the start. https://www.postandcourier.com/sports/minor_leagues/sapakoff-ex-charleston-baseball-manager-astros-coach-blasts-sign-stealing/article_699da504-518a-11ea-a3d5-9bb993c33670.html
  13. Oh come now....my wife is going to tell me...yes, give up the 50 million that you get just by going and playing ball or sitting on the bench at Camden Yards? Ha, ha...my wife would be pretty clear...get your butt to work, big boy! lol.
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