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  1. Printing costs...same way with menus in restaurants which have been vanishing in lieu of a scannable link on the table
  2. My younger brother Scott was a Baltimore city police officer then for years was a police officer in Nc and is retiring tomorrow..in college, he played for Billy Hunter at Towson and was the college media guy...to make a long story short , Floyd Rayford became a friend and Eddie too really liked my brother..so my nephew got Eddie on Cameo to do a retirement greeting for him Happy Birthday to Eddie Eddie the MAN! Hey check out this Cameo video! 😊 https://v.cameo.com/e/O4lBKojwaeb
  3. It is a “mathematical algorithm” that claims it is a “projection” but it’s “mathematical algorithm” mainly “projects” estimates that are often wrong. I have never found ZIPS very useful as a fan. Are there any articles out there that have retrospectively studied the accuracy of these predictions?
  4. Oh yes, those are no problem...in fact, I might have him play both split squad games.. three innings one place, then haul him over to the other location for a few innings.
  5. Well played, Chris! If I am Hyde, he sits every single game I am writing out the lineup.
  6. Congratulations to Kim Ng! I was a fan of hers getting the Os job!!
  7. This story makes little sense to me. Do organizations have zero input over what their employees do just after giving them 5 million? How does getting a degree right now advance his baseball production for the Orioles?
  8. Lol...he can hit his 389 homers from both sides....that would be OK.
  9. Maybe Adley will become Johnny Bench....lol
  10. You lollygag your way to first. You lollygag the ball around the infield. You lollygag your wayto the dugout. What does that make you? Lollygaggers. What’s our record? 2-160. How did we win two? It’s a miracle.
  11. I think Randal Grichuk is Bert Campaneris/Jim Northrup/Jim Rice/Harmon Killebrew all wrapped up in one guy against us....
  12. His motion reminds me a little bit of Orel Hershiser ...if he cut his hair.
  13. Pretty much a wrap for 2020 dreams of playoff spot....lots of things to like about our performance at times but the MFYs have way much more talent in general...out of 20 games, they will win 15.
  14. The hopeful thing about this list for DJ and for us is that most all of these guys have had pretty daggone good careers...
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