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  1. Charlie Finley, owner of the As, was the driving force pushing the DH rule change in 1973...But Bowie supported it.... Bill Lee, Red Sox pitcher, said “The DH is the bastard son of Charlie Finley and Bowie Kuhn.”
  2. 6.Speed in putting equipment back on in between innings when they make the last out. I hate waiting.
  3. I thought Wellington Castillo got a one year deal with a player option for second year.
  4. A lot of them had opt outs, which was not the Orioles’ bag. And so Dan signed Fowler, oops, no he didn’t, signed Gallardo...yippee!
  5. And, of course, to hear Dan tell it now, in retrospect.....he never would have signed any of those lemons...lol.
  6. Dan also alluded to other options he would have chosen to pursue on the free agent market if Angelos had not insisted on Davis...would be interesting to know more...
  7. Yes, blasting them in the press... lost the clubhouse....lol.
  8. Great post, Roy!! He was mine as well as many of our era growing up in the 1960s and early 1970s in Baltimore. Sports heroes are measured in different ways. He was not only a Hall of Fame player and the All Century team 3rd baseman, but he was a man who a youngster could do well to imitate. He was kind to everyone, he never used a profane word, he worked hard at his craft every day, and his generosity towards his fans and the city of Baltimore are legendary. He was someone who was and is a truly wonderful human being ...and just happened to be the greatest third baseman of all time. I do remember Brooks and Frank Robinson coming to a sports banquet when I was a kid...and there was a lot of racial tension obviously in 1968 in Baltimore....and there on the dais in front of all of us young white kids was Brooks starting off by saying that he was glad that he and his brother, Frank, were finally on the same team...lol....and then giving him a hug and a laugh... a white man from Arkansas and a black man from Texas...it was profoundly affecting and even more evidence of his goodness. Happy 83rd birthday today to Number 5!!
  9. The NFL has not had to step out into the harsh light quite yet like MLB just has with this document ....NFL owners hoping against hope for normalization to break out....but their task of safety policy development and protocols of distancing, protecting, sanitizing, etc are going to be even more difficult to jibe with playing their game.
  10. If they play, I will watch. But frankly, I have more pressing issues in my world each day, so I am not going to spend much time trying to sort out the details of the business dispute between owners and players. Both sides have a long history of mistrust and antipathy and I think it will actually be surprising if they work out any arrangement that results in play this season.
  11. The structure of minor league baseball or the "farm system" invented by Branch Rickey has been essentially the same structure since the 1950s...it is an antiquated model that I believe many MLB owners would love to kill off and then substitute an academy model or a training model that they directly control rather than all these quasi independent local/governmental businesses that I am sure are a collective pain to try to coordinate the development of prospects with (which is the major leagues ONLY concern- affiliates do very little for major league brand recognition or building major league brand loyalty even....it is the development of prospects that is the only reason MLB puts up with the current structure and if the pandemic gives a legitimate cover, they will let it all die off and rebuild their own much less expensive and much more controllable training system)....just an opinion.
  12. I would pay whatever MLB and the Orioles asked me to pay. Which is what I have always done. Just tell me what it is and I will send it in.
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