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  1. Bundy is worth zip in a deal. He is what he is. Ours.
  2. Usually....I think it is part of the collective bargaining agreement. https://www.baseballamerica.com/stories/mlb-mlbpa-announce-rules-changes-for-2019-and-2020-seasons/
  3. I understand the goal of faster play, but I am not in favor of this change. Hard to see why the union agreed to this.
  4. That would cost more. And Iglesias is a better defender. If indeed Elias has said that he would like to sign veteran shortstop then that is not Villar, clearly. And I am still not sure that ME doesn’t nontender Villar. We shall see.
  5. Post 2014 is when they should have put the hammer down and gone for it, signed Cruz, Miller and Markakis...instead they did absolutely nothing except for Dan dillying around with Toronto. Biggest fail of the Duquette era, imho was the 2014 post season nothingburger.
  6. Why? Not that I particularly want him, but if Elias did, there is nobody waiting to take over at short in 2021 either is there? We have few, if any, shortstops waiting in our system ready in 2021. Adam Hall? doubt it myself. Gunnar Henderson probably will not even stay at short and I doubt he is here in 2021 anyway. So, if I wanted him, having him on two year deal would not be an obstacle, imho. Our pitching is going to be arriving sooner than a shortstop from our system and if it helps our young guys...
  7. Chris has a good head on his shoulders, a good heart and a wonderful partner , Jill, who was a pediatrics nurse. Bravo to saving lives!
  8. Not much baseball news for the Orioles this offseason. Headline? No, maybe second page copy.
  9. You too. But you and I would not have just been quite so pessimistic as this guy. "Oh the rest of the teams have the Internet, we are lost, oh what shall we do..."
  10. Anybody on this board could have written this article. Duh.
  11. I am very happy for the Washington baseball fan, particularly those who were Senators fans. My best friend in medical school grew up a Senators fan and has autographs from Harmon Killebrew and Tony Oliva as Washington Senators and from Frank Howard and from Ted Williams as manager and remembers going to games at Griffith Stadium which is where Howard University hospital is now located and at RFK. Teams moving away twice and enduring really awful teams for many years is something as a Colts and Orioles fan I empathize with. I am very happy for them and I really always, always enjoy a new team winning a championship. Somewhere there are new kids in DC and surrounds that will be baseball fans for life as a result of this year's championship.
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