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  1. So trade our best performing position player in order to get prospects that don’t usually pan out… i.e Machado deal Pass
  2. I have unfortunately been away from the board for awhile and am so sorry to just hear of Michael’s passing. He was a wonderful human being and was always kind and supportive. God bless his family and all those who were close to him.
  3. Oops sorry my bad looked at the chart backwards ..best was 2016 at 13-6
  4. It is fine with me to keep Brandon in place and build a winner with him. I like continuity in managers.
  5. The worst Tampa ever did against us was 3-15 in 2008
  6. I just enjoy Trey ..have ever since I watched him play at Frederick. Have a good day.
  7. In general I would agree but as mentioned Trey also brings some other value to a totally demoralized fan base having the prospect of likely another terrible season to get through.
  8. I would just keep Trey as he likely won’t bring very much at the moment and for the other reasons already noted. Take a flier on him getting hot next year and a contending team having an injury need at 1B or something and it would likely be a better trade return than he would return right now. Even as a rental.
  9. No I know .. in 2011 ..it takes time
  10. Yes even as recently as 2011-2012 going from 69-93 to 93-69 I am also increasingly appreciative of the job Buck did in changing the culture and attitude.
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