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  1. Ihegdibo has been playing super well this season (his pass coverage has been solid). Elam still looks as if he's still thinking instead of reacting, and it's affecting his playmaking abilities. Give him time, he's just a rookie. I personally give the secondary a pass with the snow. It's impossible to cover/open field tackle with those conditions. Pees' playcalling at the end was very questionable though
  2. lol @ the people who were clamoring for DD to either non-tender JJ or trade him for a bag of baseball complaining now that the O's are cheap. Good move to me. Salary dump of a player not worth his price tag
  3. JJ can't throw strikes right now. Get Tommy in the game
  4. That was a terrible AB for #22. I would not have swung the whole at bat
  5. :beerchug1::beerchug1::beerchug1: Good job Tilly!
  6. Chris is seeing the ball a lot better lately
  7. Do you send Tilly back out for the 8th?
  8. Chris has a better approach at the plate than half the team
  9. He has to get stretched out again after working in the bullpen
  10. I think the one thing that Brian provides that RF can't is having "better" ABs in terms of fouling off pitches and prolonging ABs. With a team full of hackers (RF is one of them), I think it's good to have BRob in there every once in a while to provide some balance
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