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  1. I got 37, got all the regulars and some filler but missed out on some that I can't believe I didn't remember. Oh well on to next year!
  2. My takeaway from reading this is that no one was saying hey good job RMC you did great! it was all well he wasnt really that good or he shouldnt be in the discussion, just seems very debbie downer in here
  3. I am with @Roll Tide on this. He was a bright spot this year. Let's be happy we had a rookie who is in that talk and has a good future in front of them! There is no need to bash the bright note we have in RMC down to nothing, be excited, be happy and be glad we have this kid on our team!
  4. I wouldn't say full anymore lol. A lot of closet O's fans who don't rep the gear. But I wear my O's hat all summer and I have an O's tattoo so I always have something to show lol. There are about 6500 customers per day at my store and I see maybe 2-3 with Orioles hats each day, they always get a go O's from me!
  5. I read quite a few of those this year, it is a very important time to be up to snuff on our farm system and chuck is a very important person to make that easy for all of us! Thanks so much for your great work!
  6. I work at the penfield store in the cheese shop...pretty easy to spot with a big beard and a lot of tattoos, if you stop in there say hey!
  7. Not sure if this is the right spot for this but I had a random thought while at work today. I live in Rochester and work at Wegmans, almost every person I see go by with O's gear on I give them a "nice hat" or "Go O's" or something along those lines. I am not sure how many people on here are from Rochester but it crossed my mind to see if any of you folk are the one of the people I do this to every day at work. Maybe I can find a hangout friend at work?
  8. My thoughts are with Weams and D and their family. I have reflected in posts on what Weams has meant to the people on here and all of these positive thoughts and memories are a testimony to his legacy as one of our community's best people. He somehow managed to not only lighten the days of people he knew in person but also the ones he communicated with on here. Looking back I really wish I attended one of the OH nights to meet Weams and a bunch of people from here, just to say I have met some amazing people. His voice and passion for everything Orioles will truly be missed.
  9. This is the point I am getting at here, its annoying that he gets no mention anywhere. Even as I just read, the MLB.com article for August All-Stars...Alverez gets the DH spot with Mountcastles numbers making his month look mediocre. I just wish the kid would get some acknowledgment.
  10. I know its becasue we are just the worst team but it really is a shame that Mountcastle doesn't get any ROY looks from the major outlets. He is quietly putting up a stellar year and going to break some oriole rookie records at this pace. I would love to see him get more media love
  11. It honestly warms my heart to see people from here care so much about each other. In a world that seems so dark this is truly amazing. Again, coming from someone who never posts but sees all of you posting and reads most of it, it truly shows how special this place and these people are. Glad to hear that Michael is fighting hard and that he is surrounded by good thoughts and great people like you @Frobby and @bobmc. I will continue to have him in my thoughts every day!
  12. The fight in him is incredible, keep pushing weams! You got this! Both of you are in my thoughts these days, keep on fighting!
  13. I remember my uncle telling me about bobby grich as a kid, and then meeting him as a teen. Followed by watching videos and studying his stats because I was born 2 years after he stopped playing. Man he is so underrated!
  14. Man, This is great but makes me sad that Norfolk isn't coming to Rochester this year...Thanks pandemic. It is usually around late July early August that they come up here too
  15. I have always thought number retiring was few and far between and saved for very special players, that may be because I am an Oriole and Packer fan...Both teams that historically have very few retired numbers. Only the best of the best on their storied teams had their numbers retired. Meanwhile no in my 30's I see how other teams have retired numbers. A lot of them not being anywhere near as strict as either of my favorite teams have been.
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