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  1. Sorry if this is in another thread but I didn't see it anywhere quickly... With the fallout of the Astros problems reaching other clubs now, is anyone afraid or think that we could get hit by way of Elias or Mejdal? I think it is in the realm of possibilities but I would imagine we would have heard something by now...
  2. I am probably the ultimate ghost reader on here, I have checked this site every day since around 2005. I would be sad to see it go but I understand. I just underwent surgery and once I get back on my feet and medical bills paid I will be signing up for plus membership as well. I still probably wont ever post but this place is a big Orioles family, I hope it sticks around!
  3. sad day indeed, He started for the Blue Jays at my favorite O's game I have been to. He left after 7ip with an 8-3 lead, O's scored in the 8th and 9th to tie it and Reimold hit a walkoff HR in the 10th. And it just so happened the only reason I went was because it was a day game on a wednesday and I was travelling through Bmore on the way home to NY. what a game...If I recall correctly he had like 11 Ks against us that day too, great performance, and I later got the ticket signed by Reimold.
  4. Is it just me or does it bother anyone else that you don't hear these two guys names mentioned in MVP or ROY races at all. Sure there's Jose Altuve and Aaron Judge but both of these guys are right there with them IMO. here is some league ranking comps I was looking at tonight AVG Hits HR RBI Runs Schoop 5th 5th 10th 2nd 8th Altuve 1st 1st 36th 29th 3rd Defense - they are both solid but I think Schoop has the edge here AVG Hits HR RBI Runs Mancini 1st 4th 3rd 3rd 5th Judge 5th 3rd 1st 1st 1st with judge's second half slide he could fall in a few categories as well... Everyone else's thoughts?
  5. I count 7 players that could be at 20 if he gets there, thats not an entire lineup...
  6. I got to pickles at 11, dempseys at 1 till about 245, then the rain delays and then that epic ending! worth every second. Great first Opening day for me! Also the last two games I have gone to at OPACY have been walk offs!
  7. http://m.mlb.com/video/topic/6479266/v4757131/torbal-reimold-crushes-a-walkoff-threerun-homer decided to go to a day game on my way back to Rochester from visiting my Uncle, Roy Halladay gave up 3 over 8 innings then we came back to tie it, and then this. I later got him to sign the ticket stub when he was in Rochester on rehab. Also feel bad for the guy next to me who left in the 8th inning and missed all the craziness!
  8. I claim being the character that reads the forums 3-4 times a day for like 10 years but only has 40 posts in that timespan...ultimate lurker right here
  9. This is so cool, I am a huge marvel nut and love the show, unfortunately I will be watching tomorrow on hulu. In advance, great work, and hope the best to you in the future with this stuff, you have at least one supporter in me!
  10. Does anyone ever know if the league hr leader hasnt won silver slugger before?
  11. I just do not understand how Miguel Cabrera beat him out for the award... someone care to explain?
  12. I have an odd mix, Orioles, Packers, Sabres, dont follow nba and syracuse for college basketball, Wisconsin for college fb. IM from Rocheter, NY so that explains the sabres and cuse, aunt went to Penn St and Red Wings were the farm team for the O's growing up. The only one without a hometown tie is the packers, and no one knows why I became a packer fan but I was 5 when I made that choice... So its all how you define what is hometown to you...
  13. I watched the interview and could sense something was off with him. I did not know about his mother until after the game because I just moved intot he DC area friday (hangout nights here i come!) As someone who didnt know it did not seem like a harsh question and he answered it perfectly, and everyone then knew it had nothing to do with the orioles.
  14. If I win the lottery in the next couple months, I know where it will be going. I am not much into collectibles but for a great cause I would partake!
  15. I think you will see: Manny - Numbers speak for themselves Jones - 3 years in a row, and a solid performance so far means he makes it again Britton - just downright nasty O'day - his stats are too good, inherited base runners and risp numbers alone are outstanding! And while Chen and Ubaldo have been good, they are not even close to the top 6 or 8 in the league, they are damn good but not AS worthy
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