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  1. There's a difference between "projected" and "potential." There are a fair number of guys with All-Star potential, but only a select few come out of the minors with those kinds of projections already on them (like Rutschman).
  2. There is a 65 FV column in the rankings chart that the OP linked to.
  3. I'll take that version, if I see some "zap" and "pow" from the fastball. 😊
  4. I think we need a bat signal for Matt Harvey, too.
  5. Nah, they would suck. Literally.
  6. Maybe they can switch roles? I'm willing to take a chance on the regular Oriole bird being better at the plate.
  7. Maybe in an Altherrnate reality.
  8. The point is... why would you prefer an unknown (Fujikawa) to a known, MLB proven and elite commodity (Uehara)?
  9. I don't know. I think it's typical GM-speak. He's interested, but won't necessarily reveal to what extent. The article cites them as one of three teams expressing interest to Uehara's agent. If I remember correctly, he let on that he wanted to come back to the Orioles before the start of this past season. He also apparently has a home in the area. Between his affinity for the team, the area, and perhaps the chance to have someone like Wada as a teammate, there could be some room for compromise on his end.
  10. This is an article from a few days back, at the GM Meetings, but it also indicates that the Brewers have interest as well. Below are the snippets pertaining to Uehara specifically and the clubs involved, which I've translated from Japanese. Source article: Yomiuri Online
  11. Those scripted translators are always a mess. As someone with knowledge of Japanese, here's my translation of the article: Orioles have contacted former player Uehara, says club General Manager Regarding Uehara, a free-agent from the Rangers; the Orioles, of which he was previously a member until the middle of last season, have expressed interest in moving towards acquiring him. After not giving up an earned run in a total of 14 consecutive games in the regular season, he also pitched well against his former team in the Wild Card Game. "He's a fantastic pitcher. Among relief pitchers, he's
  12. Your statement is "in conflict" because your opening post is seemingly contradictory. You say you are glad that the trades weren't made, yet you then say that guys like Arrieta and Matusz are overvalued by the Orioles. If you state that they are currently overvalued, then in this context it would imply you'd actually support that trade.
  13. Just a few more hours left in this round of the voting, and the '00 Ravens are barely up (51/49) on the '98 Broncos. Really, really close. Link: http://www.nfl.com/features/bracketology/alltimeteams?round=4
  14. Record does not tell the whole story, as things develop and change over the course of a season (they only had one less win than the Titans anyway, and had the second best record in the league). During the TD drought they ended up switching quarterbacks, generally speaking the single most significant personnel change you could make, and following that popped off 11 straight wins that included some absolutely dominating performances. There's no doubt that they were the league's best team by the end of the year. They didn't just catch lightning in a bottle during the playoffs; they were on a tea
  15. In a vaccuum, I would not be as surprised. But I feel like most anyone outside of the fanbase severely underrated the team at the time. No one could get past Dilfer and his mere "game managing," or the five game touchdown drought. The offense actually wasn't as bad as people make it out to be yard-wise... I believe they were middle of the pack statistically. Perhaps it's the case that years of consistent high performance from the team, and especially the defense, since has really validated the strength of that particular team retrospectively in the eyes of the public (although the people who
  16. '00 Ravens came out ahead of the '91 Redskins in the poll, and are now one of eight teams left. They're pitted against '98 Broncos in this, the Quarterfinal round. Link: http://www.nfl.com/features/bracketology/alltimeteams?round=4
  17. To parallel the NCAA Tournament, NFL.com seems to be holding their own sort of poll tournament to determine the greatest team all-time in the Super Bowl Era. The '00 Ravens were given a 9 seed, and have made it to the "Sweet 16" round, knocking off the '01 Patriots and... shockingly... the '72 (undefeated) Dolphins. They're currently up again on the '91 Redskins, and seem poised to reach the "Elite Eight." Although I admire that championship team considerably as a Ravens fan, and for that amazing, record-setting defense, I never would have guessed that they'd have made it this far in a fan p
  18. I think it's more about the age of a pitcher than where they're from. It just so happens that, because most players from Japan aren't granted the right to International Free Agency until a little later in their careers they qualify for MLB either in their late 20's or early 30's, and have already reached their physical peak or are on the downswing. Making it about being Asian is... kinda... well... You know. Anyway, I don't think he's done. He had a high ERA in a small sample size in Texas, but the rest of his numbers still look pretty darn good there. He doesn't rely on power so I think he c
  19. My point was, that if it is universally stupid to trade for someone like Eveland, a clone of which supposedly can be found at any given moment in free agency, why would the Dodgers hold out for a second player? Like I said, as the buyer I don't think Duquette offered two players initially. For someone like Eveland, you probably offer one to see if that will get it done. There was likely some back and forth. Why didn't the Dodgers just take the initial offer if he's garbage that they can replace 'for free?'
  20. Why is it that the Dodgers got two players for him? If the Dodgers intended to DFA him, and he is a faceless, replaceable pitcher that can be had off of the bargain bin at any given moment, then why would they dare to ask for a second player from the Orioles instead of happily smile, nod, and accept less for someone that qualifies as mere refuse? I have a hard time believing Dan Duquette proposed sending two players initially as the buyer. It's more likely that the Dodgers held out for the inclusion of a second player; and while a few posters here, based on their reaction to the move, would
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