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  1. Philadelphia Phillies Runs Scored - 12th in NL Team ERA - 1st in NL Record - Best in NL Pitching and defense rules - King Felix.
  2. If Vlad couldn't bring a draft pick after 115 RBI last year, I don't think he'll bring one after this season so they might as well deal him at the deadline. Deal Scott as well at the deadline. I would listen to offers for Markakis and Guthrie next offseason but the return would have to be great. Only so much can be done with trades and free agency. The only real answer to stop this interminable losing is drafting and developing better. And they're going to have to learn how to play in the international market as well.
  3. Still too early for the trade or keep talk with Guthrie. We still don't know what we have with the young starters. We know more and we're learning more every day but the jury is still out on several of these guys. I would certainly listen in July if out of contention by then but I'd be more inclined to let things play out with the young starters and, if it looks like we have a solid 5-6 in the rotation then deal Guthrie in the offseason.
  4. That was scary. It looked like Lee squared that ball up and it didn't even make it to the warning track.
  5. Mix in some Andino at 3b. I'm just sick and tired of all of it. If you're not hitting then sit down and I don't care if your name is Markakis or Roberts or Lee or whoever else.
  6. VAB2110

    vs. RAYS 5/06

    Gotta wonder if the hand is bothering him
  7. If it hasn't been said already, go get Millie.
  8. Let Matusz rehab in Baltimore. Even that would be better than Tillman right now.
  9. Experience for the young starting rotation and at least one of them to become a true #1 starter. A solid, veteran #3/#4 starter. Set-up and closer in the bullpen. The lineup should be good enough (barring injury, of course).
  10. VAB2110

    Mike Mussina

    His time was split relatively evenly so it should be his choice. He should be in the Oriole hall of fame someday, though.
  11. Why when MacPhail all but tells us they are not signing a player like Fielder are we having this discussion.
  12. Kinda funny how so many people were ready to send Snyder into oblivion by turning 1B in Norfolk over to Reimold and Snyder might end up being the one with an actual future in Baltimore.
  13. Well, obviously Tillman needs to be on the next thing smokin' headed to Norfolk but he's only 23 so he's still got a chance. He has to totally re-work his mechanics, though. We should not see any more of him in Baltimore this season until, maybe, September.
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