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  1. Very low humidity. Now, don't get me wrong, it gets cold because it is a real winter. But not the bone chilling cold I remember from my youth.
  2. Someone mention Spokane? 😁 I was born and raised in MD. Spokane's cold is not as bad as MD.
  3. This draft makes me think that the $11.8 million allotted by MLB for the O's for rounds 1-10 is the actual budget approved by O's ownership for the whole draft and any UDFAs.
  4. Why draft a pitcher this year when you can make a trade next for several of the 10 pitchers LAA has drafted this year so far?
  5. Maybe Mayer priced himself down to the Red Sox.
  6. Both FG and MLB.com have Watson at #4. Also, read rumors he is likely to sign an under slot deal. So, possibly BPA and under slot at #5. Another thing to include, FG said Watson would rank as the #64 best minor league prospect if he were eligible. Gunnar is listed at #88. 2021 Draft Prospects | THE BOARD | FanGraphs Top Baseball Draft Prospects (mlb.com)
  7. Make it 6. Tate (4) Martin (20) Stewart (25) Shaw (31) Mountcastle (36) Nevin (38) Plus Jahmai Jones at 70.
  8. Hopefully, Reyes, Heim & Murphy return at full strength before the season is over.
  9. I don't see any top tier assets headed our way unless we have a Competitive Balance pick to trade. I wouldn't be against Cueto/Bruce from Cin and Smith from Mil added though. The farm system would basically be the top 10 guys in the GCL, Stewart and the AAAA players in Norfolk..
  10. Seems like Toronto would be a better gig for him--Prez & GM. Maybe DiPoto to DET.
  11. Definitely possible. In 2013 they saved $ on Hart & Sisco. Looks like it's the 1st pick they stick to slot, historically.
  12. I think I read something that said his college commitment was pretty strong and he wanted Day 1 $. Thanks.
  13. That'd be great. Wonder if they approach the 105% mark to get some HS'ers from Day 3...or is that Fenter $? I don't see them signing the first 3 picks at anything other than slot.
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