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  1. Yes he is a person like you and me. No, I have never made any comment about how his salary affords fans a lack of empathy. We're in the same boat in hoping that he turns it around. The post was about my thoughts that Markakis would be a valuable contributor in any role he's given. I suggested Ubaldo because 1) he makes similar money 2) he's not contributing very much right now.
  2. Worked for Gatsby... Can't repeat the past?" he cried incredulously. "Why of course you can" (116). Oh wait.... No, it was a wreck That being said I would trade Ubaldo for Nicky in a heartbeat. We'd be overloaded and I have no idea how or why we would use him, but Nick would somehow, some way contribute.
  3. Miranda looks like he has good stuff... Fastball sitting 92 with ability to run it up to 95. Looks like he can add and subtract the change between 80-85. Locating the curve low in the zone. Definitely not afraid of the strike zone.
  4. Changeup MIA. He gets in trouble by throwing too many fastballs, then tries to get out of it by throwing more fastballs.
  5. Does Wieters know how to call for a changup?
  6. I had forgotten about that quote. The pic is from Marge filing charges against Mr. Burns, and Hutz says it will revive his law practice. He proceeds to pull out the bottle and offers the a belt of scotch. When Marge says it's still the morning, Hutz says he hasn't slept in days then finishes the bottle.
  7. Preller is playing us? I'd almost rather see Kim against lefthanders than shelling out a top prospect for MUP. My Geraldo Parra alarm light is blinking.
  8. Curse. It's not choking, it's much bigger than that.....
  9. We would have messed it up. Maybe DD will get creative and trade for Chap with the intent to stretch him into a starter.
  10. like Tommy John discomfort? Or were they wearing throwbacks and he just started cutting them up?
  11. Cashner has a .92 gb/fb and 10 percent of the hits he's given up this year have been for extra bases. His walks are up and his HRs are up. All of this raises my doubts about how he would do here. Plus, he'd have to shave, and he looks like a man who takes pride in his beard j/k.
  12. Ironically on a night when 20000 fans got a throwback jersey. Somewhere in the back of Buck's head he's seething that he didn't think up this approach for the orange on orange throwbacks a few years ago...
  13. Maybe Kenny got too close to the clubhouse again? They're going to make Papa Reinsdorf come out again .... For shame.
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