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  1. No problem. And I wasn't trying to drag Davis through the mud with the PED suspension joke. I certainly hope he didn't take anything prohibited, but the probability is not zero. We've certainly seen many, many examples of players taking prohibited shortcuts. Hopefully no one on the Orioles gets a PED suspension and I would say I especially wish that for Davis. He's caught plenty of grief as is.
  2. I didn't mean to imply that you should apologize and I didn't mean to hammer you. I have biases too. We all do. Every culture is full of them and every person has biases. But I definitely didn't put any words in your mouth. You expressed a clear sexual bias. No need to twist anything you said because you wrote in crystal clear, plain English. We all have unconscious biases until we see them for what they are.
  3. I didn't write anything about Elias, Sig, and Houston.
  4. It’s not a bad comparison. I heard people say those things. As you note some people said worse things, eugenic crap even, but some people did say that about football and certainly many have used very similar Words to discuss blacks and women in all kinds of jobs. He said the woman couldn’t do the job to his satisfaction. Basically That he was not comfortable having a woman do that job. Exchange black for woman and the bias is clear. Again I don’t know moose personally but he seems like a great guy and if I remember correctly he is sensitive to racism in the way fans perceive players etc. These are biases that basically all of us have to some extent, but they basically don’t go away if you don’t see them for what they are. Again, I’m not dumping on Moose, but the attitude is sexist. It’s a cultural sexual bias. Again, exchange black for woman and it would be racist. Justifying a racial preference by saying blacks and whites sound different and it’s just about voice would be the same I’m not racist justification.
  5. Insert black for woman and this could be an almost verbatim “I’m not racist” conversation from the not so distant past. When I was a kid they said this about black quarterbacks, black coaches, etc in football. Some people said more offensive things but nicer folks stated it in these terms. I’m not trying to hammer you and not saying your a bad guy or anything, most if not all of us have some sexist biases. If you say a woman can’t do a job because they are a woman and the job doesn’t require producing sperm, then it is probably a sexist opinion. What you described is sexism. Time to be open minded.
  6. Can you leave that fight in the appropriate thread? Some of us in this thread don’t have a dog in that one. 👍
  7. 33 years old. 25 lbs Of muscle in one off season. One prior PED suspension. Historically bad performance. The probability this happens is not zero. And it would save the Orioles a lot of money.
  8. The forthcoming PED suspension is going to save the Orioles a lot of money. 😊
  9. Ohfan67

    Farewell OH

    Congratulations!! Exciting news.
  10. My question was not snarky. You called Elias a buffoon. You expect your ideal of civility and “class” from others online, yet are disrespectful and insulting towards Elias and reply aggressively to other posters when your hyperbole is called out. If you are going to “lecture” others about online civility, then you should have the decency and integrity to behave accordingly.
  11. And you were chastising posters to stay classy?
  12. I personally found his base running miscues frustrating. Btw, I like Villar fine. But I think not paying him 10 million in his walk year when he was apparently untradable this past year incredibly reasonable. Unless he’s claimed, It seems nobody wanted to pay him that kind of money.
  13. I didn’t mean to double negative rep. I’ve negative repped very, very few posts in my OH career.
  14. The second one was an accident. I am in the middle of nowhere with poor cell coverage. I totally applaud the move. I want the Orioles to be well run. I want them to build a winning organization. Overpaying for a mediocre player is dumb. A high draft pick next year is worth more than 2020 Villar. And it’s not even close. I am entertained by the Os making smart moves. We had almost a decade of overpaying mediocre players and it was misery.
  15. If you think this is the worst move made by the Orioles during your fandom, then you have not been watching the Orioles and deserve all the snark given. Your response is completely over the top and borderline ridiculous. Villar is a flawed player and was often very frustrating to watch. His inexplicable defensive and base running miscues were frequent and frustrating.
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