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  1. Best wishes Denise. I hope you and the rest of Michael's family and friends are doing as well as you can right now. God bless.
  2. Bummer. Was looking forward to watching the rest of his season.
  3. Elias actually addressed a lot of these questions during the recent prolonged losing streak. He didn't say anything earth shattering, but Elias did address the timing of the rebuild, the potential need to get outside players to speed things up, etc.
  4. Mountcastle's season is a real delight. It's extremely heartening that he was able to turn his season around after such a horrible start. His raw power is very impressive. If he can continue to barrel the ball he has a chance to put up some impressive home run numbers as he gets stronger. His Achilles heal will probably remain his low walk rate.
  5. I think Watkins May be pitching for his roster spot. If he bombs, then Wells May take his roster spot tomorrow.
  6. There was zero chance that a hot managing prospect was going to take the Orioles job when they hired Hyde. The Orioles did not have the pick of the litter. Heck, even Buck Showalter was not Angelos’ first choice. The Orioles have been turned down by manager candidates in multiple searches and that was when the roster and budget were better.
  7. Diaz “only” got 15.5 million. The rest was the tax the Dodgers payed MLB. Doesn’t alter your point, just clarifying.
  8. Broken thumb is better than a broken hand!
  9. Not at all. I lived 90 miles from the Atlanta airport for 8 years. It took my friend less time to fly from Dulles to Atlanta than it took me to drive to the Atlanta airport to pick him up. Balitimore is like an hour and a half further by plane from the Caribbean than Atlanta. Just look at teams like the Yankees who have done well in the Caribbean. Proximity means little to nothing. Miami might have a slight destination advantage over other teams, but 99 out of 100 times it is about money. Note that Tampa is not Miami when it comes to places where rich folks from the Caribbean would like to liv
  10. He's also had to contend with COVID on top of dealing with the team and media during a very ugly season. I agree totally that there is really no way to tell if he's a good manager or not and I hope he gets a chance with at least a decent roster.
  11. As usual, my posts sound more pessimistic than I really mean them to be. I don't believe that McKenna will hit for power at the ML level, but I do like his speed, defense, and his potential to hit enough to be a fourth outfielder. I think he is in AAA and not on the Orioles bench because the Orioles believe he has a potential role in the future. I think McKenna is more likely to be on the ML roster next July than Stewart.
  12. McKenna has 40 career minor league home runs including the 11 at AAA this season and 1 in the Arizona Fall League back in the day. 40 in over 2100 plate appearances. I like the speed and energy, but the homers in AAA scream fluke. He had an eerily similar super hot month when he was at Frederick that padded his 2018 stats (if I remember correctly, it was like an incredibly hot 5 weeks). He then slugged .365 in 2019. I don't think the current streak is very indicative of what he can do in the majors.
  13. To be honest, your confusion made it a lot more fun for me. 😂
  14. Yes!!!! Very much so. I found the whole manager physical fitness - team performance connection goofy (or crap as you put it) and was having some fun with it. I should have included some smiley faces and the like.
  15. Yaz was motivated by the fit manager. Pretty straightforward.
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