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  1. I agree with this sentiment. I think the glass is still pretty empty. Not having a minor league season last year hurts. If some of the prospects had played well last summer then it might be easier to be more optimistic. I’m hoping that happens this summer...good things happening down on the farm makes it believable that the rebuild will work and not take forever. Some of the moves and non moves feel like perpetual cellar dwelling.
  2. The play-by-play, IMO, has been horrible. The weakest I have heard in my thirty years of Orioles fandom.
  3. Wishing you the very best Weams. I have a friend who’s had great success with immunotherapy and I hope you do too. We have never met but it’s always been clear that you are a great guy and mean a ton to folks. Again, wishing you the very best.
  4. Print the playoff tickets!!* * a homage to the old days on Oh
  5. Totally agree. That was a fun game, but both teams made a lot of dumb mistakes. I imagine Philly fans were very, very pissed last night.
  6. Very sorry that John’s dad died. Wish him and family the best.
  7. It does seem like losing is a, if not the primary goal of the season. The competition to be worst, however, is very intense this year. Maybe even historically intense. It looks like there have been three years in the modern baseball era when two teams had winning percentages below .300 (1909, 1911, and 1939; Wikipedia so may not be a perfect list). The short season combined with several pathetic rosters built to lose might result in two or even three teams with records below .300. The Orioles are going to need more series like this last one to seriously compete for a top three or four pick. Unfortunately this seems very likely to happen.
  8. I agree. The Orioles and fans will be incredibly lucky if Mountcastle or similar players earn significant free agent contracts in the future.
  9. I agree. I hope next years roster has significantly more talent, but it’s likely to be another melting pot of poor players. The 2000s Orioles “strategy” of sprinkling overpaid, mid-level free agents onto an otherwise AAAA roster was financially and draft-strategy dumb, but I have to admit that it produced rosters with more talent than what we are seeing now. This is the better long-term strategy, but the contrast In talent between the Orioles and even an average major league roster is shocking and very hard to watch. I am praying to the baseball gods that someone like Hays gives us two months of at least a little sunlight.
  10. This is one of the worst looking O’s rosters in my 30 years of fandom. I admire Elias’ fiscal discipline and am a proponent of the full rebuild, but good lord I hope next years team is not this ugly. What a motley collection of AAA and AAAA talent. I didn’t realize how much I would miss Mancini.
  11. I’m not particularly happy with the draft. Don’t hate it, but don’t love it. There was evidence that Houston got “too cute” and out smarted themselves a couple of times while drafting and were basically saved by an injury here or there...basically luck with a screwed up pick and with some development. I think Elias is likely to zig when others zag and make somewhat odd picks on a regular basis. There are a lot of stochastic factors at play with injuries being the obvious one so there’s only so much a GM can do to stack the deck in their favor. That said I sure hope Elias made data driven decisions Instead of relying on the, in my opinion, extremely meaningless and biased stuff you guys were discussing. Elias was supposedly hired to Use analytics to evaluate and develop players, not worry about slogans on clothes and what not.
  12. You guys must use a lot of saccharine in your coffee because it’s pouring out onto your keyboards. If this was Jeopardy, this would be “Baseball cliches for $200.” I sure hope the Orioles didn’t hire Elias and Sid and staff an analytics department to pick “grinders” with the right “attitudes” who “mesh”.
  13. I’m sure tons of kids from Amarillo who play college ball in Arkansas Go to bed dreaming of crab cakes every night! 😄
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