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  1. So should Mike Smith be fired? Andy Reid? Bottom line, you don't fire a coach who has been to the playoffs 3 years in a row, winning a game each season. All you can do in the NFL is get to the tournament with a chance to go on a 3 or 4 game win streak to reach the Super Bowl. Harbaugh's method of going to work every week, ensuring the players never let down during the season, racking up wins, and seeing where they stack up at the end of the season has led to 3 straight playoff appearances. When Bisciotti fired Billick, he wanted to avoid the valleys. Billick's last 3 years were 6-10, 13-3, 5-11, and 0-1 in the playoffs. Harbaugh's 3 years have been 11-5, 9-7, 12-4, 4-3 in the playoffs. When you reach a certain point, the margin of victory/defeat is so small, that how can you realistically put it on coaches? As someone said earlier in the thread, if Rice doesn't fumble, Baltimore is in a frenzy and Harbaugh has taken his team to the AFC Championship 2 years out of 3. So, because he fumbled, he should react and fire much of the staff? Is that how you think a successful, stable business should be run? If Stevie Johnson catches a TD, the Ravens are playing that divisional game at home, avoiding the avalanche that was the 3rd quarter. Very likely, if this same season is played out again, the Ravens do in fact get a BYE, and quite possibly the #1 seed. When you're that close, you don't make dramatic changes. You are basically going around trolling every thread, lambasting people for being OK with the 'status quo." Uh yeah, the Ravens are 1 of 3 teams in the NFL to get to the playoffs 3 years in a row. Of course, we as fans would trade that for Pittsburgh or NO's success for example, but the Ravens are consistently there. Over time, they'll get over the hump.
  2. When you are 1 of the final 8 teams 3 years in a row, including being part of the Final Four one year, you are competing for Super Bowls. Colts lost in the 1st round 2 straight years. Pitt missed playoffs lat year. Pats haven't won a playoff game in 2 years. Nice try though.
  3. I agree with much of what you said. Horrible game by pretty much ever coach. But you made the comment that Flacco wilted like a flower. If you can't explain how that is, perhaps you shouldn't have said it in the first place.
  4. How exactly did he wilt like flower? Were you at the game? Was he missing open receivers? Do you know what was discussed in the huddle on the 3rd and 5 when he threw to Heap? Horrible coaching in this game but to even mention Flacco being a negative shows that you aren't really objectively trying to analyze the game.
  5. I agree with you...but the Ravens fight song wasn't catching on after 14 years..So if they have to play a song, then I'm cool with the old Colts tune.
  6. I understand that there has to be a line drawn at some point, but the O's really shouldn't let money get in the way. I mean if the deal is on the table and they want us to pay $2 mil (getting Barlett back) instead of 500k or $1 mil, then would you want Andy to back away, or go the extra mile to improve this team going forward?
  7. I disagree that he dissed Bulger. He didn't want to sound so happy about Bulger in a way that would make it sound like he doesn't care about 1 of his 2 close friends in Troy Smith and John Beck. Really nothing else to see here. Slow day in Baltimore media.
  8. I think it's great Markakis is taking this leadership position, but I would caution that sometimes a player might not have the best perspective as far as what needs to be done.
  9. I am down OC and there was another whale sighting today about 40 yards out.
  10. I was there the same time as well. He wasn't killing the ball, but one of his last hits cleared the Eutaw Street fence in the air by a good margin. He's got the power. He'll be fine.
  11. "It's a big challenge," Valentine said on the show. "I like big challenges, but I like to have some reward too, and the reward is in the standings and their standings don't look like they're going to turn around very quickly."
  12. Clearly, an obvious sign of an egomaniac is the urge to twitter.
  13. You don't THINK he will deviate from his plan? Even though he's said that he will go outside the organization for resources when the time is right. You've spent 20 pages bashing him for something that you THINK he won't do. Everything he has said he's going to do since he got to Baltimore and had his press conference in June of 2007, he's done. Yet you don't think he will keep doing so, so you're going to bash him on end. Sweet!
  14. Sports Guy, I've lurked on this board since the Tejada offseason. You've constantly said you wanted a full-scale rebuild. Starting in 2007, AM gave you one, right? I take it you understand that the team wasn't going to compete in 2008 or 2009, right? So basically, all your frustration is stemming from the 33 game start...A start in which Adam Jones, who you clamored for, is playing horribly, and Reimold, who you always wanted called up, is playing horribly. You always say it is stupid to sign free agents to long-term deals. So what are you upset about exactly? That the team isn't closer to .500? This start has nothing to do with the future unless you believe that Jones and Reimold are going to be this bad for the next 5 years. You are venting a lot of frustration but I'm really not sure why. Because we got off to a bad start? How is this start AM's fault?
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