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  1. Thanks to DD's recent wheelin' and dealin' - we can now repurpose the wretched joke "Print the Playoff Tickets" - only now it shall be delivered with absolute sincerity. Getting a potential ace for the going rate of a #4 starter and a 30HR threat for what may be a small bag of marbles - the man is showing his skills. Risks be damned!
  2. I think it's obvious what Angelos is going to allow DD to do... Since we're the only team that wants to build from within - we've cornered the market on that bumper sticker slogan...well us and the Yankees actually...so two teams with that slogan...well also the Rangers and Cubs are doing that too... Okay every team is focused on that bumper sticker slogan. So if we have an extra $17m to spend theoretically and we're going to focus on building from within + cast-off free agents well it seems there is one place we could put those extra $17 marbles. From MLBTR Oh wait - we don't go after high ticket international free agents either. Yankees are doing this supposedly because of a coming international draft so they'll do it this year - take the penalty next year - do it again the year after - no penalty because they believe the draft will be in place then. Looks like they are playing an existing market inefficiency - to build from within. So with an extra $17m we should be able to do that right? And I'm sure we won't.
  3. Coveted: The Untold Story of the 2011 Race to Capture the Most Sought After Job in Professional Sports - Orioles Executive VP of Baseball Operations. Bonus iTunes Track Included With Purchase: I'm Starting w/ the Man in the Mirror - Peter Angelos Featuring background vocals from the original Michael Jackson classic.
  4. I've been so bored with this offseason I would say I've been coming on the OH about 1/50th what I used to. Plus, my particular line of work has always made the MASN subject one of personal interest. Debating the potential of a dumpster-diving offseason just doesn't get me particularly enthusiastic. But like everyone else, I'll be revved up come opening day.
  5. What really makes it a fun rabbit hole to jump down is technically the Yankees were once the Orioles too so we get to just add that total into our column as well. And now the 14 years of wretchedness Angelos put the fanbase through is looking smaller and smaller. Orioles as a bird species have probably been on the planet how many tens of millions of years too... Then when you follow the Orioles evolutionary chain back to dinosaurs and back further to single-celled organisms... Really the Angelos-driven 14 years of losing is like the blink of an eye now.
  6. Cubs are reportedly paid $60m annually between their deal with WGN and their Comcast SportsNet Deal...source. They don't get a piece of WGN national tv cable dues because they don't own any of WGN. Now they do own a piece of ComcastSportsNet Chicago. 20%...White Sox owner has a 40% stake. Source Cubs are currently in the process of dumping WGN which is a leverage move to get their rights fees bumped up either from WGN or another source. Correct, Hagerstown is absolutely part of the DC DMA - because DMA's aren't built to be only city-specific, they oftentimes branch out well beyond the direct metro area. But I also didn't count Charlotte, Harrisburg (two medium sized-DMAs) or the Norfolks, Newport News, of the area etc that aren't in the DC DMA and they are small-mid size as well. And all those cable subscribers are kicking in every month to Angelos/Os group who own the biggest chunk of all of MASN. The Os are a large market team with MASN. Nobody in their right mind is saying the Os are Yankees/Dodgers large. I'm not sure anybody ever has on here. I certainly haven't. But they ain't small. Baltimore on its own is without question a small market. But the MASN deal created a wide wide wide wide indentured viewership for millions of people who could care less about the O's, but still kick back every month to them. It's the greatest buffer against terrible attendance. It's a numbers game. We can suck every year - attendance can go down the toilet. Angelos can cry poverty, cash a rev share check, keep the MASN profits off the Os books with the low TV fees thus keeping the small market myth alive. And he can keep making money hand over fist. To see how this is done see this article regarding the Dodgers' RSN deal softening their rev share hit: Source. Keep a big chunk of your profits in your RSN and not the team = RSN as a separate business entity = Profits not part of team's books = less team profits = less rev share liability (or in the case of the Os the ability to reap rev share money). The really interesting scenario to reference your post is what happens when Angelos IS forced to pay the Os a higher tv fee when the Nats get it. He won't be able to do the Angelos accounting shuffle. My guess when that comes to pass is we'll see the same ol' same ol'. We just saw each team get $25m-ish more each year in the national tv deal and STILL we are crying poor. So my guess is we will still be an impoverished team who can't afford top international amateurs or posting fees for premium Japanese players...or more scouts...or more legit free agents. We'll just be doggypaddling in this murky water between needing to rebuild or invest in established veterans to move us forward. The appearance of being "competitive" play.
  7. Unless I missed it - you left out the actual profits from MASN unless the assumption is MASN isn't profitable. MASN profits aren't counted in rev share accounting - so by paying low TV fees to the Os (as well as the Nats) Angelos can cry poverty and small market size plus collect a rev share check which we know he's been doing since we're in the competitive balance lottery round every year for the draft since the new CBA created it. Since DC and BMore = about Chicago in DMA size do you also consider Chicago a small market? They have two baseball teams. And then with Angelos getting all those nice monthly fees from charitable cable subscribers in states who could care less about the Os or Nats - calling the Os a small market team is a half truth at best. No MASN = small market team. With MASN = quite large with a cheapskate owner.
  8. The Art of Marbles by Dan Duquette Foreword by Sun Tzu Beating Nepotism by Peter Angelos Marbleball by Dan Duquette
  9. What a downright stupid thing for DD to say. And no way Mr. international believes it either. Plus, I'm sure millions of people in large parts of PA, VA, and NC don't like paying the MASN posting system whereas they are forced to pay Angelos a fee just for the pleasure of watching basic cable.
  10. Roch and Steve M. are probably spitting in Dan Kolko's coffee as they prepare to write another cheerleading piece on the incredible minor league stats of the next scrap heap signing DD is forced to make because Angelos' sons demanded another raise in their allowances, which of course means - no impact signings again.
  11. I think your post was excellent. This part I think is what aggravates me about the Orioles the most. The so-called plan they have been publicly touting for years. The build from within mantra. It's been a downright lie. Every team talks about building from within, but with the Os it's once again expected to be done on the cheap. This international signing period is a perfect example. It appears to have been a strong class so what does Theo in Chicago do? Go after every top prospect. He had the biggest allocation - it wasn't good enough. He blew past that budget. Traded to get more budget. What does Daniels do in Texas? Same thing. And when you blow past the budget - that total blow cost what? A veteran middle reliever's salary? But it's expensive to Angelos. The Os trade away a good chunk of their international slots - go bargain hunting again and then tout their one find they signed for I think $325k as the next Bob Gibson. He may be incredible. Let's hope so. But our entire philosophy at every level of the organization is "cheap diamonds in the rough or bust." That leaves zero margin for error. You aren't building from within you're just bargain hunting. I think DD would be all about going heavy into the international market. I know he's focused on it - but when you've got overly constricted budget restraints there too - it's that much more difficult. I remember when he said Darvish was the best pitcher on the planet before he was posted. Best pitcher on the planet - young - Os don't even bid. So we get Chen. I like Chen. Chen is no Darvish. Not apples to apples comparison since they aren't 16-year old prospects. But DD knows the international market. And I'm sure DD knows who the best international prospects on the planet are - and he knows we didn't sign any of them. And I'm guessing it has nothing to do with DD. If we are supposed to be building from within as the plan why aren't we taking every step to ensure we're the best at it? At this rate of "marginal improvement" we'll just continue to get lapped. If we're going to be cheap on the major league level why aren't we flipping the switch and going 100MPH on the amateur front? Throwing money at that problem isn't exactly as expensive as doing it at the major league level.
  12. Yes correct. DC floats around #8 in DMA rankings in any given year and Chicago is #3. Take the 1million+ households in BMore's DMA and mix that in and you have MASN directly controlling a local DMA zone about the same as Chicago - a little less. So #4 nationally. Start adding in Charlotte, Harrisburg, the Norfolks, and Newport News' etc. and all the smaller DMAs and it's just absurd. The $$$ is in those forced cable dues - it ain't in the Luna commercials. The amount of attendance the Nats could realistically have trimmed from the Os doesn't come close to the total cable viewing population of Charlotte to Harrisburg all kickin in to Peter's pockets every month. Fans don't eat enough hot dogs and drink enough beer for that to balance out. Unfortunately, we'll see another offseason where the proper payroll or commitment to international free agents is not hit because the Os are a small market team publicly with a very large media market behind the scenes pushing profits into Angelos' pockets in a clever accounting shuffle. Personally, I'm happy we have DD on board since he appears to be able to do the best with a bad situation here.
  13. And considering BMore + DC = About Chicago from a DMA standpoint Angelos has a pretty sweet deal with his RSN.
  14. Rick Dempsey has a $35 million a year salary.
  15. Angelos misread the article. He thought it said "Bald Statement." So he's taking the $25 million in extra TV money this year, buying a private jet and flying off to the fanciest hair rejuvenation clinic in Switzerland.
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