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  1. Just out of curiosity, how do we know he didn't draft within his budget for the draft? I agree some of the picks make you shake your head in regards to who was still available. However, I suspect it was an issue of budgetary restraints.
  2. Like it or not Tillman had time in AAA and did well for himself. It wasn't like he was promoted before he was ready. At some point you have to say, "This is your role, you make the best of it." Why send him back down again? Are we going to promote Britton and risk exposing him? Why would you want that? He hasn't had any time at AAA. It just isn't fair to Britton. Are we going to install ((Shudder)) Patton or George in his place? Before you know it 2010 is a carbon copy of 2009 in every way just with an even worse schedule. We've a right to be completely disappointed. All we've read, seen and been told is grow the arms and buy the bats. Well sadly some of the arms aren't panning out. Maybe Tillman never lives up to his potential as a #2 starter... Maybe it takes 6 or 7 years for that to happen. At some point a player has to learn. Everyone in town was ready to deal Guthrie after last year's performance. Fortunately he's been much better. Maybe Chis Tillman needs to learn things the hard way and we as fans have to accept we've just another player with more blemishes than we would prefer.
  3. Sounds like a safe conclusion to me. Considering the sorry state of the bullpen at present I really don't know that it's such a bad idea either.
  4. Actually I think you've nailed it with that. I've no clue if it's a good choice or not. However at least with this choice it's a guy who can be groomed to fill a role he is slated for.
  5. I know how the draft works. Also I recognize it often takes 5 years to bear fruit. That said, I am not an Adam Jones fan and like the idea of the team trying to find players at positions of need. I'm not real familiar with Trent Mummey, but I do like this pick better than Danial Klein.
  6. It would be nice to have a legit CF actually playing CF. Let's pray this guy's glove has it's own gravitational pull.
  7. Only 3 pitches are likely to be usable. Couple that with injury history... that is why I was tossing out Chris Ray.
  8. Yeah I know! We could've gotten Brentz with that pick we gave away. The only thing that really can be done to combat that is over slotting like crazy, and even then there is only so much talent in this draft. To make matters worse... It seems the team targets position players with power but none that carry impressive batting averages or are below average base runners. I think that if the team really has to take a look at what it's doing and re-think a few things. Xavier Avery is one exception that comes to mind.
  9. A few college bats to consider Todd Cunningham OF, Jacksonville State Mel Rojas Jr. OF, Wabash Valley CC Rob Segedin 3B, Tulane Jedd Gyorko - SS West Virginia (projects to 2B) Tyler Holt - OF Florida State Austin Wates -OF Virginia Tech Hunter Morris -1B Auburn (Likely long gone) Cunningham, Morris and even Gyorko could fit nicely. Don't hold your breath on Morris though.
  10. Does Jordan deserve credit if Machado succeeds or blame if he fails? Machado was the consensus 3rd best player in this draft. I can't see Joe Jordan taking blame on this one. Last year with Matt Hobgood is a completely different animal. He was slated to go somewhere around the 20th pick. If Jordan does deserve blame on a top choice it's Hobgood. So far he doesn't look bad, just not a top 5 pick IMO. My guess is that pick will one day make him look very smart or define his exit.
  11. Happy! Not the player I wanted. However he at least was value for 1:3 If he sticks at SS and isn't an offensive or defensive liability then you can color me thrilled. Sadly though it's a 5 year wait.
  12. If it means anything... it should mean the Orioles have their draft board and are planning on sticking to it. Having a boat load of people together typically doesn't mean a consensus has been reached. Usually you have trouble getting five people to agree on anything! Relax it means nothing bad about the Orioles. Perhaps the Indians are just playing to draft hype.
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