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  1. You guys keep saying "I'm on this chapter" or so far into the season...surely I'm not the only one who binge watches entire seasons at a time?
  2. Radio forecasters says rain shouldn't affect game time. Let's hope they are correct.
  3. Forever one of my favorites. Still hoping this is an early April Fools joke...
  4. I only have one other bracket this year that is for a work pool. Figured I would join this OH free one just for fun and picked my Terps the whole way. Didn't realize when you copy over your other bracket that when you make changes on one it changes them both. I had Kansas winning it all and a lot less upsets picked. Currently tied or alone in first for both. Umm go Terps.
  5. I don't care if a lot of the games end up 7-5 as long as we are on the winning end of them. This season is shaping up to be...interesting.
  6. Delmon's Double for me too... [video=youtube;3a9cvL2ZVAU]
  7. Is there a breakdown of everyone and how much on each was spent somewhere?
  8. I like the all black hat for sure. I'd take simple over outrageous designs any day.
  9. Cespedes would be nice if signed for a decent price but they should be in pursuit of starter as top priority.
  10. They've offered 2 3 star qb's since last week and a 3rd Qb was offered today. Haskins has been hinting at this for awhile. Jones was a bit more of a surprise though.
  11. Dixon earned his spot as unquestioned top 3 in Maryland history. Like Bias, Dixon, Lucas great. Vazquez is someone I would talk about being top 10 debatable...even though he is greatly under appreciated in Terps history and is definitely one of the greatest. And I don't disagree that this team could be one of the best ever, but until they win the championship I'm not sure how you can rate any Maryland team over them...yet. Trimble and Suliamon still have to be able to make it through the wear and tear of a ton of playing time so far. The bench will need to really step it up for them when th
  12. Well there was that one team in 2002. They were ok. And If you don't include Juan on your all time list I don't think you were paying close enough attention.
  13. I know the announcers have said it about half a dozen time, but they only have 2 guys over 6'4". These guys looked defeated about 10 minutes into the game.
  14. I wouldn't be happy with losing a first round pick again for his one year deal.
  15. Finished with 39. He could have had 50.
  16. Well ok now it's tied 2:30 into the half.
  17. It's ugly. They are shooting bricks, missing free throws, very lackluster overall. Sounds like they are simply keeping pace with the crowd...I'm pretty sure I could hear multiple people texting on their phone during the game.
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