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  1. My son has his copy of MLB The Show...he got the version with the hat. I am now following your blog and look forward to reading it. If there is enough interest, I will post my thoughts on the book.
  2. With Spring Training and the baseball season in limbo due to the #coronavirus, I was wondering what everyone is doing to get their baseball "fix". Obviously you are here at #OsHangout to fill the void. Aside form visiting this site, what are you doing? I personally am going to start by reading Billy Ripken's book State Of Play. What baseball books are you reading? Any good recommendations?
  3. It was a survey sent to the Orioles fan focus group. An invite-only group the team formed over a year ago I believe. There was a survey about radio and TV.
  4. I just "binge-read" this thread and have to agree with @Tony-OH in that it is a matter of personal preference. I am old enough to go back to Chuck Thompson and Bill O'Donnell and their radio/TV (however limited it was back then) work. I remember Brooks and Tom Marr and Jon Miller. I do hear Jon on Sirius and miss his calling of the hames. I remember the HTS days as well. Sadly, we can't go back. These moves prove that the team is now listening to the fans (the survey) and are acting on it. What is evident is that we are all passionate about the Orioles. Give the newbies a chance, who knows we may like them. As one who follows the O's minors I know we have some great voices on the farm and it is so good to see Geoff Arnold get the promotion; hopefully Adam Pohl is next. Everyone will find a happy medium to consume the games either on radio or TV...just be happy that baseball is back and continue the wonderful discussions here at Os Hangout.
  5. The umpire criticism was especially ANNOYING last season.
  6. I myself was not very complimentary of his screaming and squealing
  7. And seemed to beg fans for food....LOL
  8. Got any articles for me?  Hope all is well. 

    1. cboemmeljr


      All is well and I am so jealous of you and Denise.  I want to write but am struggling to come up with ideas due to a lack od minor league info as the spring season just started.

      I am open to any suggestions for topics the readers might like.  Your, @Tony-OH and @Eric-OH first person accounts are much better IMO.

      I do appreciate your support Michael and may need to lean on it more as I am unsure what may go on with BirdsWatcher: Nick is now writing and podcasting for Baltimore Sports and Life and I am really starting to question the commitment there to the minor leagues or at least of my style of article writing.

  9. cboemmeljr

    Adam Stauffer

    Thanks @Frobby He is one I'll have my eyes on as the season progresses.
  10. cboemmeljr

    Adam Stauffer

    Here's my Q & A with Stauffer
  11. cboemmeljr


    I was on the LockedOnOrioles podcast, give it a listen:
  12. Believe me, I considered him. I just appreciate you reading it.
  13. Sadly, I had a format I had to fit that piece into. For some positions, 5 total players is not enough.
  14. Speaking of Gunnar Henderson, I called him one to watch in 2020: https://birdswatcher.com/2020/01/19/baltimore-orioles-shortstop-prospects/
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