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  1. If he were to miss the first month of the season, could that possibly cut him off from the Super-Two cutoff? I don't know if I did the math correctly, but it would seem to me as if he'd be around 2 years, 20 days.
  2. Just saying, Volquez's sinker looks like it has a ton of movement
  3. I've seen several mentions of Aoki possibly being traded. Nothing serious and nothing in relationship to the Orioles though. Since the Orioles already traded for Rodriguez, I would imagine another Brewers trade would most likely be out of the question. But he seems like he could really be a good pickup for the Orioles now. His line for the year is 296/362/375/737 with 33 BB to 21 SO. Overall in his major league career, he's put up a 292/358/408/766 line with 76 BB and 76 SO. Over the two years, he's also stolen 44 bases, but has been caught 18 times. He's also had relatively good splits. 2013 (PA) RHP (298) 281/358/377/735 LHP (139) 326/370/372/742 Career (PA) RHP (684) 291/366/422/788 LHP (341) 293/341/382/723 He sort of reminds me of Nate McLouth. McLouth appears to better at most aspects, other than SO, AVG, OBP, and vs. LHP, but generally still similar. From what I read, Aoki seems to be a good defender as well. There's also the fact that they're both 31-year-old lefties, although Aoki is a few months younger and has a team option for 2014 at $1.5 million, which would be nice as a potential replacement option for McLouth. For splits comparison, here's McLouth's splits. 2013 (PA) RHP (310) 296/366/422/788 LHP (86) 240/313/413/727 Career (PA) RHP (2530) 262/348/444/793 LHP (848) 224/304/353/657 Overall, I think he would be a good pickup, he's spent the vast majority of his career batting leadoff (189 GS), and all others batting #2 (25 GS). I think it would be nice to get his OBP up at the top of the lineup despite his low SLG this year. I'd imagine a deal consisting of Britton and Hader/Wright for Aoki and a low prospect would be fair for both sides, although depending on valuation of Hader, Wright, and the Brewers prospect, it might not as good of an option for the teams.
  4. So basically because he's old and essentially missed a season. He still managed a .381 OBP, despite his not poor .259 BA. I'd count on him because he had a .826 OPS last year, .959 the year before and his worst season by OPS besides his rookie year was .781.
  5. I'd rather keep Reynolds and go after Berkman than Swisher. Then you have: 9 L Markakis 8 R Jones 7 L Hamilton 0 S Berkman 3 R Reynolds 2 S Wieters 5 R Machado 4 S/L Roberts/Flaherty 6 R Hardy
  6. It has something to do with self interest, but its also for the team to a degree. How would the Brewers have done without him? If he couldn't get off, he'd apologize for his use and then continue on like all the others, but he could, so why should he apologize? That would only hurt his case and the Brewers as well. These guys that get caught aren't sorry for taking the drugs, but for getting caught. They know what the risks and rewards are, and then they take their gamble. I'd be ok with giving Melky a cheap 1 year deal, but not around the $8M suggested around places.
  7. Chris Davis hit the ceiling. I know it's late.
  8. When Paulino was catching one day, Flaherty caught warm ups for one inning. Maybe, Davis is the 3rd C right now, but then again he's probably the backup everything at this point.
  9. Chris Davis walking away from the plate while Saltalamachia dove at him on the ground as if Davis had missed the plate in the bottom of the 6th tonight as well as Mark Reynolds slipping rounding third base in the same inning.
  10. IIRC, AM started the scouting on Chen and Duquette gave AM that credit.
  11. Was this his first game without someone's glove?
  12. Because he wants to win the World Series of course.
  13. Miguel Gonzalez's jersey has his name as "Gonzales". Is that a mistake or is that like that for a reason?
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